Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Space (Episode) 9 – Burn! Dragon Master

tKyuranger 9

Lucky, Spada and Hammy want to help Commander Ronpou, but he tells them to go save the others and fast. “There’s no more time!”

Lucky and Hammy decide to follow Commander Ronpou’s orders, though Spada senses something is off. They run over to free Stinger, Raptor and Garo. But while everyone gets whisked off in Lucky’s Voyager, Spada stays behind and returns to Commander Ronpou.

Ikagen and Madakko seem to know Commander Ronpou’s weakness. He abruptly demorphs as Spada arrives. Spada realizes Commander Ronpou has a time limit, but before he can ask more, Ikagen and Madakko take Spada hostage and leave.

Kyuranger 9

Back on the Orion, Champ, Naga and Balance call in to the others and they update each other on what’s been happening. Commander Ronpou comes into the bridge with Kotarou begging to join the team as a Kyuranger. They play jan-ken-pon to see if Commander Ronpou will allow Kotarou to join, but Kotarou loses.

Kyuranger 9

Lucky asks Commander Ronpou directly if he’s a Kyuranger. The others are all ears as he explains. Ikagen and Madakko relate their own experiences with Commander Ronpou to Spada as well.

Commander Ronpou insists that there are only nine Kyurangers. Back when the Rebellion was first formed and before they were able to find the real Kyurangers, Commander Ronpou was able to find a way to use Skill Kyutamas to do a forced morph as opposed to the Change Kyutamas the actual Kyurangers use.

Kyuranger 9

But the system wasn’t perfect and Commander Ronpou had a time limit on how long he could stay morphed. He kept fighting anyway, but that only drew more attention to the Rebellion. Which is why Jark Matter sent Ikagen and Madakko to stifle the Rebellion.

Commander Ronpou lost many comrades in the process, but that only motivated him to search for the Kyurangers even more.

Ikagen and Madakko calls into the Orion to demand they show themselves in order to save Spada. The Kyurangers are more than willing to go save their comrade and friend. And surprisingly, Commander Ronpou allows it. Tomorrow morning, they will launch the mission to rescue Spada. Champ is eager to go help as well, but they’re still many light-years away and probably won’t make it in time.

Kyuranger 9

Next morning, Commander Ronpou sneaks off the Orion without the others. Lucky catches him, knowing that he’d go it alone.

Commander Ronpou says Lucky was just like him when he was younger, defying orders and running off on his own. Supreme Commander Big Bear did not want to let Ronpou continue using a flawed system, but Ronpou was adamant that he could use the power to save the galaxy.

Kyuranger 9

Commander Ronpou says his disobeying the orders led to the Rebellion’s destruction, including the death of Supreme Commander Big Bear.

Big Bear had saved Ronpou just as he was about to be finished off by Ikagen and Madakko. Getting gorged in the stomach, Big Bear told Ronpou to save himself and find the Kyurangers before setting off a suicide bomb.

Lucky wants to go with Commander Ronpou to rescue Spada. Commander Ronpou says only if Lucky beats him in jan-ken-pon. They play and Lucky’s paper beats Commander Ronpou’s rock. But Commander Ronpou punches Lucky in the stomach. He does not want to put any of the Kyurangers in danger, so he continues alone.

Kyuranger 9

He reaches Spada and frees him from the chains. They are cornered by Ikagen and Madakko so Commander Ronpou pushes Spada aside and morphs himself. Commander Ronpou is resolved to risk his life to save Spada’s. But Spada refuses. He morphs and says they must work together like two chefs who work a busy kitchen. Commander Ronpou agrees, but orders Spada to stay alive.

The others find Lucky just as he wakes up.

Commander Ronpou’s morph time has run out. Spada does what he can to protect Commander Ronpou and is forced to demorph as well. Ikagen and Madakko prepare the final shot, but the others arrive just in time.

