Recap: Power Rangers Dino Force Brave, Episode 5 – Counterattack! Overcome Any Obstacle!

Dino Force Brave 5

In spite of opposition by his underlings, Deizarus gives Juhyeok another chance (and more gold) to kill the Dino Force Rangers. Juhyeok heads down to Earth and watches two young brothers playing in the park.

Dino Force Brave 5

Down in the Spirit Base, Hyeonjun notices Juyong is also very pensive. Juyong says he feels like he’s fought Gold Dino once before. Anyway, Hyeonjun is annoyed by the others seemingly not serious about the battle ahead of them. He scolds them saying Juyong was the only one who was able to go up against Gold Dino earlier, so they need to step up and not let Juyong carry all the weight on his own.

Juyong says they all contribute something to the team. Pureun has the best shot, Dohee is fast, Hyeonjun is strong and Sechang is charismatic (though he prefers “graceful”).

Juyong says no matter the obstacle in front of them, they will win as long as they’ve got their Brave! Hyeonjun says it sounds like a famous quote, but Juyong doesn’t remember where he heard it from.

Just then, Juyong gets a call and it is Gold Dino who calls them out.

The Rangers hop into Brave Tyranno King Western to face Juhyeok flying around in Pteravolt.

Dino Force Brave 5

They try shooting at Juhyeok, but miss. Pureun offers to test his skills. He shoots and hits Pteravolt right on target. Dohee takes a shot as well. But Juhyeok initiates Brave Ptera King.

The Rangers switch over to Brave Tyranno King. Hyeonjun unleashes some of his strength before Sechang uses his graceful techniques to counter Juhyeok’s attempt at a Brave Finish.

That allows the Rangers to deliver their own Brave Finish which forces Juhyeok to be ejected from Brave Ptera King.

Dino Force Brave 5

The Rangers face Juhyeok in the Toei warehouse. After a roll call, the Rangers unleash all they’ve got on Juhyeok is appears outmatched. He can’t believe it.

Juyong is last to take on Juhyeok, but Juhyeok’s technique feels very familiar. The distraction allows Juhyeok to slash Juyong away and deliver a Lightning attack at the Rangers, forcing them to demorph.

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Force Brave, Episode 5 – Counterattack! Overcome Any Obstacle!

Juhyeok tells them all to give up. But Juyong says no matter what obstacles are in front of them, they’ll win as long as they’ve got their Brave!

Juhyeok is taken aback by Juyong’s words. Juyong morphs and charges toward Juhyeok who is still trying to comprehend what he has just heard. Juyong uses Speerus to just absolutely wreck Juhyeok, forcing him to demorph.

Dino Force Brave 5

Juyong also demorphs and he and Juhyeok come face to face. Juyong sees the mole on Juhyeok’s neck. That confirms it. Juyong remembers everything.

Dino Force Brave 5


The others are shocked.

“You’re Juhyeok-hyung, right?!”

Dino Force Brave 5

Episode Thoughts

When the episode started with that little scene of Juhyeok watching the hyung and his dongsaeng playing in the park, I already knew where this episode was headed. lol

Considering the circumstances, I thought it was done very well. I definitely felt that moment between Juyong and Juhyeok. And I can only imagine how much more effective that scene and that revelation could have been with more development that would be allowed on a full series. This week and last week’s episodes kinda feel too much like quick recaps of a few full length episodes. Now that I think about it, Dino Force Brave could probably make a great full-length movie.

The basically 10 minute episodes don’t allow for nuanced storytelling of course. But all things considered, I liked how we got to this point.

Anyway, it’s interesting though how Juhyeok is supposed to be some space mercenary killing machine assassin-for-hire, yet was thrown around pretty easily by the Rangers. I don’t know if that says more about how strong the Rangers actually are or how weak Juhyeok apparently is.

That said, I guess it’s refreshing(?) that the 6th Ranger isn’t the most powerful as he (or she) usually is. Them all being on the same level is good. And I like the sentiment Juyong was promoting at the start and the idea that they are really a team with each of them able to contribute something. They illustrated that point very well during the mecha battle and then the little fight in the warehouse.

Speaking of that mecha battle, it was great. I don’t remember the last time outside of Shinobimaru of a big mecha/zord actually running fast during a battle. Very fluid, un-robotic and that was during the costumed, non-CGI part. The CGI sequence was of course awesome. I honestly got chills watching it. It was really well done and looked great. Definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more of that on the main series.

Overall, a pretty good episode. I have to hold myself back from repeating how regretful I feel that this isn’t a full series because there’s some great potential.

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