Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 11 – Three Kyutamas to Save the Universe

Kyuranger 11

Spada and Hammy come to call Lucky to the bridge, but he’s checking a magazine to see if he’s won the contest. Spada and Hammy expect him to win because he always does. But they’re all surprised he didn’t. The radio broadcast of today’s horoscope says Leo is the unluckiest today and Lucky realizes he really might be unlucky today.

Later in the bridge, Commander Ronpou tasks the Kyurangers with finding the three Kyutama which together will help restore the legendary giant Argo Ship which may or may not help in the fight against Jark Matter. Commander Ronpou isn’t sure, but he’s hopeful.

Kyuranger 11

Using the coordinates provided by the Rashinban Kyutama, Raptor finds the Tomo Kyutama is on Earth. Commander Ronpou uses the Kyulette to decide the team for this mission. Lucky is worried his luck won’t get him chosen, but he does along with Stinger, Spada, Champ and Commander Ronpou.

Kotarou suggests they should all head down to Earth, but Raptor says because of their near death experience almost melting in the sun last week, they have to repair the Orion. Kotarou is disappointed he can’t fight this time.

Kyuranger 11

The team heads down to start looking for the Kyutama, but are surprised when Kotarou pops up having snuck onto Shishi Voyager. Stinger tells him to return to the Orion, but Commander Ronpou allows him to stay just this one time.

Lucky slips on a banana peel and falls into a trash can. He refuses to believe he is unlucky today.

Champ uses the Rashinban Kyutama and finds the Tomo Kyutama is on the move, for some reason. But before they can chase after it, an army of Indavers arrive. The Kyurangers morph.

Kyuranger 11

Kyotarou has a lot of fun fighting the Indavers, but Stinger tells him to stop messing around and take this fight seriously.

Ikagen appears alongside an easily resurrected Madakko. The Kyurangers notice something different about her. Ikagen says every time she revives, her personality changes.

While she attacks the others, Lucky tries fighting Ikagen. But Ikagen is able to avoid every single one of Lucky’s attacks. He says he already knows all their fates.

Ikagen easily knocks Lucky around and takes the opening to slice at Lucky, forcing him to demorph. Ikagen says Lucky really is unlucky today.

Kyuranger 11

Before Ikagen can finish off the bleeding Lucky, a Death Worm springs up from the ground. Ikagen and Madakko quickly retreat. Champ uses Rashinban Kyutama to find that Tomo Kyutama is inside the Death Worm.

Commander Ronpou says they should retreat, but Kotarou wants to fight the Death Worm himself. Stinger goes after him and they both end up falling in the huge hole in the ground left by the Death Worm.

Kyuranger 11

Commander Ronpou orders the injured Lucky to return to the Orion. Lucky refuses. Commander Ronpou thinks Lucky is just upset he was so easily beaten. Lucky denies it and runs off.

Kyuranger 11

Underground, Stinger lights a fire for him and Kotarou. Kotarou is eager to go find the Death Worm, but Stinger stops him. Kotarou says now that he has the power to fight, he’s gonna use it. Stinger relates the story of his older brother who also sought power to protect the weak. But once he got it, he went drunk on power and fell to darkness.

Stinger reminds Kotarou to be someone his little brother can be proud of. That way, he will never become drunk on power. Kotarou understands.

Kyuranger 11

Their nice moment is interrupted when the Death Worm suddenly appears. The others arrive and Spada uses Mizugami Kyutama to shoot water at it to bring it down to a more manageable size.

Kyuranger 11

It escapes back to the surface. Champ uses Usagi Kyutama to give them bunny paws so they can hop out of the hole.

Lucky is running around until he finds Ikagen and Madakko. He morphs and charges toward them.

Kyuranger 11

The others morph and face off against the Death Worm. Stinger and Kotarou do the most damage together before the five of them deliver an All Star Crash to destroy the Death Worm. But Death Worm embiggens itself. Commander Ronpou orders everyone to hop into their Voyagers. Kotarou is apprehensive since he has no experience in his Voyager, but Stinger believes in him.

Kotarou gives it a shot. He hops in Kuma Voyager and does what he can to help the others out.

Kyuranger 11

Commander Ronpou gives the signal to Stinger and Kotarou and together they form RyuTeiOh. They take on the Death Worm and Kotarou suggests they use water again like Spada did earlier. It works and they deliver a Super Galaxy Meteor Break to finish the Death Worm for good.

The Tomo Kyutama pops out from the Death Worm. Lucky reaches out to catch it, but Ikagen does instead. Ikagen and Madakko shoot at Lucky and force him to demorph when he tries to retrieve it.

Kyuranger 11

Ikagen repeats that Lucky is actually the unluckiest guy in the galaxy which he knows because he can see all. He prepares to kill Lucky for good, but Kotarou quickly pops Koguma Voyager out of RyuTeiOh to scoop Lucky up and retreat to the Orion.

Kyuranger 11

While the others are in the bridge thinking about their next move, Lucky is alone thinking. He flashes back to being a small child standing in a burning grand building.

Kyuranger 11

Lucky thinks maybe he really is the unluckiest guy in the galaxy.

Kyuranger 11

Episode Thoughts

That was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it.

I’m definitely enjoying Kyuranger so far. This episode again had a lot of different threads going at the same time and I felt like it was all handled well.

This was definitely what I wanted to see between Stinger and Kotarou. I hope it isn’t the end of their brotherly bond. Kotarou calling him “Aniki” certainly doesn’t indicate it’s a one-off thing. And especially when we get into the Takatora Scorpio arc of the season, I expect Kotarou to be there for his new older brother. It would be some nice character-driven story.

I was also happy to see Kotarou in the opening credits. That means he’s sticking around and is “official” I guess.

Interesting to see that little flashback for Lucky at the end. We’ve always assumed that he was just a happy go-lucky guy. But of course, it’s expected that he too had his planet destroyed and his people killed. Though I still wonder how he couldn’t have heard about Jark Matter during his travels. We still don’t know anything about his backstory. Still, him hiding the pain he’s felt in the past behind a happy exterior is definitely a familiar story. Should be interesting to see what is revealed.

A nice little twist about Madakko getting a new personality every time she is brought back to life. I half-expected Ikagen to say she loses a bit of herself every time she resurrects. Which would mean that after a couple more times, she’ll just be some shell of herself, some kind of zombie. That would be crazy dark. Especially if Ikagen basically controls her mind or something.

When Ikagen talked about seeing all fates, I was like “That came out of nowhere.” I must have missed it in an earlier episode. But then I realized he has a literal third eye kind of thing on his forehead. So it makes sense.

Of course I liked seeing another part of the Orion at the beginning when Spada and Hammy come to call Lucky to the bridge.

That CGI mecha battle was awesome. I remember when people were horrified at the idea of CGI battles years ago. But we’ve come a long way since then. This was the most extensive CGI battle I’ve certainly seen, or at least remember.

The embiggened Kyutamas aka Voyagers have really been such a great way to make the mecha battles fresh and exciting. Even in the non-CGI scenes, just the visuals of the entire mecha, how they form, how they move… all awesome. The new (?) music during the battle was good too.

Overall, another great, fun, enjoyable episode.

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