Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Space (Episode) 7 – Take Back the Birthday!

Kyuranger 7

While Balance is looking forward to his birthday, Stinger reports on Ikaagen and Madakko to the others. Commander Ronpou says the two have destroyed over 1000 planets on Don Armage’s orders. They are very dangerous.

Anyway, today’s mission involves retrieving birthdays stolen by Daikaan To-Me. To-Me only appears when stealing a birthday, so the plan is to lure him out. Good thing it’s Balance’s birthday today.

Commander Ronpou spins the Kyulette and it’s Lucky, Hammy, Naga, Stinger and Balance.

Kyuranger 7

They head down to Earth with a reluctant Balance. Naga asks what a birthday is as Lucky heads over to crying little boy whose birthday was stolen. Hammy explains to Naga that a birthday is a celebration of the day you were born that brings happiness.

The boy’s mom brings him a present, but it immediately disappears.

To-Me is celebrating with all the cake, food and presents he’s stolen so far when he gets an alert to a new birthday.

Kyuranger 7

Balance is set up in the middle of a plaza with a cake to lure To-Me out. Naga thinks about what a pity it would be for Balance to lose his birthday, so he runs out to save him. But before Balance can explain to Naga that he’s only bait, To-Me arrives. The Kyurangers morph and fight the Indavers.

Balance freezes To-Me to give the others a shot, but Ikaagen and Madakko arrive to stop them. They hop down to fight the Kyurangers who are completely overmatched. Balance swoops in to knock Balance out of the way of Madakko’s shot. But that frees To-Me and allows him to steal his birthday.

To-Me flies off and Commander Ronpou orders them to retreat immediately.

Kyuranger 7

Spada, Garo, Champ and Raptor get the Orion ready to celebrate Balance’s birthday as soon as they get back. But the Kyurangers realize they can’t even say “Birthday”. The food and Champ’s present all disappear, even the letters on the banner.

Naga blames himself, but Balance says it’s okay. He goes to his room, sad.

Lucky says they should go back down to Earth, but Naga says Balance was fine with it. Hammy explains that Balance was only pretending. Lucky says birthdays also make the people throwing the party happy in addition to the celebrant. It’s a happy time for everyone.

They head back down with a new plan. Lucky and Stinger will distract the Indavers while Hammy sneaks into the building to stop a giant propeller to allow Champ to lower Naga in to access the room where To-Me has all the birthdays.

They start their plan. Hammy is able to reach the control room. Naga prematurely jumps into the chute before Hammy can switch off the propeller when Indavers arrive. Champ does his best to hold on to Naga while Indavers attack him as well.

Kyuranger 7

Suddenly, Shocker Space Ikadevil appears to take on Lucky and Stinger outside. Commander Ronpou sends down a special Ex-Aid Kyutama which allows Lucky to summon Emu. Emu gets started against the Shocker and Lucky tells Stinger to head inside to help Hammy.

Space Ikadevil shoots at Lucky and Stinger. Lucky accidentally pulls on Emu’s driver which has him uphenshin to Level 2. Lucky and Emu deliver a Critical Finish together to take care of Space Ikadevil.

Kyuranger 7

Lucky and Emu both dehenshin and introduce themselves. Both of them say they can achieve their goals and they shake on it as a promise. They also promise to see each other again soon. Like in the next 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, Hammy is finally able to shut off the propeller and Naga jumps into To-Me’s treasure birthday room. Naga grabs the birthdays and Champ pulls him up. To-Me hitches a ride, but Naga is able to free all the birthdays which return to their owners. That includes all of the food and banner letters to the Orion. Commander Ronpou tells Balance to head down and swap with Champ.

Kyuranger 7

To-Me confronts the Kyurangers who morph. They deliver an All Star Crash to take care of To-Me’s first life. To-Me embiggens and shoots frosting at KyuRen-Oh. But it quickly gets washed off. Balance and Naga separate from Kyuren-Oh for a Super Galaxy Happy Splash that finishes of To-Me for good.

Kyuranger 7

Back on the Orion, Balance’s birthday party can finally get started. They give Balance his big birthday present and it is Naga with his head in a box showing a happy smile.

The others say they helped teach Naga how to smile. Balance says he’d prefer some treasure, but Naga’s smile is a nice treasure too. He hugs Naga.

Balance says he’s 300 years old, but the youngest of his people.

Kyuranger 7

Episode Thoughts

It was a nice little Balance and Naga-focus episode. More on Naga than Balance as this episode really was more about Naga’s latest emotion lesson.

Of course, this was also the Kyuranger half of the annual Spring movie-promo crossover. I guess Toei’s decided to keep the crossover at a bare minimum instead of the full on, full hour crossovers complete with brand new, standalone stories. Now that we don’t have that, I kinda miss it. lol I guess because the popping in and out just feels shoehorned in like how the next Sentai team gets shoehorned into the Vs. movies. It just feels too forced whereas something like the ToQger-Gaim crossover, while basically halting both show’s stories, at least felt like a real (and fun) crossover.

Anyway, Emu popping up was okay. And I think his popping up here was a little more seamless than Lucky randomly showing up on Ex-Aid. Though Lucky had a little more exposure on Ex-Aid.

But back to the rest of the episode, it was fine. We got Ikaagen and Madakko facing off against the Kyurangers. I hope they stick around a while and really build up how strong and dangerous they are before they are eventually defeated by the Kyurangers. (I assume.)

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  1. So when one of the “evil” plots is something as childish as stealing people’s birthdays, how are we supposed to take Jark Matter seriously as a threat?

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