Recap: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 24 – Go Together, Embracing Your Ambitions!

Ex-Aid 24

Emu joins Hiiro in the real operating room to help Iwamoto Sora, vocalist of the band Neironzu who was pinned under collapsed equipment and needs surgery on her abdomen. The surgery goes well. Hiiro is surprised to see Emu focused as he thought Emu was still depressed over Kuroto’s death. Emu says he must move forward and focus on all the other patients as well.

Today is Emu’s last day of surgery training and he thanks Hiiro for watching over him the last few months.

But their nice moment is interrupted by Shido and Shishido, Sora’s bandmates, arguing. Emu tries to get them to calm down, but instead they get overwhelmed by three Bugsters as it turns out they were infected.

The three Bugsters run out, knocking over a patient along the way. Emu tells Hiiro to take care of the patient while he pursues the Bugsters.

Ex-Aid 24

The Bugsters fully emerge from the three bandmates, now Level 20 and 40. Emu prepares to henshin, but Asuna says he can’t possibly fight three Bugsters at the same time. Lucky for Emu, Lucky arrives

Lucky almost falls to his death, but he luckily lands on a power coin and safely lands on the ground. He and Emu henshin together and Emu doubles up. Now it’s three on three.

Ex-Aid 24

But the two Level 40 Bugsters run away, allowing Lucky and the Emus to drive the Level 20 Bugster back into Sora.

Emu thanks Lucky who asks if Emu has any friends who could help him out when there isn’t a movie to promote. Emu says he has three friends he can trust. Lucky is happy to hear that and says bye.

Asuna asks what three friends Emu was referring to. Emu says Hiiro, Taiga… and Kiriya. Being able to stop Kuroto and obtaining the Maximum Mighty X Gashat was a team effort of them four.

Back at the CR, Sora expresses her band’s frustrations and stress about possibly forever being nugus. Their ultimate dream is to have a concert at the Tokyo Dome Seito Stadium one day. But that dream might end up never happening.

Emu suggests the three of them talk it out as friends.

Ex-Aid 24

Emu decides to talk to his two (currently alive) friends Hiiro and Taiga as well on how to deal with the two Bugsters. Neither Hiiro or Taiga (and girlfriend Nico) are interested, nor do they think the three of them are friends.

Taiga suggests they play a game and whoever defeats the three Bugsters first will win all the Gashats. Hiiro wants to cut. Emu is sad.

Asuna gets a call about someone wanting to visit with Sora. The man is Amagasaki Ren, GENM’s new CEO. Amagasaki says he’s here because Sora was injured at the auditions for the theme song of a new GENM game.

Ex-Aid 24

Asuna says Sora will be hospitalized for a while and Amagasaki says that means GENM could go bankrupt. Asuna hopes that doesn’t happen since GENM is her home. She tells him that she’s a Bugster. He gets very excited and believes she will be GENM’s savior.

Amagasaki heads in and tells Sora that her band did not pass. That causes her stress to rise and the Bugster emerges again and leaves. Asuna calls Emu.

Across town, Taiga and Nico find one of the Bugsters and Taiga henshins to Level 50. Hiiro finds the other one and henshins to Level 5.

Ex-Aid 24

As Emu chases after the escaped Bugster, Amagasaki wants Poppy to sing the new theme song. She should love music since she’s from a music game. She hesitates, but Amagasaki charms her and she falls under his spell. Insert full performance of new game theme song.

Elsewhere, Emu maximum henshins and reprograms the Bugster to disallow it from using his bike to ride around. Hiiro and Taiga drive their Bugsters to where Emu is. The three of them deliver Critical finishes at the three Bugsters and they clear the patients.

Amagasaki loves Poppy’s performance and says she’s officially got the job of singing the theme song to… Kamen Rider Chronicle.

Ex-Aid 24

Hiiro and Taiga (and tag-along Nico) quarrel over the Gashats, but Emu runs over to the patients to tell them they’re cured. The bandmates apologizes to each other and reunite, ready to talk about their dreams. But Sora suddenly feels a pain in her abdomen.

Emu examines her and believes all the activity from the Bugster caused her healing organs to hemorrhage again. Hiiro and Taiga are pleasantly surprised that Emu isn’t as dumb as they want him to be.

Ex-Aid 24

Hiiro checks Sora out as Taiga calls for an ambulance. Nico comments on their good teamwork.

Ex-Aid 24

Meanwhile, Parado resurrects every single Bugster ever… including Graphite. This was apparently all part of Parado’s plan to gather the nine Bugsters. As for the 10th… Amagasaki brings in Poppy who says she is home. Amagasaki says brainwashing her was also part of his plan.

Ex-Aid 24

With all the Bugsters present, Kamen Rider Chronicle is complete and ready to go.

Ex-Aid 24

Episode Thoughts

First, let’s get the crossover portion out of the way. I really actually long for the days of ToQGaim and NinninDrive where the crossovers were actual standalone “events” with full stories rather than these shoehorned, forced pop-in, pop-out guestings we’ve now had for 2 years. I think this year’s crossover was the least seamless of the four and maybe it’s a sign that they’re phasing them out? … Nah.

Anyway, both appearances were okay and somewhat fun. But still very contrived and without much effort put into them like previously mentioned.

Back to the episode though which did have some big developments outside of movie promo.

I very much enjoy Emu being all doctor-y. It’s a great look at the other, non-gaming side of his character. And especially when Hiiro and Taiga are more concerned with cutting cakes or getting Gashats. Emu wanting the three of them to team up and work together also is very much in his character. And the two of them not really into that idea also fit with theirs.

But now that Kamen Rider Chronicle is ready to go, it should be interesting to see how their dynamic changes or maybe even stays the same.

We finally get movement on the Poppysuna is a Bugster thread. And it was pretty big. She’s gone home to her fellow Bugsters. It was a surprise, though I wish I was more shocked at it happening. Maybe because I’m not sure if she was being mindcontrolled all this time or only now that she’s rejoined her Bugster brothers. It was really quick at the end there, so I may not have followed it too well.

Especially since Parado has apparently been planning this family reunion behind Kuroto’s back all this time. And that Graphite was easily resurrectable all this time as well. No wonder Kuroto had a hard time finding the last two.

Kamen Rider Chronicle should be interesting to watch. How will it be played? Are we actually going to see people turning into Riders, even if only in a MOTW format, and go on killing rampages? The way Kuroto was explaining how the game works, the world should turn into bloody chaos. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing is just the usual and merely the Bugsters wanting to rule the world. As toku villains are one to do.

Overall, it was a solid episode and felt very much like the real prologue to the next arc of the season.

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  1. I believe the Gashat is going to be mass-produced for people.

    I mean, heck, there are scans of multiple people using them (look at the bottom of the linked image)!

    Sounds like people are going to be given the Gashats, allured by the promise of a “prize”, and end up fighting the Bugsters/Ex-Aid with reckless abandon.

    …..We might be getting some Game Overs…..

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