Recap: The Amazing Race 29, Episode 9 – "I'm gonna stab you in the butt."

Recap: The Amazing Race 29, Episode 9– “I Thought We Were Playing It Nice”


Teams start the Leg by heading to the Corinth Canal for a Road Block Switchback to season 9 where teams must bungee.

Joey, Matt, a frightened Scott, Logan and Becca do the Road Block.

Next, teams fly to Hanoi, Vietnam and once there must head to Ly Thai To Garden. Their next clue will be given to them by one of the women performing morning exercises holding a fan with a yellow stick.

TAR2909 TAR2909

That clue points teams to Quan Su Buddhist Temple where they’ll learn of the Detour: Bamboo Climb or Window Design.
In Bamboo Climb, teams must pick up one of three available bamboo ladders and find an apartment building where they must retrieve a bird cage hanging high above using the ladder. They must return the ladder and present the cage for the next clue.
In Window Design, teams must pick up three mannequins they must bring to an empty storefront and dress according to a provided photo.

Becca & Floyd choose Bamboo Climb and take the first ladder. Scott & Brooke and Matt & Redmond also choose that Detour, but Matt & Redmond beat Scott & Brooke to the second ladder. Scott & Brooke can’t see the third ladder hanging high above. That allows London to grab it before Brooke who tries to beat her to it.

Brooke is very upset Scott did not help her as she climbed the ladder. They argue as Tara & Joey run past them. Scott & Brooke gather all their mannequins, but Tara & Joey do not read their clue properly and only get two.

Becca & Floyd, Matt & Redmond and London & Logan finish as Teams 1 through 3.

TAR2909 TAR2909

Scott & Brooke argue all the way to the storefront. Tara & Joey arrive before them, but don’t realize they are missing a mannequin until it’s too late. That gives Scott & Brooke hope.

Scott & Brooke end up stepping on the Mat as Team #4. Tara & Joey are just minutes behind them. But when Joey gets to the Mat, he collapses in Scott’s arms. He and Tara have not been feeling well since Greece and got no sleep on the flight to Vietnam. Brooke asks if they’re okay, but Tara & Joey are still upset about Scott & Brooke not telling them there were no ladders left.

TAR2909 TAR2909

Tara & Joey are officially last, but are saved by a Non-Elimination Leg.

Episode Thoughts

Kinda of a mixed bag of an episode. And a mixed reaction from me. Can you believe they only had ONE task in Hanoi?! Like, just the Detour. It was a great Detour, mind you. And that recycled fan task was okay as a simple Route Marker. But it took up 2/3 of the episode while the other 1/3 was bungee jumping in Greece which should’ve been part of a full Athens Leg next to a full Arachova Leg.

So Leg Design was lazy. Especially when there is so much to do in Hanoi. Like, you’re going to visit Vietnam for the first time after that dumb controversy, so you want to spend as little actual time in Vietnam as you need to? That’s very annoying.

In the early days of TAR, two country Legs were more common. But they were part of truly full Legs during a different time. These days when Legs are oversimplified, two country Legs aren’t as effective. At least this was a Non-Elimination, but it just doesn’t look good.

Anyway… the Switchback Road Block was okay. Again, should’ve been in a full Athens Leg. But ugh at that BJ & Tyler flashback.

The Detour was legitimately good. It maybe did not deserve to take up 2/3 of the episode, but it was a great physical Detour that would’ve been even more insane with more teams. Can you imagine?

TAR has been more loose with showing camera crew in shots. But that scene of Tara & Joey passing Scott & Brooke would’ve been the perfect spot to show Tara & Joey and their crew running past. It would’ve fit that scene so well in that it was tense and chaotic.

Usually, talk about fairness on TAR can get very hypocritical. And I think that was definitely true in this episode. None of the teams are really clean or innocent in that sense so I can’t really sympathize with many teams complaining about other teams not being fair to them.

Overall, it was a strangely mixed Leg. But I do appreciate very physical tasks, especially when it results in teams collapsing at the Mat. (With them being perfectly fine later on, of course.)

My Subjective Team Rankings

So Brooke & Scott shoot up my list, not because I’m rooting for them to win or anything. I just enjoyed Brooke channeling her inner-Flo.

It was hilarious to watch. It really was basically Flo with a non-passive Zach in Scott. I wish we had more of these fireworks from them instead of Brooke judging other teams as annoying or Scott’s sideeyes. But their hilarious moment at the Detour, trying to beat London & Logan was just hilarious gold.

I guess I’m still rooting for Tara & Joey. But this Leg was an absolute mess for them. A combination of not reading their clue with being upset at Scott & Brooke for not helping them. Lack of sleep might be the reason, but still, it was not a good look on them this Leg.

Finally something interesting from London & Logan with their little exchange with Scott & Brooke. London has been relatively more interesting and fun than Logan. But I wish we saw more of them like how they were this episode. Again though, they pretty much disappeared after that little exchange with Scott & Brooke anyway.

Becca & Floyd and Matt & Redmond were both quiet this Leg since they were far ahead and away from Brooke’s screaming.

Episode Quotes

Scott: “I can’t come to you. I can’t come. I can’t.”

Logan: “I’m gonna stab you in the butt.”

Brooke: “I wish were climbing a damn building right now.”

Brooke: “I’m going to get murdered, hello!”

Brooke: “You don’t know anything!”

Tara: “I just hit that lady in the butt with the freakin’ feet.”

Brooke: “You’re so abusive, it’s disgusting!”

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  1. I like the Brooke channeling Flo video, please do tribute video for Flo & Zach and Brooke & Scott separately just like the 1 hour tribute of Charla & Mirna that can found on Youtube.

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