Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 20 – Stinger VS Scorpio

Kyuranger 20

Stinger and Scorpio battle. Stinger says he is here alone because he refuses to be a burden to his friends any longer.

That’s exactly what Commander Ronpo thinks Stinger would do. He tells Balance to return to the Orion while the others hurry to Stinger and the Kyutamas as the Moraimarz fleet will be arriving on Earth soon.

Kyuranger 20

At Rebellion HQ, Kotaro visits a still-offline Champ. He says he will be leaving to save Stinger and asks Champ, by way of his Kyutama, to be with him through it all.

Madakko shows up to help her Scorpio, but he tells her to stay back. Scorpio scoffs at Stinger thinking he could be any match for him. But Stinger suddenly stings himself, infecting himself with poison in a technique called Antares. It gives their attack abilities a significant boost.

Indeed, Stinger is able to finally knock Scorpio around. But Scorpio still has the upper hand. He hardens his Leg and knees Stinger in the balls, causing him to fall unconscious.

Lucky, Hammy, Spada and Naga arrive. They see Stinger’s face, but he tells them to let him be. They refuse to and charge at Scorpio. Madakko takes them on instead.

Kyuranger 20

Scorpio picks up the Kyutamas, but Naga fires at him to stop him. Naga is able to eye trap Scorpio for a few seconds, but Scorpio easily breaks free and attacks Lucky and Naga. Scorpio then gores Naga with his spear, forcing him to dehenshin.

Scorpio takes Stinger and they disappear.

The Kyurangers head back to the Orion. Commander Ronpo commends Naga on a job well done, having been able to retrieve the Tomo Kyutama from Scorpio.

Kyuranger 20

Kotaro runs into the bridge looking for Stinger. Commander Ronpo shows them the Yagi Kyutama which was in Stinger’s jacket he left. The Kyutama has a recorded message from Stinger.

Stinger says he is leaving the Kyurangers so he can focus on his brother. He describes Antares and says those who use the technique are beyond salvation. He asks them to forgive his selfishness and adds that fighting with them has been an honor.

“That’s unforgivable,” Kotaro says. “Going off to die on his own is unforgivable!” He runs out.

Lucky says they must do what they can to save Stinger. They should never give up on him. He’s their comrade.

The alarm suddenly sounds when the Moraimarz fleet finally arrives on Earth. The Moraimarz plant themselves across the planet and Scorpio broadcasts his message. He tells the humans that Earth will be destroyed and to blame the Kyurangers.

Kyuranger 20

But if the humans can hand over the Kyurangers to him, he will spare them.

The Kyurangers are resolved more than ever to save Earth as well as their friend. Commander Ronpo tells Balance to be in control of the Orion while the rest of them head down to Earth. Balance gives them Stinger’s Blaster and the antidote they made from before just in case.

Lucky, Hammy, Spada and Commander Ronpo deploy.

Kyuranger 20

Scorpio has Stinger tied up in his Moraimarz and they watch the Earthlings protesting against the Kyurangers. Stinger asks his aniki why he wants to be strong so much. Scorpio says you can get anything you want when you’re strong, even the entire galaxy.

Stinger can’t believe it. He remembers how when he was young, it was Scorpio who would come to his rescue as he was weak, especially against the local bullies. Stinger knows Scorpio sought strength to protect him. But he witnessed how Scorpio got that strength twisted. And it’s all because of his own weakness.

Scorpio says he sought strength for himself, nothing else. In fact, Scorpio says he “was never interested” in Stinger.

Stinger comes to terms with the fact that the kind brother he once knew is gone now. Scorpio agrees and proceeds to inject Stinger with even more poison. Stinger cries out in pain.

Kyuranger 20

Kotaro faces the protestors and scolds them for cursing the very Kyurangers who have come to their rescue so far. The people agree it is the Kyurangers’ fault this is all happening. They have no choice but to give in to Jark Matter.

Lucky and the others arrive. Lucky tells Kotaro to just forget about trying to convince the people. Lucky leads Kotaro, Hammy, Spada and Commander Ronpo right through the middle of the protestors on the way to Scorpio.

Kyuranger 20

The demonstrators open a path for them, but they suddenly start hurling rocks and garbage at them.

Kyuranger 20

The Kyurangers continue walking, having no choice but to bear the ridicule.

Lucky catches a big rock that would’ve hit Kotaro in the face. Lucky slams the rock on the ground and forcefully says they will save Earth. He orders the people to shut up and hide.

Kyuranger 20

“I’m ashamed to be an Earthling,” Kotaro says, tearily.

Lucky tells Kotaro not to cry. Everyone on Earth may be afraid, but they as Kyurangers are not. They have the power to save Earth and they will use it. Kotaro wipes his tears away.

The five of them proceed towards Scorpio’s Moraimarz. Scorpio tells Madakko to take control of the Moraimarz while he leaves to take care of the Kyurangers. Madakko asks what to do with Stinger, but Scorpio just says he’ll wake up soon.

Kyuranger 20

The Kyurangers come face to face with Scorpio. He tells them to hand over the Tomo Kyutama. But of course they won’t hand it over since they know even if they did, Scorpio would still obliterate Earth.

The Kyurangers morph. Scorpio summons Indavers and embiggened Tsuyoindavers to keep them busy. Commander Ronpo, Spada and Hammy hop into RyuTei-Oh.

Lucky and Kotaro fight Scorpio, but Stinger suddenly jumps in and attacks them. The extra poison has turned him into some kind of zombie fighting machine.

