Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Space (Episode) 10 – A Small Giant, Big Star!

Kyuranger 10

The Kyurangers are taking care of a Moraimarz piloted by Daikaan Mozuma. But right before the Moraimarz explodes, Mozuma hops out and sprinkles some glitter over KyuRen-Oh.

The Kyurangers head back to the Orion just as Kotarou attempts to use the Ryouken Kyutama to morph. It doesn’t work, however. Stinger says children shouldn’t be on the ship and that Kotarou should return to Earth and his brother.

Kotarou is sad. Lucky tries to cheer him up, but offers to fly him back to Earth. The others feel bad, but they agree that Kotarou is just too young and unprepared to become a Kyuranger. Elsewhere on the ship, Naga is unconscious next to a broken mirror.

Kyuranger 10

Lucky realizes Kotarou has a Seiza Blaster. They get ejected from the Voyager and Lucky chases after Kotarou. But they run into a very much alive Mozuma who is also surprised to see Lucky here on Earth.

The others call Lucky to tell him about finding Naga, but the Orion suddenly starts hurtling itself towards the sun. Raptor cannot regain control of the ship. Turns out Mozuma’s sprinkles put the Orion under his control and they won’t be able to regain it until he’s dead.

Lucky morphs and takes on Mozuma.

Kyuranger 10

Kotarou wants to help and randomly aims his Blaster. Mozuma says he won’t take it easy on Kotarou even if he’s a kid. Mozuma knocks the Ooguma Kyutama out of Kotarou’s backpack and it lands on Lucky’s Blaster. Activating the Kyutama releases the ghost of Big Bear who decides to insert himself into Kotarou.

Mozuma decides to retreat for now.

Kyuranger 10

While the Kyurangers on the Orion mess around, Big Bear shows Lucky and Kotarou that he can come inside each of their bodies any time he wants. He tells them about dying saving Commander Ronpou and says he can’t cross over while a “careless” man like Commander Ronpou is in charge.

Big Bear is also against Kotarou fighting, but Lucky still appreciates his help. He uses a Ryouken Kyutama to sniff out Mozuma’s location. Instead, he finds delicious barbeque. Big Bear flies out of Kotarou. Kotarou says he wants to fight because he made a promise to his brother Jirou to drive Jark Matter off Earth and ensure a world where everyone can be happy. He wants to become a Star of Hope by becoming a Kyuranger. Big Bear says it is not that easy, but Kotarou is resolved to do so.

A hungry Mozuma comes stumbling towards them. Big Bear hops back into Kotarou.

Back on the Orion, Naga is awake and apparently was only practicing smiling and knocked himself out.

Big Bear asks Lucky how he knew Mozuma would be at the barbeque cart. But Lucky says he’s just very lucky. Big Bear is surprised Commander Ronpou lets him run around with just luck. But Lucky’s luck leads them to Mozuma again.

Mozuma calls on Indavers and a Tsuyoindaver. They attack before Lucky can morph and they knock his Kyutama out of his hand. Time is running out as Orion is about to burn in the sun.

Kyuranger 10

Stinger asks Raptor and Balance to see if they can figure out why they can’t control the ship. They see the micro particles on the exterior of Orion.

Lucky does his best fighting of the Indavers. Kotarou wants to jump in and helps, but Big Bear stops him and says he can’t let someone so immature fight. In the past, he died while failing to stop Commander Ronpou and the Rebellion was almost destroyed.

But Lucky says Commander Ronpou is not immature. It’s thanks to him that the nine Kyurangers came together and they all trust him. Big Bear thinks he must have underestimated Commander Ronpou.

Kyuranger 10

Kotarou shoves Mozuma and knocks Lucky’s Kyutama to the ground. Lucky picks it up. Mozuma tries to attack Kotarou, but Big Bear saves him and asks if he is sure that he wants to be a Star of Hope.

Big Bear understands and decides to help him. He flies into Kotarou’s body and it results in two Kyutamas appearing.

Lucky and Kotarou (using the Koguma Kyutama) morph.

Kyuranger 10

They are able take care of the Indavers. Big Bear offers to help Kotarou and powers the Oogama Kyutama which allows Kotarou to embiggen himself.

Everyone on the Orion is about to melt and die in the sun, but Lucky and Kotarou deliver an All Star Crash to finish off Mozuma. Raptor and Balance are able to quickly turn Orion around.

Kyuranger 10

Back on the Orion, Big Bear appears to Commander Ronpou and says he’s found some great comrades. He turns to Kotarou and tells him to take care of the galaxy.

Big Bear asks Commander Ronpou if he’s found the Argo ship. Not yet, Commander Ronpou says, but they will soon. Big Bear wishes them all good luck and disappears.

Commander Ronpou says the key to defeating Jark Matter is on the Argo ship.

The Kyurangers welcome Kotarou to the Orion.

Kyuranger 10

Episode Thoughts

I liked it. It was a nice little intro to Kyotarou becoming a Kyuranger. I honestly wasn’t sure if he really would become one and again, I don’t follow toy spoilers and all that. So it was nice to see.

Some people might question having so many Rangers. But so far, I think they’re doing an okay job balancing so many characters at the same time. No one character, not even Lucky, is taking over the show at this point. So having now 11 Kyurangers isn’t a problem and I don’t see it becoming one any time soon.

I like the connections they used between Commander Ronpou to Big Bear and then to Kyotarou. It helps connect all the characters in a way instead of distancing them from each other or separating them, thus not building up a team (or family) atmosphere. So it’s good how they’re really finding ways to mix and match.

I hope the show develops Stinger’s relationship with Kyotarou. I think they could do a lot there, especially if it leads to peeling the layers off Stinger’s background as well.

The Orion flying into the sun along with Naga’s knocking himself out was hilariously absurd, but it was a clever way to have everyone involved the entire episode instead of banishing half of the Rangers. I hope they find more creative ways to involve everyone during every episode. They even had a clever way to sneak in the Kyulette into the episode even without needing a team to go down to Earth. lol

I really liked Mozuma’s design. Very fun and interesting. And tying it with the Koguma Kyutama was good.

Overall, I am enjoying Kyuranger very much. A solid episode.

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