Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 14 – “Don’t Touch Those!”

Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 14 – The Royal Rival


Sarah is presenting her new invention Sarah’s Cookie Creator to the class which makes any food into a delicious cookie. Victor volunteers to try it out and puts Monty’s lunch of sardines, disgusting broccoli and liver into the machine.

Out pops a cookie with a broccoli on top. Monty and Victor try it and it’s pretty good.


Meanwhile on Galaxy Warriors, Cosmo Royale welcomes the new ruler of the Lion Galaxy, Princess Viera. She is accompanied by her bodyguard Lord Drillion and they vow to destroy the Power Rangers. Madame Odius expresses her skepticism of the princess to Galvanax, but he says if she fails, he’ll just order Drillion to do the job.

At the park, Sarah’s Cookie Creator is doing big business. Victor and Monty decide to open up a fresh milk stand, complete with live cow, right across from them for their business project. They don’t know how to milk a cow though and Victor ends up getting sprayed in the face with cream.

A cop arrives to arrest Victor and Monty for stealing the cow.


While the line for cookies grows longer, Redbot calls to tell the Rangers about Buzzcam activity close by. They leave Mick in charge of the cookies while they go check it out.

Princess Viera orders Drillion to lay waste to everything. The Rangers arrive and battle Drillion. They don’t seem to be any match for Drillion who just tosses them around.

Drillion fires, but the Rangers deflect it and it hits Princess Viera who falls from the stadium stairwell. Sarah catches her and lets her down gently on the ground.

The princess seems touched by Sarah’s gesture and orders Drillion to stop and retreat. Drillion reluctantly obeys and they leave. Back on the ship, Galvanax is annoyed she stopped the killing of the Rangers and points out her low approval ratings back home.


Princess Viera refuses to accept that she is weak and says she is smart. She studies her enemies and once she knows enough, she can easily kill them. Galvanax and Drillion have a contingency plan ready if she fails as they expect.

Back at the park, the Rangers are packing up Sarah’s cookie tent. A Battlizer-less Princess Viera approaches Sarah who offers her a free cookie. She thinks it’s delicious.


Suddenly, a kid grabs Sarah’s box of cookies and tries to run off with it. Princess Viera says she’ll handle this and she speeds off and chases after him. She turns herself into a cloak to tackle the boy before grabbing him.

Sarah tells her to let him go and asks the boy why he did this. He says he wanted to give the cookies to his sister as they have nothing to eat and are all alone. He even had to drop out of school to take care of her.

Sarah says he can’t eat these crumbled cookies and takes him back to the cookie cart. She decides to give it to him so he can sell cookies and make money to actually buy food instead of stealing.


Princess Viera does not understand rewarding the thief. But Sarah says sometimes people need help and deserve a second chance. Princess Viera says she was taught to crush anyone who opposes you, even though she had reservations about that idea. She then points out that Sarah could’ve used her powers as a Power Ranger to crush the boy.

Sarah realizes she is the Princess who tried to kill them. But Princess Viera says Sarah has shown her kindness is the way to go, not murder. Sarah doesn’t immediately believe her, but Drillion arrives and says the princess can be believed because she is so weak.

Drillion vows to kill both Sarah and the princess, but will start with Sarah. He shoots, but Princess Viera steps in front of her and absorbs the attack.

The other Rangers arrive and shoot Drillion back.

Sarah and Princess Viera are even now and Sarah tells her to get to safety.


The Rangers morph and fight Drillion.

Drillion destroys Sarah and Preston’s Element Stars. Princess Viera comes and says they need help. She tells Sarah to hold Drillion off as much as they can while she prepares something.

Drillion proceeds to destroy Brody’s sword and toss the rest of them aside.

Meanwhile, Princess Viera sneaks back onto the ship to get to her lion ship. Galvanax tells Cosmo Royale to gigantify Drillion immediately.

Cosmo Royale embiggens Drillion and sends two Skullgators as well. The Rangers hop into the Ninja Fusion Zord.

They easily take care of the Skullgators before focusing on Drillion who quickly makes the Ninja Fusion Zord unstable and forces it to break apart. The Rangers are ejected.


Suddenly, Princess Viera appears in her lion ship and attacks Drillion. “The ship is drawing power from the atmosphere!” Drillion admits that Princess Viera is too powerful and leaves.

Princess Viera leaves as well. But Galvanax decides to attack her ship and causes her to crash land.

Back at school, Sarah tells her teacher that she can’t continue with her business project which means she’ll be getting an “F”. But Billy the kid walks into the classroom to tell the teacher what Sarah did for him and his sister. Thanks to Sarah, he has not re-enrolled in school.

The teacher decides to give Sarah an “A+”.

While Victor and Monty rot in jail, Princess Viera walks away from her crashed lion ship.


Episode Thoughts

So this was a very interesting episode. It kind of ended with a thud after the rest of it was very good.

I like the idea of Princess Viera being the catalyst for the lion power (whatever it’ll be called). It’s definitely different from Ninninger. (No drunk old men here! lol) And it also allowed a nice pseudo-focus episode for Sarah.

I definitely liked that Sarah decided to give the kid a way to make money instead of just giving him money or buying him lunch. It’s that “Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.” lesson which is great. A nice, pleasant surprise.

That was one of the worst cold opens I’ve ever seen though. “I want to see your business project or you get an F!” … ON THIS EPISODE OF POWER RANGERS!!! Lolwut?! And why did the teacher cringe at broccoli? lol That whole opening scene was odd.

But things got better from there, save for anything involving Victor getting shot in the face with cream.

Princess Viera softening up to the power of kindness thanks to Sarah, Galvanax and Drillion scheming behind her back, talk of approval ratings?! Fun, exciting stuff.

Elsewhere, with the Power Rangers adaptation of Kyuranger on the horizon, they’ve really written themselves into a corner with this Lion Galaxy stuff. lol

And also, is there a reason the Ninja Fusion Zord is just a “Zord” and not a “Megazord”?

Overall, a mostly exciting and fun episode. Looking forward to seeing how the Rangers eventually get the “lion ship” and the Battlizer for themselves next week.

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  1. Yes, it was a great episode. Drillion has been the most powerful monster the Ranger have faced so far, and he escaped. I want to see how this story ends.

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