Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Space (Episode) 8 – Commander Shō Ronpō's Secret

Kyuranger 8

Lucky and Spada take care of Daikaan Mamoritsuyoindaver and his Moraimarz, one of five in close proximity to each other. This is part of Operation: Stardust by Commander Ronpou in an effort to find out Earth’s big secret that Jark Matter appears so interested in.

Spada remembers the meeting earlier where he raised concern about focusing on the Moraimarz instead of the Daikaans. But Commander Ronpou says they must protect Earth from having all its planesium getting sucked out first. Commander Ronpou also tasked Champ, Balance and Naga to retrieve the Rashinban Kyutama.

Back in the present, the Kyurangers turn their attention to Daikaan Megatsuyoindaver. Spada clears an opening for Lucky, Stinger, Hammy, Garo and Raptor who form KyuRen-Oh. They take care of Megatsuyoindaver with a Super Galaxy Meteor Break.

Ikagen and Madakko think targeting all these Moraimarz is because Commander Ronpou is afraid of them. Later, they get orders from Don Armage to wipe the Kyurangers out.

Kyuranger 8

After destroying the third Moraimarz, Spada sees Indavers stealing food from people in an internment camp so he decides to fly down. Lucky and Hammy follow him while the others go take care of the other two Moraimarz.

Spada returns a little boy’s bag of bread stolen by two Indavers. He tells Lucky and Hammy that this terror is what happens when they destroy the Moraimarz without killing the Daikaans. He will stay here to defeat the Daikaan, especially since he’s not 100% on board Operation: Stardust anyway.

Commander Ronpou calls to say that’s not okay. But Spada says a chef is always in charge of the kitchen. And his kitchen is wherever there are hungry people. Commander Ronpou can’t do anything about Spada, but he remembers once being the same way.

Kyuranger 8

While Champ, Naga and Balance are on Planet Jiishakku and inside a cave on the trail of the Rashinban Kyutama, Stinger, Garo and Raptor destroy Moraimarz #4. Stinger sees Indavers chasing Kotaro from a few episodes ago and hurries down to save him. Kotaro says he’s been looking for them since he wants to join the Kyurangers.

Kyuranger 8

Back at the internment camp, Spada puts on a show as he cooks delicious food for the prisoners.

Kyuranger 8

He tells Lucky and Hammy about doing the same for his younger brothers and sisters on his home planet under Jark Matter control. Daikaan Meshiubaindaver appears and says all food in this area belongs to him. Lucky, Spada and Hamy morph.

Ikagen and Madakko target Garo and Raptor as they approach the last Moraimarz. Stinger brings Kotaro up to the Orion, but hurries back down when seeing Garo and Raptor are in trouble.

Commander Ronpou calls Lucky, Spada and Hammy to stop fighting Meshiubaindaver and go help the others. But they insist on staying and defeating the Daikaan and freeing the people here first. And hopefully quickly.

Kyuranger 8

Stinger arrives and sees Raptor and Garo unconscious. Stinger is able to grab Madakko into a hold, but Ikagen pops in to help his partner.

Lucky, Spada and Hammy finally finish off Meshiubaindaver and get the call from Commander Ronpou that Stinger is down as well. Commander Ronpou orders them to save the others and immediately retreat because they cannot beat Ikagen and Madakko. Lucky says they have to try first, but Commander Ronpou is emphatic. They must follow this order because defying even one can lead to the collapse of an entire organization.

Kyuranger 8

Commander Ronpou tells Kotaro to watch the house while he’s out.

Stinger, Raptor and Garo are chained up. Lucky, Spada and Hammy have no choice but to fight Ikagen and Madakko so they can save their comrades, in spite of Commander Ronpou’s orders.

Spada and Hammy are able to chop off Madakko’s arm, but she grows a new one immediately. She shoots at them and they are forced to demorph. Lucky, also in trouble, calls the Orion to have Commander Ronpou send him Paga-san. But Kotaro has no idea what he’s talking about.

Ikagen makes Lucky demorph and he, Spada and Hammy are really in trouble now. Ikagen and Madakko are ready to kill them.

Kyuranger 8

But Commander Ronpou appears. And he has the Ryuu Kyutama. Which he uses to morph into RyuuViolet! Ikagen and Madakko remark that it’s been a long time since they’ve seen this form.

Kyuranger 8

Lucky, Spada and Hammy are surprised to learn Commander Ronpou was also a Kyuranger. Why would he keep this a secret?

Episode Thoughts

Very exciting episode! I definitely enjoyed this one. It really was great to see every single Kyuranger in action. Though Naga, Balance and Champ probably got the least time out of everyone, getting shipped off to some far off planet.

Still, having everyone involved and actually doing something helped add to the excitement. And when you start an episode off with the mecha battle, you know it’s going to end with something big.

Again, I don’t really follow toy news and magazine scans so I never know in advance what Rangers or what toys are coming up and when. But I was definitely spoiled on Commander Ronpou being the Violet Ranger over the weekend almost everywhere. Very unavoidable.

Still, I thought the mystery surrounding Ronpou was done well in this episode. I’m excited to find out exactly what his big secret is. Maybe he caused the fall of his own planet or something. Maybe his secret involves why he likes dancing before spinning a roulette. Whatever it is, I hope it’ll deliver. It seems like he could have a very interesting backstory, especially if connected to the two assassins.

Ikagen and Madakko are great “generals” because they’ve definitely shown to be strong and unbeatable (for now). It’s always good to raise the stakes and put the heroes in legitimate danger for you to really feel how heroic they can really be sometimes. You need to have those high stakes. And at least with Ikagen and Madakko, it’s there. The show still needs to develop Don Armage, though conquering every single planet ever is a pretty strong statement of course.

I like that Stinger, as Orange, is basically 2nd strongest of the team. At least, in terms of the usual indirect ranking of the team. You’d expect one of the “regular” colors to be that. And it’s usually shown in the order they roll call and such. Maybe it’s just the focus on Stinger so far this season, but he does appear to be higher on the list. Which is refreshing as Orange.

Overall, a fast paced, exciting episode. Hope the conclusion next week is even better.

Lucky’s Luckys of the Week

Lowest Lucky count in an episode so far!

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  1. Do you think this Sentai is worth watching at this point?

    I’m a bit hesitant, since these first few episodes have been less than stellar.

    1. I’m enjoying it so far. The story’s picking up and the Rangers are likeable for me. At the same time though, I had such bad feelings toward the last half of Zyuohger so Kyuranger is a big improvement for me, regardless lol

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