Recap: Power Rangers Dino Force Brave, Episode 12 – Forever! Dino Force Brave! and Season Wrap-up

Dino Force Brave 12

Deizarus is sucking Juyong’s Dinosaur King power when suddenly, Juhyeok storms onto the ship. He fights off Zorima and reaches the bridge.

Dino Force Brave 12

Raimein tries to stop him, but Juhyeok is energized by the trust of his new comrades. He morphs and battles Raimein before finishing him off with a Brave Finish.

Juhyeok hurries over and chops Deizarus’ tentacles to release Juyong from his sucking. Juhyeok unchains his brother who comes to.

Dino Force Brave 12

Juyong is happy to see his hyung coming to save him. And for the first time, Juhyeok finally admits the truth.

“Of course, you’re my comrade. But more than anything, you’re my one and only dongsaeng.”

Dino Force Brave 12

Juyong cries finally hearing the truth. Juhyeok apologizes for lying to him, but he says he only wanted to protect him from NeoDeboth. Juyong says that’s fine. The important thing now is they finish this once and for all, together.

Dino Force Brave 12

The brothers share a warm hug as Deizarus stands up and vows to kill them right here and now.

Dino Force Brave 12

Juhyeok and Juyong morph. They battle Deizarus who can’t believe how strong the two of them are.

The brothers deliver a Vamola Zandar Thunder attack at Deizarus which allows them to escape the ship. But Deizarus suddenly embiggens and combines with the ship itself. He follows the brothers down to Earth.

Dino Force Brave 12

Torin signals the others to get ready as GigaBragigas hurls them inside Brave TyrannoKing up to kick at Deizaruship. They then combine with Pteravolt and stealthily fly around. Together with Juyong’s Dinosaur King power, the Rangers all power up together to deliver the most Brave Final Brave attack ever.

Deizarus explodes and the Rangers land back on the ground.

The Rangers are welcomed by Canderilla and Luckyuro back on the ground. But Torin returns to being just a spirit. He commends them for showing the greatest Brave.

Dino Force Brave 12

The Rangers head back to the Spirit Base to say their goodbyes. They leave their jackets on the table. Pureun is first, saying he had a great time fighting alongside them. Luckyuro gives him a lollipop, free.

Hyeonjun says he will return to being a cop while Sechang will return to his adoring “babies.” Dohee tells Juyong for him and Juhyeok to take care.

The Rangers all hug each other and then have a group hug one last time.

Dino Force Brave 12

Juyong meets Juhyeok in the forest for some training, the first time since they were kids.

Juhyeok shows Juyong three new Dino Cells. He activates them and out pops the Animal Force Power Rangers.

Dino Force Brave 12

The Red Eagle Ranger demorphs and Yamato Kazakiri introduces himself. Juyong says they definitely look Brave. He approaches Yamato and they shake hands.

Juhyeok says they should go, so Juyong gives Yamato a high five before leaving.

Episode Thoughts

Very nice finale. Lots of fun and it was great to be able to watch it back-to-back with Episode 11. Made it feel like a regular finale episode.

Everything wrapped well. Some great fights. Juhyeok and Raimein’s battle was especially awesome. Deizarus combining with the ship was really cool looking. More excellent use of CGI, but also a great mini-plot twist.

Best scene though was Juyong and Juhyeok’s official reunion. It was a great pay-off and both Seyong and Seyoung did a great job bringing it to life. Especially Seyong with those tears! Very effective scene and well done.

The final scene of the Rangers saying goodbye to each other was also nice, but I can’t help myself and think how much more emotional that would’ve been had we spent time with these chingus/friends more than just 12 8-minute episodes. =D

Finally, I was so excited when video of the hand-off first popped up online last month. I didn’t think to expect something like that. But since the show was filmed in Japan anyway, it was easy to get Masaki Nakao to do that short cameo. They probably filmed that scene while Zyuohger was still filming.

Anyway, it was still pretty awesome to see. Not just since it’s the first unmorphed, face-to-face hand-off ever. But that Toei thought to do that for the Korean airing of the show is very cool.

Also, Yamato (and Misao) is really the only Zyuohger I’d care to see again anyway. So it was nice to see him pop up.

Series Hindsight Review/Wrap-Up

Now for my series wrap-up. I was looking forward to seeing a Korean Power Rangers series. Having been fully riding the Korean Wave for years now, having a real Korean toku series, especially directly connected to Senai was a fun idea.

But then the cast was revealed and now only did it star K-pop idols I actually listen to, the Red Ranger was one of my two favorite members from one of my all-time favorite K-pop groups.

At first I was shocked, then I was extremely excited seeing not only familiar faces, but a cast of people I already liked and knew. Especially MYNAME’s Seyong. Knowing Seyong, CROSSGENE’s Seyoung, DGNA/The Boss’ Injun and Sungho and Sehyun of Apeace definitely helped me warm to the series quickly.

But they (along with Lee Yujin) made up a great cast who did great with the material given to them. They certainly made me want to see more of them and their characters.

Which brings me to the point I think I made repeatedly in every recap of every episode. lol Dino Force Brave was very well done, especially for what it was. It was a nice sequel to Kyoryuger (which, I admit, still have not finished past Episode 30-ish) while still being its own story.

I mentioned in another episode recap how I feel like this story would’ve made a great feature-length movie. The plot would certainly fit an exciting ~90 minute film.

But even more, I think the plot and what little we did see of each character really showed the potential of what a full series could have been like. Even a Nickelodeon-style 20 (full-length) episodes could’ve yielded some great and fun stories.

The foundation was there for the other four Rangers as the story and material was definitely already there for the Kwon brothers. But I think there was definitely great foundation for each character as well as an opportunity for great teamwork-type episodes. Each Ranger had distinct personalities and it would’ve been great to explore those personalities more.

Anyway, for what it was Dino Force Brave was great fun. It was more than just an extra toy commercial for the Korean market. It was a well-done story in a unique format. Lots of creativity, especially with the mecha battles. It was refreshing and very enjoyable.

Who knows about future Korean toku productions, Toei-related or not. But Dino Force Brave definitely got me wanting more.

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