Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 7 – "These clones aren't helping me."

Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Episode 7 – Hack Attack


While Madam Odius continues her secret plan with her captive, Sarah juggles four different clubs that’ll look good on her college application. And she does very well in each; track club, chess club, camping club and archery club. She is even able to break Victor’s distance record using her boomerang arrow invention. Victor instead gets bees to chase after him and Monty.

Later, Sarah shows the others a new Whiplash attack which she programmed into their Ninja Blasters. The others wonder when she had time since she was busy with them in the clubs… at the same time.

Before they can figure it out, the latest Galaxy Warriors challenger Hacktrack appears and demands the Rangers hand over all their tech. The Rangers refuse and they fight the Kudabots.

Sarah gets hit and she suddenly disappears into a ball. The Rangers hurry back to the command shop.


They tell Mick about Sarah… who’s actually in the shop working on the computer. She explains that she was able to engineer a holoprojector to project a holographic clone that looks and acts exactly like her.

The others tell Sarah that the monster took the holoprojector. She tells them it should not be a problem, but is actually unsure herself.


Downtown, Hacktrack absorbs the technology from Sarah’s holoprojector and uses it to make giant holoclones of Galvanax. The Rangers are alerted and Sarah immediately knows her holoprojector must have been hacked. She says she’ll find a way to shut it down while the others go out to take on the embiggened Galvanax clones.


Sarah decides to summon four of her clones to delegate each of them with a task: look for bugs in the programming, block Hacktrack’s radio signals, find out how to regain control and try to stop the power source.

The others try using Sarah’s Whiplash technique, but it doesn’t work on the Galvanaxes at all as they start to lay waste to the city.

Sarah starts losing control over her four holoclones until Mick interrupts by playing four instruments at the same time. He asks Sarah for help, but she says maybe Mick needs to focus on playing one instrument at a time instead of four at once.


Oh! Sarah understands what Mick is trying to tell her and she decides to work on only one thing. And she’s got an idea.

The Rangers continue trying to just use their blasters against the embiggened Galvanaxes until Sarah arrives with an upgraded holoprojector. Hacktrack arrives and attacks them, allowing to take the new holoprojector for himself.

Turns out Sarah infected the holoprojector with a virus that would affect Hacktrack and in turn the connection to Galvanax. The big holoclones disappear and the Rangers are able to focus on fighting Hacktrack only.

Preston uses a Water Attack and Calvin and Hayley use an Earth Attack before they deliver a Steel Slash finisher at Hacktrack.


Back at the command shop, the Prism shows Mick and Redbot a vision of a new zord. Mick tosses another fresh shuriken in.

Cosmo Royale gigantifies Hacktrack and the Rangers hop into the Ninja Steel Megazord Dragon Formation to follow Hacktrack into the sky. Hacktrack decides to take the fight into outer space.


Mick tosses them the new Astro Zord Star and they summon the new UFO zord which also has a Ninja Mode. The Rangers then activate the Astro Ninja Steel Megazord allowing them to go to the moon for their battle with Hacktrack.

They battle until the Rangers deliver a Ninja Master Blade Cosmic Blast Final Attack to finish off Hacktrack for good.


Back at school, while Victor and Monty are up to their usual shenanigans, Sarah tells Principal Hastings that she’s dropping out of the archery club so she can focus on doing one thing well instead of four things poorly.

Just then, Mick calls the Rangers as they have a problem.


The Astro Zord has tracked the Warriordome. It shoots and opens up a hole, allowing Madam Odius’ captive to be set free. He grabs the Power Star and he morphs into the Gold Ranger just as Ripcon arrives.

The Gold Ranger jumps out and is caught by the Astro Zord who flies him back down to Earth.


The Rangers see the breaking news report as the Astro Zord lands and the Gold Ranger hops out.


Episode Thoughts

This was a fun episode. It got a little messy towards the end when they tried piecing together the Ninninger footage, but overall a fun Sarah-focus episode.

I just realized in this episode that Sarah is very much like Ninninger‘s Kasumi in that they’re very inventive and creative and are able to make things to help the team. They also try to find ways to help themselves as well since both are very ambitious and intelligent. So far, those Kasumi-traits have translated well to Sarah.

I also enjoyed Mick teaching Sarah that lesson about spreading oneself too thin. I want to see more of Mick being a mentor to the Rangers.

Victor and Monty were alright. Again, the difference between them and Bulk & Spike from Samurai is that the Rangers actually interact with Victor and Monty. Bulk and Spike were usually off on their own doing random, unfunny things unrelated to what was going on elsewhere in the episodes.

The Astro Zord introduction here was just as random as UFOmaru’s intro in Ninninger. lol But it was okay. By now, I guess we just have to accept that the Prism will spit out random things whenever it wants.

I never noticed the “Nin Nin” label on UFOmaru. But I definitely noticed it here! lol The way the zord looked here in the plaza on Ninja Steel and with the nice “Nin Nin” logo-ish label, it looked like some kind of department store or mall building:
Look at those horrible “news” graphics though! lol

The Gold Ranger tease was interesting. Hopefully some tension will come out of Ripcon being the one to see what happened at the end, though how did he get into the secret room without Madam Odius’ mallet?

Overall, a nice, solid, fun episode.

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