Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Space (Episode) 14 – Dancing! Space Dragon Palace Castle!

Kyuranger 14

Garu is eager to show what he’s got, but he hasn’t been chosen by the Kyulette lately. He starts to think it’s him who’s the unluckiest guy in the galaxy.

Meanwhile, Daikaan Yuterujan is throwing luxurious guys in prison while he himself enjoys luxury at Luxury Heaven Space Dragon Palace.

Commander Ronpo and Raptor brief the Kyurangers on the traveling fancy palace of pleasures. Some of the Kyurangers will go into the Palace disguised as staff while another team will free the imprisoned luxurious boys from the Moraimarz.

Garu is sure he’ll be missing this mission too, but Lucky encourages him.

Kyuranger 14

Commander Ronpo says there will be six Kyurangers deployed on this mission. He rolls the Kyulette for the rescue unit and it’s Lucky and Spada.

The next four will be the ones who will distract Yuterujan. Hammy is first to come out of the Kyulette. Then Naga and Balance. That leaves one more slot… and it’s for Garu!

Kyuranger 14

Hammy, Garu, Naga and a very excited Balance are at the Palace as Yuterujan arrives. Raptor tells them about the remote on Yuterujan’s belt that will open the cells in the Moraimarz. Lucky and Spada do what they can to get themselves into the Moraimarz.

Yuterujan takes a liking to Hammy’s leg, but a Palace server asks her to serve another customer. That leaves the boys to try and keep Yuterujan pleasured. But they are not too successful. Commander Ronpo has suggestions for them and gives them the necessary Kyutamas. But every one of them just gets Yuterujan more and more upset. And Commander Ronpo’s strange ideas also annoy Raptor very much.

Kyuranger 14

The bright side though is Yuterujan is definitely distracted amidst the chaos and that gives Garu the opportunity to press the buttons on the remote. Unfortunately, the buttons Garu presses are all to release trap doors that Lucky and Spada repeatedly fall through.

Kyuranger 14

Commander Ronpo’s last idea is based on Yuterujan’s apparent eye for women. So Garu uses the provided Kyutama only to get dressed and made up as a woman. Garu thinks this is just the height of his bad luck. Balance and Naga try to encourage him, but Garu thinks about how his entire planet was murdered and how he was never meant to be a Kyuranger in the first place.

But Yuterujan takes a liking to femaleGaru. He asks him to dance. Garu remembers how he snapped Lucky out of his slump and decides to just wake up and give it his all. Garu punches Yuterujan and grabs the remote. He decides to press the blue button and it releases the luxurious boys.

Kyuranger 14

Yuterujan runs away. Hammy returns and tells the boys to go after him.

Lucky and Spada meet up with Balance (who has something tied to his back), Naga and Garu as they surround Yuterujan. They morph and battle. Yuterujan activates the Moraimarz robo. Commander Ronpo hops down in his Voyager and Balance and Naga join him to form RyuTei-Oh.

Kyuranger 14

The Moraimarz uses the pleasure Palace as a shield, but it’s okay since Hammy has evacuated all the civilians out of it. That allows Lucky, Spada and Garu to deliver the final blow to Yuterujan and Commander Ronpo, Balance and Naga to take out the Moraimarz.

Kyuranger 14

Back on the Orion, Balance shows everyone what he swiped from the Palace: a Tamatebako. The others know that if you open it, you’ll grow old. Balance opens it anyway. It explodes in his face, but he feels fine. Like he’s 400 years old.

Kyuranger 14

Garu proudly says he relied on luck to press the blue button. But Lucky says it’s only proof that you can make your own luck.

Episode Thoughts

So! That was definitely an interesting episode, to say the least. First of all, that pleasure palace was just creepy and slightly gross through adult eyes. Like, if it wasn’t obvious what this “pleasure palace” was from the beginning, Yuterujan oogling Hammy’s legs and then Hammy getting called to another table (of presumably other MALE customers) should make things as clear as day. Yikes!

But we if get past the skeevy, sleazy implications, this was still a pretty wacky, though fun episode. Definitely the craziest one of the season so far. There were some absurdly funny moments (like Balance acting like a pigeon, for example or even Lucky and Spada repeatedly falling and rolling.)

This was just an okay focus ep for Garu. I think it was really shallow. But then again, Episode 1 was just as much about him as it was for Lucky. So I guess it’s okay.

I noticed Balance having something tied to his back during the final fight. It was subtle at first, but then I realized he probably swiped something. lol It was a nice “typical Balance” kind of act which we haven’t really seen in a few eps.

I very much enjoyed that final battle. Very Go-Busters of course having the mecha and ground battle happening at the same time. I loved it in Go-Busters and it was a great unexpected surprise here. I also saw online someone point out that the team fighting in that battle were Go-Busters colors too (Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver). Very nice callback which I’ll assume was intentional.

It’s come to be expected that the show includes at least once episode featuring in-show dancing of the ending credits dance. lol

Overall, it might not become one of my favorite Kyuranger episodes. But I still enjoyed it and it had some really great parts.

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