Kyuranger 20

Commander Ronpo, Spada and Hammy uses some tricks to take care of the Tsuyoindavers, but a Moraimrarz appears as well.

Back at Rebellion HQ, Champ’s eyes light up.

Lucky and Kotaro are getting hurled around by zombieStinger. Scorpio mocks them, but Lucky remains defiant. Scorpio tosses Lucky into a pile of crates, leaving Kotaro out in the open for Stinger to attack. Stinger’s attacks force Kotaro to demorph.

Scorpio tells Lucky to watch as someone weaker than him dies.

Kyuranger 20

But Kotaro knocks Stinger’s tail away. “I am not weak. I am also a protector!” Kotaro says. He remembers his little brother and his comrades. He proclaims that Earthlings can also fight and that he too is stronger than Scorpio.

Lucky is able to grab a canister of antidote and tosses it to Kotaro so he can inject it into Stinger. Lucky keeps Scorpio busy as Kotaro fights off Stinger’s tail to get close to him.

Scorpio forces Lucky to demorph and says the antidote is useless. Kotaro is sure it will work on Stinger. Stinger, who once taught Kotaro how to become an older brother that is worthy of being looked up to.

Kotaro says Stinger is one such big brother. He again weaves his way toward Stinger, avoiding his tail. He finally gets close to Stinger, but Stinger swats away Champ’s Kyutama out of Kotaro’s jacket.

Kyuranger 20

Seeing the Kyutama awakens something inside Stinger who remembers his time with Champ. The momentary distraction allows Kotaro to administer the antidote by stabbing it into Stinger’s back.

Kotaro is about to collapse, but Stinger catches him. He’s back.

“You’ve grown strong, Kotaro.”

Kyuranger 20

Kotaro hugs his aniki. Stinger picks up Champ’s Kyutama.

Lucky asks Stinger why he went at this alone. “You don’t trust us?”
Stinger says he didn’t want to burden them and risk them suffering the same fate as Champ. Lucky says Champ would be upset. He didn’t protect Stinger for him to fight alone.

Stinger remembers Champ saying not to bear it all alone. Lucky hands Stinger his jacket and Blaster back and says there is no doubt he is stronger than Scorpio, especially when they fight together as a team.

Kyuranger 20

Stinger puts his jacket back on. Scorpio says they are still weaklings, regardless of number. But Stinger says he is stronger because he has friends by his side. He leads Lucky and Kotaro in a morph.

Kyuranger 20

The three Kyurangers charge toward Scorpio.

Episode Thoughts

Wow. So good. I loved it. Maybe it doesn’t top Episode 16, but this was a damn good episode.

I am loving Kyuranger more and more each week. And this episode was just another example of how good the season has been.

It was a strong, emotional episode that again drew upon the relationships that have been built over the first 19 episodes. And the relationship and connection between Stinger, Kotaro and Champ I think has been the most fleshed out. I guess it has to do with them being the focus of this arc which looks to be at its climax. But even so, this wouldn’t be as effective without a solid and strong foundation.

Now, I mentioned how I wished we saw at least one or two episodes of Stinger and Champ on their travels. Especially since it was apparently Champ’s memory that helped Stinger snap out of his zombie stupor.

But being able to see how their personalities both complement each other and contrast each other; that dysfunctional relationship that would eventually grow and develop into a strong bond that would get torn apart by Scorpio in Episode 16. That’s some great material.

Still, what we saw in this episode was all very believable. The Kyurangers have all been very sincere in their mission to save the galaxy as well as their relationships with each other. There isn’t one Kyuranger who isn’t fully invested in the dangerous, yet noble and necessary mission.

All this helps provide the support to make an episode like this happen and work.

Let’s get to each of the standout moments though. First, those protest scenes. They were rough. I mean, I legit gasped when Lucky was first hit in the face with that rock. Then Spada trying to protect Hammy’s face from the angry mob. And this was after Kotaro’s impassioned plea to his fellow Earthlings.

Speaking of, Kotaro was definitely the star of this episode. First off, Shota Taguchi has been great so far this season. But he was amazing in this episode. Not only delivering the emotional scenes, but also being awesome in those action scenes. Especially the scenes of Kotaro avoiding Stinger’s tail. The Kotaro-Stinger fight scenes were so good, but definitely awesome seeing Kotaro stand up and fight. Shota Taguchi just nailed it all episode.

SeriousLucky is an awesome Lucky. I think we established that with the debut of the Hikari Kyutama. But this episode definitely was his best leadering this season. It was great to see. I particularly loved him saying Champ didn’t protect Stinger just for him to fight alone. That’s a very leader-like thing to say. And it was great.

Elsewhere, I really hope Scorpio stays an asshole until his ultimate demise and isn’t doing some undercover infiltration stuff. I think I mentioned that after a previous episode too. I doubt the show will cop out with this story. But it would do a great disservice to what they’ve done so far if ever they did go the easy, lazy route.

If next episode really is Scorpio’s end and the climax to this arc, then it would be very exciting. And anything to undo the events leading up to it would just be horrible.

But let’s stay positive and hopeful. I’m very optimistic about what’s ahead for Kyuranger.

Anyway, I also enjoyed the mecha battle this ep. Some fun little quirks. And I enjoy when either the megazord or the embiggened villains are very mobile during the battle, like the Tsuyoindavers were here.

That color combo of red, orange and sky blue at the end was pretty refreshing.

Finally, seeing the preview for next ep, I’m not too sure about introducing the new guy right at this moment in the series. But again, I’m optimistic and hopeful. And Kyuranger hasn’t disappointed me yet.

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