Recap: Power Rangers Dino Force Brave, Episode 9 – I'll Show You! Largest Combination of the Strongest!

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Force Brave, Episode 9 – I'll Show You! Largest Combination of the Strongest!

GigaBragigas has wreaked havoc in the city. Buildings are burning everywhere and Jinarik summons Giant Zorimas to add to the destruction.

Dino Force Brave 9

Pureun and Dohee call on Parasaizer and Raptorax to take care of the Zorimas. Juyong, Sechang and Hyeonjun call Cannontyra, Stegotop and Forkcera to take on GigaBragigas. But Canderilla calls the Rangers back to the Spirit Base immediately.

Torin says he would be able to awaken GigaBragigas’ true nature if Jinarik didn’t keep blocking him. They try to figure out a way to defeat Jinarik, but they realize they have a very small window between his defeat and revival. Dohee suggests they have Torin step in during that small window.

Meanwhile, Deizarus is happy to confirm Gold Dino has the Dragon King’s power. Arash offers to head down to Earth, but Weihab says he’ll go to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Dino Force Brave 9

Weihab finds Juhyeok and asks why he would approach NeoDeboth when he had the Dragon King’s power all along. Juhyeok says he thought they would pay well. Weihab acknowledges Juhyeok’s got balls, but he will be taking the power now.

Dino Force Brave 9

Juhyeok fights off the Zorima as the Rangers arrive. He tells them to focus on Jinarik instead of helping him. Juyong says he’s right and they head up to a rooftop. Sechang and Hyeonjun are concerned about Juhyeok. Pureun says they must have become pretty fond of Gold Dino while fighting with him. They try to deny it. But Juyong says they’ve got to focus on their own battle.

Dino Force Brave 9

They reach the rooftop and find Jinarik. They morph and fight.

Juhyeok has taken care of the Zorima and now fights Weihab who wants to see the Dragon King’s power in action. Juhyeok tries to power up, but it flickers on and off. He decides to morph.

Dino Force Brave 9

But Weihab is too much for Juhyeok. Juhyeok is forced to demorph.

Pteravolt flies in and motions for Juyong to hop on. The others tell Juyong to go and help Gold Dino, they will take care of things here. After all, no matter the obstacle in front of them, they’ll win as long as they’ve got their Brave.

Juyong thanks them and leaves.

Weihab grabs Juhyeok, ready to take him up to Deizarus. But suddenly, the Dragon King mark disappears from Juhyeok’s neck. Juhyeok laughs.

Pteravolt drops Juyong off and pushes Weihab back. Juhyeok asks what he’s doing here since it all defeats the purpose. WTF are you talking about, Juyong asks. But before Juhyeok can answer, Weihab sends a water attack right at Juyong, forcing him to demorph.

Dino Force Brave 9

The Dragon King’s mark suddenly appears on Juyong, which allows him to withstand and stop Weihab’s attack.

Weihab tries to hurry and report back to Deizarus, but Juhyeok stops him with a Zandar Thunder Brave Finish. Juyong falls into Juhyeok’s arms.

Dino Force Brave 9

Hyeonjun, Sechang, Pureun and Dohee unleash a Dino Brave Finish at Jinarik. That momentarily releases GigaBragigas from evil control. Torin is able to quickly summon GigaBragigas’ true nature and that releases it from Jinark’s control for good.

Dino Force Brave 9

Jinark embiggens himself while also summoning two Giant Zorima. Torin says he’ll take care of this and he tosses a DinoCell at it to activate its transformation into the huge Brave Gigant BrachioKing.

Torin has no problem quickly finishing off Jinarik.

Back to the brothers, Juyong says he was just paying his debt to Juhyeok. But Juhyeok says this is the last time they’ll be fighting together.

Dino Force Brave 9

Juhyeok suddenly takes his sword…
“Annyeong, Juyong-ah.”
…and slashes right at Juyong’s chest.

Dino Force Brave 9

Episode Thoughts

Oh!!! Okay. A big episode. So I guess Juhyeok’s mysteriousness is somehow related to the Dragon King’s power and quite possibly him wanting to protect his brother from it? Maybe? Maybe not?

Whatever it is, it’s a nice little twist and it should be interesting to see how it plays out next episode. Looks like the brothers will finally reunite next episode, so I am optimistic that it’ll be very satisfying.

And again, like a broken record, I’ll say it’s really a shame this isn’t a full series because a stronger foundation which is allowed with a full series treatment could really have resulted in this being exceptionally great. Still dreaming that a full Korean toku, maybe even a full Power Rangers series can be made in the future.

But also again, for what Dino Force Brave is, it’s all been very fun so far. And we only have three episodes left so things are definitely moving towards that finale.

I really loved those night scenes of GigaBragigas, the Zorimas and the Power Dinos. More excellent use of CGI. GigaBragigas’ transformation sequence into Gigant BrachioKing was also great and very exciting, especially when all the DinoCells locked in and powered it up.

Also loved seeing Seyoung actually doing much of the fight choreography during that first battle with the Zorima and then later with Weihab. I really wish we got more unmorphed fights with the actors actually doing the fighting. Like I mentioned in an earlier episode, I would’ve expected more of that since the cast are all idols who have no problem with choreography. It’s always great to have unmorphed fight scenes.

Nice to have Torin, Canderilla and Luckyuro involved a little more this episode too.

Overall, maybe the most exciting episode of the series yet. Very fun.

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