Kyuranger 9

Commander Ronpou is upset that the Kyurangers are so hardheaded. But Lucky tries to get Commander Ronpou to realize that the ten of them together as a team will surpass any legend that he can tell. Suddenly, all their Kyutamas (even those of Champ, Naga and Balance) light up. The power from the nine Kyutamas combine and seem to power up Commander Ronpou’s Kyutama.

Kyuranger 9

A dragon appears and asks Commander Ronpou what he would like to do. Commander Ronpou says he would like to fight alongside the Kyurangers and to free the galaxy from Jark Matter’s control. The dragon flies into the Kyutama and that signals that Commander Ronpou can now officially morph into RyuCommander.

The others also morph.

Kyuranger 9

Meccha Tsuyoindaver and Muccha Tsuyoindaver of the area pop in to join the battle. Commander Ronpou takes on Ikagen and Madakko himself while the others take on the Daikaans.

Kyuranger 9

Commander Ronpou is able to send effective attacks at Ikagen and Madakko. The others take care of the Daikaan with an All Star Crash.

Commander Ronpou sends Ikagen flying, leaving Madakko all to himself. And now that he has no time limit, Commander Ronpou can take it to the death with either assassin. Commander Ronpou deflects all of Madakko’s attacks and delivers a Drago Crush final strike.

Kyuranger 9

Madakko explodes. The Daikaan embiggen. Commander Ronpou says to leave this to him. The others point out that he has no Voyager. But Commander Ronpou uses his Kyutama and is able to summon RyuVoyager, the form the dragon took earlier. Commander Ronpou pops into his Voyager and into the dragon to take on the two embiggened Daikaan.

As Ikagen picks up a piece of Madakko’s body, the others hop into KyuRen-Oh to help fight the Moraimarz which also activates. The Kyurangers all initiate a Super Galaxy Dragon Meteor Break to finish off the Moraimarz.

Kyuranger 9

Commander Ronpou thanks everyone to helping him obtain a new power. But Lucky says it’s only because Commander Ronpou worked so hard all this time which is how the rest of them got their powers.

Champ, Naga and Balance arrive and give the Rashinban Kyutama to Commander Ronpou.

Kyuranger 9

With everyone here, Commander Ronpou says they should change their name to Uchu Sentai Jyuranger since they’re a team of 10. Hammy and Spada veto the change.

Commander Ronpou steps to the window and asks Supreme Commander Big Bear to continue watching over them.

Kyuranger 9

Episode Thoughts

I really enjoyed this episode. It was very fun while giving us that meaty backstory.

I’ve vaguely glanced over comments about KYUranger having more than nine/kyu Rangers. But Commander Ronpou, I guess, developing a way to use the regular Kyutamas to morph is a creative way to get more toys into the show while still making sense in-story and getting the show out of the small box the title implies.

Other than Garo, I don’t know if we’ve learned about the fates of the others’ home planets and their peoples. I think maybe a little more of that is needed just to fully illustrate the extent of Jark Matter’s conquest and the repercussions of their implied atrocities. Do they only wipe out planets who fight back while those who surrender are simply oppressed? I hope to see more of that, especially on other planets besides Earth.

Anyway, this episode was also great in adding some depth to Commander Ronpou’s character other than roulettes and dancing. It even helped give Lucky some depth too when Ronpou compared their hot blood and need for teamwork.

RyuVoyager is amazing though. I loved how cool the mecha battle looked. One of the more exciting ones in a while. The long dragon has the potential to add lots of fresh concepts to the mecha battle and change things up a little. I also loved hearing the theme song play. Fits very well.

I was initially sad that Madakko died so soon, but then Ikagen took her body part so I assume she’ll easily resurrect later. Maybe even next week.

Loved seeing so many ToQger locations. They might have been used during Ninninger and Zyuohger, but I instantly recognized a lot of them here. There was the Hyper Ressha terminal and the rural locations including the scene where the ToQgers *SPOILERALERT!* reunite with their families. They brought back lots of memories.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. Like last week, it was full and exciting. And everyone had something to do. Even if it may have been a pseudo-Ronpou-focus, everyone else still got significant contributions as well. Hope Kyuranger continues to build on this great momentum.

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