Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 11 – “They’re not stupid!”

Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 11 – Poisonous Plots

Aiden recounts what he remembers the day Galvanax attacked. Seeing his father disappear into thin air, he followed through on his promise. Aiden hid the Ninja Steel in his father’s trophy at school and left the photo as a clue for Brody.

Aiden hopped on a train and went as far away as he could until he saw the Power Rangers on TV and knew it had to be his brother.

Aiden asks if he can see the Ranger hideout, but Mick says it’s really only for Rangers. Aiden says that’s okay and asks if he can train with them instead. Sure!

The Rangers get into their training outfits and spar. Levi and Aiden are going head to head, but Aiden is a little too aggressive.

Levi and Hayley remind him this is only practice so they can all improve, not some competition. Brody walks over when he sees the tension. Aiden says he must not be playing nice enough with Brody’s friends so he’ll just leave.

Brody tells Hayley and Levi to lighten up.

Later at school, Monty squeezes glue into chocolate for his and Victor’s sculpture which instead he pours all over Victor who is now stuck in hardened chocolate. Monty leaves Victor and he gets picked up for a charity auction.

Meanwhile, the Rangers hurry downtown. Kudabots are attacking, but they see no monster that was detected. They also see Aiden fighting off Kudabots.

“You still think he’s just a showoff?”

Brody tells his brother they’ll take it from here and Aiden gets to safety. The Rangers take on the Kudabots as Toxitea watches from behind a tree and wonders who to poison.

Toxitea decides to poison Hayley and Levi, but Brody sees and steps in front of the attack getting poisoned instead.

Madame Odius pops up and says Brody will be fine with the antidote she has. But they can get it only if they hand over their Power Stars. Brody tells them not to do it. Madame Odius tells them they have until sunset otherwise Brody dies.

The Rangers brings Brody back to the shop. Aiden tells the Rangers to hurry and surrender the Power Stars. Levi and Hayley think they should come up with a creative plan.

“You wanna trick them?! They aren’t stupid!”

Aiden blames Hayley and Levi for his brother being on the verge of death.

Mick says they can try and come up with an antidote themselves. Sarah, Preston and Calvin help Mick. Hayley whispers to Levi that she’s got a plan, but they have to secretly get the others’ Power Stars. Once they do, they sneak out. Aiden sees them, seemingly satisfied.

Hayley and Levi put the Ninja Stars in a pretty collector’s case in the chocolate room and hurry out. But Brody comes stumbling towards them saying he snuck out, not wanting to do lay around doing nothing.

Hayley, Levi and Brody meet Madame Odius and Toxitea in the forest. Hayley hands over the case and grabs the antidote. Madame Odius excitedly shows the Ninja Stars to Galvanax. The Galaxy Warriors audience goes wild.

Hayley gives Brody the antidote and he’s good as new. The others arrive and are shocked they would just steal their Power Stars and hand them over. But the Power Stars are actually yummy chocolates which start to melt.

The Rangers morph. Madame Odius leaves Toxitea, but Brody chases after her. Madame Odius summons Kudabots to fight Brody.

Preston and Levi combine tornadoes and lightning to finish off Toxitea’s first life. Levi takes a selfie with Preston with Toxitea exploding to death behind them.

The Galaxy Warriors audience approves a Gigantify and Toxitea embiggens.

“That’s one big kettle!”

Brody and Levi hop into Robo Red Zord and Bull Rider Zord, respectively. But they can’t handle Toxitea themselves so the other Rangers hop into their zords and they form their Megazords to finish off Toxitea for good.

Back at school, everyone enjoys the chocolate they made in class. Hayley and Levi apologize for judging Aiden earlier. Aiden says it’s okay and admits he really was being a jerk earlier.

Anyway, the chocolate teacher wants to present the best chocolate sculpture which is of course Victor. She then invites a horde of kids to go eat Victor up. He falls over and breaks free.

Up on the ship, Madame Odius meets with her partner in crime… Aiden.

Episode Thoughts

So a better episode than last week’s.

I think mainly because… OMG! Loved that ninja training scene at the start. It’s like 10 episodes too late, but I loved it. I really, REALLY hope there’s more in the future. This is the kind of stuff I want.

Brody’s recap at the beginning feels like this should’ve been the episode after the hiatus. And it makes sense considering this is Episode 11. You’d assume Nickelodeon would do a clean 10/10 split. And if last episode’s “I’m your bro!” cliffhanger were done a little better, it truly would’ve been a great cliffhanger before the hiatus. But oh well.

This week’s cliffhanger, done much better of course, was predictable. But it could play out to be a great story.

“Aiden” was definitely playing up the jerk angle all episode. But I cringe at Brody defending him so. It might be a little bit of the acting, but also Brody’s immediate acceptance of this strange guy is so strange. At least Mick is somewhat skeptical.

Where in the world is Redbot though? Especially in this episode where Brody is dying?

The Ninninger footage of Brody fighting the Kudabots was definitely more Takaharu than Brody. And Kinji came out for a bit instead of Levi during the same sequence. And speaking of, are they going to have Levi taking selfies for no reason? Kinji’s selfies were part of his character. So far, it hasn’t been established for Levi.

ChocolateVictor was so absurd, it was actually hilarious. I think I’m having less of a problem with Victor & Monty than I did with Bulk & Spike because Victor & Monty at least interact with the Rangers. Bulk & Spike were on their own 95% of the time and felt like they were inserted wherever Samurai needed a minute or two of filler.

And speaking of Samurai, I think that was the Samurai theme song playing during the final battles. Like, really? This isn’t a new problem, but it is problem thanks to the recycling of the MMPR theme. I miss the days when each season had a distinct theme song and sound that you could insert and be like “Yeah, that’s (insert season).”

Anyway, an okay episode and definitely much more cohesive and fluid than last week.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 11 – “They’re not stupid!”

  1. You’re right, the ninja training at the beginning was pretty awesome. And to be honest, I did not see the chocolate Power Stars comming, sure, it was obvious the Rangers won’t give in the real Power Stars, but then how will they make fake Power Stars. Now everyone’s asking when will those be on sale XD

    1. If we really think about it, only the filling appeared to be chocolate but the outside actual Power Star wasn’t chocolate. So it was pretty impossible for Hayley and Levi to have made any of the outer shell Stars in that amount of time. lol But it’s alright, it worked in the episode. At least they didn’t just use the Deus ex Machinaprism for it hehe

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