Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Space (Episode) 6 – Flap Your Wings! Dancing Star!

Kyuranger 6

Raptor shows the Kyurangers the area of Earth they will be saving today. Denbiru, the governor of the area, makes his people suffer with harsh rules.

Hame suggests that before they head down, they should decide on a leader, especially now that all nine of them are together. She nominates herself. Garo says Lucky is their leader of course, but Hame doesn’t think he has what it takes to bring the team together. Garo then nominates himself as well since he thinks the same of Hame.

Kyuranger 6

Champ, Naga and Raptor toss their names into the hat as does Lucky.

Commander Ronpou decides that whoever does the most during this mission will be the leader. He dances to prepare the Kyulette and the team this time will be Lucky, Hame, Garo, Spada and Balance.

They head down and Lucky, Hame and Garo are eager to earn the leader spot. Lucky steps out to take on Denbiru as Hame and Garo argue with each other.

Lucky asks Commander Ronpou for a new, strong Kyutama so he and Raptor send down the Pegaus Kyutama. Lucky locks it in and a big Pegasus chest plate appears on him. And it talks!

Pegasus reminds Lucky to use honorifics and call him Pega-san.

Kyuranger 6

Spada and Balance morph and they fight the Indavers with Hame and Garo while Lucky gets used to a very eager Pega-san. But Hame, Garo and Lucky all get tangled up causing them to argue some more. Denbiru criticizes their lack of teamwork and uses his people to distract the Kyurangers.

Lucky demorphs, but Pega-san remains on his person. They all head back to the Orion.

Kyuranger 6

Commander Ronpou and Pega-san tell everyone the story of how they met and teamed up against Jark Matter. They eventually defeated a monster on Planet Babang together.

Kyuranger 6

Hame doesn’t care about any of that, she wants to know who the leader is. Commander Ronpou decides the leader is Lucky.

Hame and Garo blame each other for losing out, but Pega-san says it’s all their faults because they couldn’t work together. Commander Ronpou says the best way to build teamwork is to have a dance workout.

Raptor calls Stinger to invite him to dance class, but he refuses and stays on Earth.

Kyuranger 6

While dance class starts off a mess, two Jark Matter assassins notice Stinger observing the people of Denbiru’s governate. Ikaagen and Madakko say they are searching for the Kyurangers and ask Stinger if he has any information. Stinger says he does.

Kyuranger 6

Stinger brings them to a rock quarry and reveals himself to be a Kyuranger. He morphs, but Ikaagen and Madakko are too powerful for him to take on right now.

Back at dance class, Lucky has trouble controlling the excitable Pega-san. Hame and Garo think this is all pointless, so they leave.

Later that night, Garo asks Hame why she wants to be the leader. Hame says it’s because of Lucky just popping out of nowhere and bossing everyone around just because he’s a little lucky. Garo says Lucky isn’t all luck.

But Hame says she was born into a shinobi family and has worked hard to become one herself. She’s done the same once she became a Kyuranger, regardless of how hard it was. And she isn’t going to just start following a man who’s all luck.

Kyuranger 6

Commander Ronpou walks in and says Hame’s got the wrong idea about Lucky. He brings her and Garo to the gym to show them Lucky’s still dancing with Pega-san.

Commander Ronpou says Lucky may be the luckiest guy in the galaxy, but it’s because of his positivity that brings him his good fortune. He points out that both Hame and Garo thought the dancing was pointless, but they gave up on any possibility of it being the breakthrough they need for good teamwork.

Hame and Garo decide to join Lucky and soon everyone else comes down as well.

Kyuranger 6

Next day, Lucky (and Pega-san), Hame, Garo, Spada and Balance head down to Earth to face Denbiru. First though, they take on Indavers using their fresh new dance moves.

Watching from the Orion, Champ commends Commander Ronpou for the success of his teamwork plan.

Kyuranger 6

The Kyurangers use their new teamwork to take care of Denbiru with an All Star Pegasus Impact. They then turn their attention to the Moraimarz as Denbiru hops in to protect it.

The Kyurangers dock into KyuRen-Oh and take on Denbiru, finishing him off with a Super Galaxy Pegasus Break.

Back on the Orion, Lucky finds Pega-san is not responding any longer. Commander Ronpou believes he’s gone and dead. But really, Pega-san was just sleeping.

Pega-san says that Lucky has already tamed him and he’ll be available in the Kyutama in the future whenever needed.

Kyuranger 6

Hame finally accepts Lucky as leader, but he says he’ll pass. There doesn’t need to be a leader since they are all stars. Champ agrees.

The Kyurangers decide to dance some more.

Episode Thoughts

A solid episode. It was an interesting take on the usual teamwork episode, what with all the dancing of course. Actually incorporating the ending dance into the plot and actually not seeming out of place? Now that’s creative! lol

I’ve really warmed up to the ending theme and dance though lol I was really iffy on it before, but it’s become very fun for me.

Speaking of, I can’t wait to see Naga and Stinger spend some time together. Maybe once Naga learns more emotions, he’ll be the one that gets Stinger to loosen up as well. Crack a smile maybe? There’s really a lot of possibilities for some great character-driven story. Every single Kyuranger, human-looking or not, has some nice potential.

Pega-san feels a lot like Shishi-Oh from Ninninger. Of course, the talking chestplate is nothing new for Sentai or Power Rangers, but it still felt a little tired. Also a little incomplete since we did not learn how Pegasus now resides in a Kyutama if he and Commander Ronpou had adventures together (which Naga doubts of course lol).

I liked seeing Lucky working hard at “taming” Pegasus. Let’s admit it, we’d probably agree with Hammy about Lucky at first. But it was good seeing Lucky actually putting in some work. And him foregoing the leadership role as well even if it is assumed when he is Red. Hope to see more of those “prove myself” moments for Lucky. Not necessarily like this ep, but his natural instincts being examples of his leadership and responsible qualities. Helps give him depth beyond his luckys.

Aside from the teamwork aspect, it was also nice to see a little bit more into Hame’s character though this certainly wasn’t a typical focus ep on her. Also nice to see her and Garo interact in their own little story. And even seeing Balance on his own away from Naga. The Kyulette allows for different combinations and a peek into different possible dynamics between the Kyurangers. Again, just plenty of great potential for story if they can tap it all.

Overall, it was a fun episode.

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