Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Space (Episode) 5 – The Nine Ultimate Saviors

Kyuranger 5

While everyone debates whether they should focus on liberating Earth or on convincing Stinger to join their team, Lucky is sad thinking about the people’s attitudes toward them as the resistance in the last episode.

But Lucky decides they must continue on and says they should deploy to Earth. Commander Ronpou does his dance to spin the Kyulette and this time it’ll be Lucky, Hammy, Spada, Naga and Champ.

Kyuranger 5

Down on Earth, Eridron and Stinger find Yumepakkun to order him to eliminate the Kyurangers. Stinger affirms his allegiance to Jark Matter.

The Kyurangers arrive as Yumepakkun starts eating people’s dreams again. But suddenly, two kids (Kyotarou and Jirou) appear to help fight off the Jark Matter. Together, they’re all able to drive away Yumepakkun and the Indavers for now.

Kyuranger 5

Kyotarou tells the Kyurangers that all the adults are afraid of Jark Matter and he and Jirou have taken it upon themselves to protect them. They want to become heroes who can liberate Earth. The Kyurangers admire their courage and resolve and vow to help them.

But Erirdron and Stinger appear. The Kyurangers morph. Stinger watches as Eridron makes quick work of the Kyurangers with his raining arrows. The Kyurangers are forced to demorph.

Eridron mocks their weakness as he walks towards them. Kyotarou and Jirou step forward and throw rocks at him.

Kyuranger 5

Eridron orders Stinger to kill the brothers. Instead, Stinger takes Kyotarou and Jirou with him and tells the Kyurangers to have all eight of them surrender, including their Kyutamas or the boys will be killed.

Lucky says he still believes in Stinger, but Stinger says he is Jark Matter.

Up on the Orion, Champ is more convinced than ever that Stinger is evil. But Lucky points out that if Stinger was truly with Jark Matter, he would’ve killed Kyotarou and Jirou on the spot. Lucky is sure they can make Stinger their comrade.

Kyuranger 5

Down on Earth, Stinger tosses a dinner roll for Kyotarou and Jirou to eat while imprisoned, assuring them it is not poisoned. Kyotarou demands to know what will be done to them.

Kyuranger 5

Eridron says the brothers will die whether or not the Kyurangers show up. Jirou starts to cry. That triggers a memory for Stinger about his older brother who had given him a necklace as a sign that he will always be with him.

Kyuranger 5

Stinger tells Kyotarou to always look after his little brother. Eridron says that is foolish thinking.

Stinger turns and asks Eridron if he knows of a man named Scorpio, his brother. Eridron is surprised that Stinger would know the name of Jark Matter’s top assassin. Scorpio had betrayed his own people by joining Jark Matter.

Stinger has been looking for him, but Eridron says only Don Armage knows where he is.

Next day, the eight Kyurangers go to the meeting location where Eridron, Stinger and a Jark Matter army await them along with the brothers who are tied up.

Stinger demands the Kyutamas and the Kyurangers oblige. Instead of releasing the brothers, Eridron shoots at the Kyurangers and Tsuyo/Indavers surround them. Eridron orders Stinger to kill Kyotarou and Jirou, but he refuses.

Kyuranger 5

Eridron slaps Stinger who says killing children is against his philosophy. Eridron beats Stinger for his weakness and insists that they must instill terror to unify the galaxy under Jark Matter.

Eridron unchains the brothers is about to kill them, but Stinger stops him with his tail.

“So you planned to betray us all along?!”
“Betray? Not so. All you did was anger me!”

Stinger uses his tail to return the Kyutamas to the Kyurangers who can now get up. They push the Tsuyo/Indavers away and regroup.

“I believed in you!”

Stinger says he isn’t doing this for them, but that he is actually a spy. Commander Ronpou admits that he sent Stinger to infiltrate Jark Matter as a spy.

“I will not explain myself. I merely seek my own justice.”

Kyuranger 5

The nine Kyurangers have finally assembled and they morph together for the first time.

The Kyurangers battle Jark Matter. Adults appear behind Kyotarou and Jiro, amazed by the brave heroes.

Lucky is able to destroy Yumepakkun by letting him eat his huge dream and exploding from the inside. The others make quick work of the Tsuyo/Indavers.

Seeing the humans on the cliff, Lucky believes them seeing how the Kyurangers fight will give them hope and resist and fight Jark Matter as well.

With only Eridron left, the Kyurangers take him on with all they’ve got. They deliver an All Star Crash that finishes off Eridron’s first life. Eridron quickly hops into his Moraimarz and the Kyurangers all hop into their Voyagers. Yumepakkun also pops up, embiggened and the Kyurangers split up into two teams.

Lucky, Raptor, Spada, Naga and Balance form KyuRen-Oh. They deliver a Super Galaxy Meteor Break to easily take care of Yumepakkun. They separate again and rejoin the others to fight Eridron and Big Moraimarz.

This time Lucky docks into KyuRen-Oh with Hammy, Stinger, Champ and Garu. But all nine Kyurangers team up for a Super Galaxy Super Meteor Break. Eridron goes down with his ship as the Big Moraimarz blows up.

Kyuranger 5

The Kyurangers minus Stinger head back to the Orion. Stinger calls Commander Ronpou to say he will stay on Earth to find out the big secret Don Armage has about the planet. But they can call him anytime he is needed to help.

Lucky says they will start their battle against Jark Matter here on Earth. Especially now that there are people willing to help the Resistance. Everyone’s excited.

Kyuranger 5

Episode Thoughts

So many Kyurangers! I must say I wasn’t sure about the idea of such a huge team right at the start of the season. But I think they’ve done well to introduce the whole team in this first five episode as well as justify (in a way) the big number, in-story. As Jark Matter has taken over the entire galaxy, it’s only natural that heroes will appear on each planet. So having at least one from a couple is reasonable. And we’re likely not even done yet with team members. Plus, half the team are not “humans” or look like regular “humans” at least. So that’s different.

But I think they’ve done a good job so far. It’s a dynamic that hasn’t been fully realized in-show yet so there’s definitely plenty of possible story to tell. I think the Stinger-Champ dynamic will be the most interesting at the start. We still don’t know why Stinger murdered the doctor yet (if he did), so that’s going to be at least one thing to look forward to seeing explored.

Stinger himself has also been a great character so far. Very interesting backstory, especially considering his brother is Takatora. lol Fun seeing Yuki Kobota on the TV again. Hopefully he’ll get lots of material this season. But that scene of Stinger with the brothers was really great.

The first battle with all nine Kyurangers definitely left me wanting more. I think their first battle should’ve been much more epic with lots of big explosions and features on each Kyurangers maybe individually fighting or randomly teaming up. Will be looking for such a big battle in the near future.

Overall, maybe my favorite episode so far. Kyuranger is doing well and building up a good foundation for the season.

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  1. I am a bit late with this one. But yea, considering how experimental this series is, from the suit designs, to the actual story, to the number or rangers, I really wnat to see where they take this. They haven’t really done this level of experimentation since Go-Busters.

    Speaking of the number of rangers, with the number of main characters they introduce, I am a bit apprehensive. Will they finally do something that sentai rarely does, which is actually killing rangers mid season. I can see a lot of possibilities here, such as Balance’s death making Naga feel genuine sadness for the first time.

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