Recap: Power Rangers Dino Force Brave, Episode 11 – Which One is Real?! King of the Dinosaurs

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Force Brave, Episode 11 – Which One is Real?! King of the Dinosaurs

Torin explains that there was once a warrior on Earth with the strongest Brave in the universe. Those who inherited that power, people called the “Dinosaur King.” That’s why Deizarus wanted to capture “Gold Dino.” But now it has been revealed he isn’t the true successor. So it must be someone else in his family.

The Rangers realize it is Juyong.

Dino Force Brave 11

Deizarus enacts his final plan to capture Juyong, the true Dinosaur King successor. An embiggened Homuras walks through downtown while Raimein is flanked by Zorimas in the quarry. Juhyeok calls Juyong and says he will take care of Raimein while the rest of them go after Homuras.

Dino Force Brave 11

Juhyeok morphs and fights the Zorimas. The others hop into Brave Gigant Tyranno King to take on Homuras.

Juhyeok delivers a Brave Finish at Raimein, but Deizarus immediately jumps in to capture Juhyeok to use in his plan. Juyong wants to run to help his brother, but the others tell him to stay calm for now since he’ll be playing right into Deizarus’ hands.

The Rangers first focus on delivering a big Ultimate Dino Gigant Full Breaster to finish off Homuras for good.

Deizarus assaults Juhyeok as Juyong hurries over. Deizarus tosses Juhyeok aside and sends a large attack at Juyong, forcing him to demorph. The others arrive, but Deizarus summons Zorima to keep them busy.

Dino Force Brave 11

Zorima hold Juyong up as Deizarus forces more pain onto him to draw out the Dinosaur King’s power. It finally activates and Deizarus rips Juyong’s shirt open to prove he’s got the King’s mark on his abs.

Dino Force Brave 11

Deizarus takes Juyong back up to the ship.

Dino Force Brave 11

The Rangers head back to the Spirit Base. Torin worries Deizarus will siphon Juyong’s energy into his own body.

Dino Force Brave 11

And that is exactly what Deizarus does, hoping to get enough power to destroy planets with a single shot.

Dino Force Brave 11

The Rangers are trying to figure out a way to get to Deizarus’ ship. Just then Juhyeok walks in. He tells them Juyong is the true Dinosaur King and that he only pretended to confuse NeoDeboth and keep his dongsaeng safe.

Juhyeok says he can get onto the ship with Pteravolt and asks if they can trust him with that mission. Of course, Sechang says, they’re comrades.

Thank you, Juhyeok says. He vows to rescue Juyong.

Dino Force Brave 11

Episode Thoughts

Great penultimate episode. The last few eps have been solid build up to this one which is a great setup for the finale.

Nothing surprising about the reveal that Juhyeok was only trying to protect his younger brother. But I think the show did a solid job keeping the non-secret. A full series would’ve probably done a little bit better job stretching out the “Is he or isn’t he?” teasing.

Anyway, I loved seeing the unmorphed fights. The Zorima battle with each of Sechang, Hyeonjun, Pureun and Dohee getting their few seconds of spotlight was awesome.

Deizarus ripping Juyong’s shirt open was so gratuitous. I can say that is the most skin Seyong has shown off ever during his entire pop idol career outside of a Japanese swimwear ad campaign years ago. lol But since this is a sequel to Kyoryuger, I guess getting the Red Ranger (almost) shirtless certainly fits. lol

I don’t know if I noticed them earlier, but it’s cool seeing the Korean signs during the mecha battles in the familiar Toei sets. Also, more nice CGI used.

Overall, a great episode which was made even better since I actually watched this and the finale back-to-back. =)

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