Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 21 – Farewell, Scorpio! Time for Argo’s Revival!

Kyuranger 21

Stinger maintains that while his aniki is strong, he is strong because he has comrades. Stinger, Kotaro and Lucky all deliver Impacts at Scorpio, sending him flying.

Scorpio refuses to lose here. He breaks off his mask sends waves of attacks back at the Kyurangers. Stinger isn’t ready to give up either. But the poison continues to affect his body. Scorpio laughs.

Stinger, Lucky and Kotaro get up and charge toward Scorpio who hardens his leg and kicks them right back, forcing them to demorph. Scorpio prepares to deliver the final blow, but an axe comes flying out of nowhere to stop him.

Kyuranger 21

It’s Champ! He’s back!

Kyuranger 21

Lucky and Kotaro are excited to see him. A tearful Stinger can’t bear to look at him. Champ approaches Stinger and they trade barbs as they reunite. Champ says it’s time both of them face their pasts. “Yeah. Let’s do it, partner.”

Stinger tosses Champ his Kyutama. Champ is happy to hear Stinger calling him his partner for the first time.

Kyuranger 21

Lucky, Stinger, Kotaro and Champ morph and charge toward Scorpio.

As Commander Ronpo, Hammy and Spada finish off the Moraimarz and embiggened Tsuyoindaver, the others are wearing down Scorpio. That allows Stinger to deliver the final blows.

Kyuranger 21 Kyuranger 21

The brothers lock weapons, but Stinger’s poison again cripples him and sends his spear flying. That gives Scorpio an opening, but Champ tosses his axe to Stinger. Stinger is able to get the axe right at Scorpio’s stomach and he slices it open.

Kyuranger 21

Stinger demorphs just as his brother explodes. Commander Ronpo, Spada and Hammy arrive as the others watch from the Orion.

Stinger runs over to catch his aniki as he falls to the ground. Scorpio acknowledges Stinger has grown very strong. Stinger says it’s because he found something to protect, just like aniki did in the past.

Kyuranger 21

Scorpio admits that he became drunk with power, causing him to forsake those he should have been protecting too. He asks Stinger to finish him off. Suddenly, Stinger’s poison acts up again. Scorpio decides to inject him with an antidote, saying he must live and continue protecting people with his friends.

Scorpio hands Stinger the two Kyutamas.

“You’ve got some good comrades with you.”
“Yeah, they’re the best.”

Kyuranger 21

Out of nowhere, Don Armage appears, lamenting how Scorpio had once been a great asset to Jark Matter. He then orders Madakko to activate the millions of Moraimarz around Earth.

The quick sucking of Earth’s Planesium begins. Don Armage creates a blackhole to kill the Kyurangers, but Scorpio blocks it with his body. He tells Stinger to hurry and leave and to destroy the big Moramiarz to stop all the others. Stinger hesitates, but Champ tells him to snap out of it. They must go.

Kyuranger 21

Scorpio’s evil eye disappears as he is grateful for being able to protect his brother one last time.

Kyuranger 21

Stinger vows not to let his brother’s death be in vain. Lucky contacts the Orion and asks for the Voyagers to be sent down. But they are shocked to hear the Orion is being attacked by hundreds of Moraimarz.

Kyuranger 21

Lucky tells Commander Ronpo, Spada and Hammy to take RyuTei-Oh and help the Orion. The rest of them will stay here to try and activate the Argo Ship.

They put the three Kyutamas together and suddenly they fly into the sky before combining into the Argo Kyutama. Lucky locks in into his Seiza Blaster and the Argo Ship emerges from the water.

Lucky, Stinger, Kotaro and Champ enter the Argo Ship and find a cold sleep capsule which Stinger says can keep someone in hibernation for a long time. Lucky excitedly wants to open it.

Kyuranger 21

Lucky and Kotaro push the button opening the capsule and they find a long-haired person laying in it. It suddenly pops up, alive.

“The legend begins,” the guy says. He stands up, repeats what he said and starts swinging his sword at them.

Kyuranger 21

Lucky tries explaining that they’re not the bad guys and that it was them who revived the Argo Ship. The guy pulls his hair away from his face. It’s a human-looking face.

But he’s still not very friendly with the Kyurangers. The Kyurangers try to calm the guy down who is increasingly getting excited about this legend. The guy sends a fireball at the walls of the Argo Ship chapel.

Stinger says this won’t get them anywhere, so they must morph.

Kyuranger 21

“Who are you people?” the guy asks. Lucky repeats that they are the Kyurangers.

Kyuranger 21

Oh my word! The guy realizes they are… the Kyurangers.

Like they’ve been saying all this time. The ultimate saviors of the galaxy. The guy says if they’re the ultimate, then he is the legendary savior. “Born and raised on Earth, I’m Ohtori Tsurugi.”

They bring him outside to show him the Planesium-sucking Moraimarz. Lucky asks if they can use the power of the Argo Ship to stop it. The guy says the Ship has no power.

Kyuranger 21

He sets himself on fire which magically gives him a haircut and gets him shirtless. He explains that reviving the Argo Ship means reviving him.

Kyuranger 21

“In other words, I am the key to defeating your enemies.”

Ohtori pulls out the Houou Kyutama and morphs into Houou Soldier.

Kyuranger 21

Commander Ronpo is confused when he calls in to the Orion as Raptor, Naga, Balance and Garu are in awe watching Ohtori go after the Indavers and Tsuyoindavers with ease.

Ohtori sets his sights on the big Moraimarz. He hops from regular Moraimarz to regular Moraimarz, wiping them all out until he delivers a Phoenix End at the big Moraimarz, destroying it with one slash.

Kyuranger 21

The Moraimarz still drilled into Earth all shut down. Ohtori is sure this will be the stuff of legends.

Madakko appears and challenges Ohtori to a one-on-one battle. But Ohtori skillfully shows off his skills to easily take care of Madakko’s current life.

Kyuranger 21

Ohtori demorphs, still shirtless, and tells the others that they have just witnessed the start of a legend and that they’ll meet again.

Kyuranger 21

Stinger pays tribute to his aniki and promises he will live to protect the galaxy.

Kyuranger 21

Up on the Orion, the Kyurangers celebrate Champ’s return with a party. Naga and Garu are worried about Stinger, but Balance and Lucky says he’s fine. He actually suggested they have a party and he’s got all of them by his side as well.

Kyuranger 21

Kotaro shows everyone the cute little Stinger doll he made. Champ has a tray of dolls of each of them. Kotaro says those were actually made by Stinger to keep Champ company.

Kyuranger 21

Kotaro doesn’t know Stinger has actually walked in behind him. But Stinger says there’s nothing wrong with sewing dolls since warriors of the Scorpius System are known for their needlework.

Kyuranger 21

Stinger turns to Garu, Raptor and Champ specifically, but addresses everyone when he bows and apologizes for all the trouble he’s caused.

The others are all shocked. Stinger looks up and becomes very shy. He quickly turns to walk out.

The Kyurangers think his shyness is very kawaii.

Meanwhile, Commander Ronpo wonders what Ohtori’s story is.

Kyuranger 21

Episode Thoughts

Wow! Definitely a packed episode. And that certainly isn’t uncommon for Kyruranger as we’ve seen so far this season. Not only can they handle a huge cast of characters, they apparently can handle several plot threads in one episode. I love it.

First, we get the conclusion to the Stinger/Scorpio arc. And it’s been a truly great arc at that. I’d say it was fully fleshed out, except for my want of maybe an episode or two of Stinger and Champ’s pardner adventures. But in spite of that, the arc worked excellently.

And when a single story arc of a season has engaged in more MaGMCMs than the last two seasons combined? Then they’ve got to be doing something right. I definitely shed a couple of tears at several points in this episode, sometimes unexpectedly for me too.

Yosuke Kishi has definitely done an amazing job with this story arc. He sold every scene, especially the emotional ones. And Stinger has been written as a character that you just feel for. Yosuke Kishi definitely helps with that. But overall, it was a story you cared about.

Being someone who watched and loved Kamen Rider Gaim, it was fun seeing Yuki Kubota here. He and Yosuke Kishi definitely delivered some great scenes. Their MaGMCM scene here was pitch perfect.

Now I admit I did hope Champ wouldn’t be 100% whenever he came back. It would provide for some nice, dramatic material. And they could certainly still do that in future eps. But his return here was perfect. I loved that scene he first appears. One of those unexpected MaGMCMs I mentioned earlier. It absolutely makes sense for him to be involved here though.

I guess my want of Champ to have lingering effects of basically being murdered was based on the idea that Scorpio would be sticking around for a while. But since this wraps up his time on the show (I believe), of course Champ should be a part of it. Just as Kotaro deserves a spot in this battle. And I guess Lucky too since he’s Red.

On one hand, Scorpio and Stinger wrapped things up a little too neatly. Scorpio and his brotherly words to Stinger and his sorta-kinda-redemption felt a little rushed through. But again, it all still worked. Especially if the main lesson was that power doesn’t need to all be in the hands of one person. Having a team and friends working together can be just as powerful, if not more so than one megalomaniac. Scorpio realizing and acknowledging that is a good way to wrap the story up.

Also, was that Yosuke Kishi singing the song during that Stinger/dyingScorpio scene. It probably was and if so, that’s so awesome.

And red, orange, sky blue and black is a great color combo. Adding black to that red/orange/sky blue combo, I want an outfit with that color choice now lol

I enjoyed all the action sequences very much. I wanted more of the attack on the Orion. That looked very cool. As did all the scenes of the Moraimarz fleet.

That includes Ohtori’s hopping from one Moraimarz to another in that very, very cool sequence.

And that brings us to our new friend. After the Stinger/Scorpio conclusion, it was straight to the Argo Ship. And I definitely did not expect anything that happened on the Ship and afterwards. I assumed Houou Soldier would just pop up randomly. But him actually being the great power the Argo Ship held? That was a surprise to me. And the way it all unfolded was very interesting.

Ohtori certainly seems very full of himself what with his “I Am Legend” shtick. Though I guess he can back it up since he’s apparently so invincible, can hop from Moraimarz to Moraimarz and can give himself a haircut while also making his shirt disappear. That’s pretty legendary. But we’ll wait and see. Commander Ronpo thinks there’s some mystery to him, so I’ll believe there’s some mystery to him. Kyuranger‘s been pretty good with throwing in twists and curveballs, so I’m hopeful Ohtori’s backstory will deliver.

Kyuranger, you haven’t disappointed me yet! *knockonwood*

Finally, the last scene was very cute and I think is one of the best examples of why the Kyurangers have been very likeable and easy to root for and care about. The whole thing, from Kotaro making it seem like Stinger sewing dolls was some big secret and Stinger apologizing before being all shy… it was great.

Overall, a big, very full, exciting and fun episode.

*Translation preference note: I’m going with “My word!” over “Holy moly!” since it seems like Ohtori is like some kind of medieval knight. So the “My word” seems to fit a little more, in my opinion.

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