Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Space (Episode) 4 – The Dreaming Android

Kyuranger 4

Raptor writes in her journal and to her uncle about wanting to be able to fight as well. In the meantime, Raptor and Commander Ronbou have chose to fly warp speed to the planet Earth!

Commander Ronbou says their mission is to liberate Earth, which the rest of them have never even heard of before. Raptor reports that there are several Moraimarz on Earth, each with a governor. They wonder why that is the case since the planet’s Planesium would likely be fully drained by now with so many.

Commander Ronpou says only five of them will be heading down to Earth and they’ll decide by using the Kyulette. Raptor says they have to be careful with how they use their KyuEnergy, so this is the best way. The Kyurangers place their Kyutamas in.

Kyuranger 4

Commander Ronpou does a little dance before turning the Kyulette. The Kyutamas that roll out are those of Lucky, Hame, Garu, Champ and Spada. Commander Ronpou says Balance and Naga will take care of the ship while his special mission for Raptor is… to buy Earth peaches.

The Kyurangers arrive on Earth to see it overrun by Jark Matter with all the people very down. Spada notices Raptor seems very down as well, but she says nothing’s wrong. Garu hears screaming and they hurry over.

The governor of this area, Yumepakkun, goes around eating children’s dreams.

The Kyurangers morph and battle Yumepakkun and the Indavers. Raptor watches and dreams again of wanting to join in the battle as well. Yumepakkun sees her huge dream and approaches her. She tries fighting back, but gets knocked down. Before Yumepakkun can eat her dream, the others step in and he steps out.

Lucky approaches the young boy whose dream of a big meal Yumepakkun just ate, but the boy’s father swats him away and gives Lucky a dirty look.

Spada meanwhile scolds Raptor for not running away. Lucky wants to know what her big dream was, but she says she dosen’t have any.

Kyuranger 4

The Kyurangers go for some curry and Spada tells them about how Raptor has delusions of wanting to fight with them. But Raptor was made to be a pilot, not to fight. Lucky thinks they should let her fight if she wants to.

Kyuranger 4

Hame, Garu and Champ all agree with Spada that it would be too dangerous for Raptor to fight with them and that they would probably lose her. Sensing that this conversation was going nowhere, Lucky leaves.

Raptor arrives back on the Orion and, upset, hands two cans of peaches to Commander Ronpou. Later, Lucky sees her writing in her journal of her delusions. Raptor says she is broken because of her delusions of fighting which are contrary to her purpose. She asks Lucky if she should get repaired. But Lucky says what she has aren’t delusions, they’re dreams!

Lucky says dreams are awesome. Just like his original dream of seeing the edge of the galaxy or his dream now of defeating Jark Matter with the rest of the Kyurangers.

Kyuranger 4

Just then, the others call when they find Yumepakkun stealing more kids’ dreams. Lucky grabs Raptor’s arm and says she’s deploying with him. The others are upset at Lucky dragging Raptor here again.

But the parents appear and tell the Kyurangers to go away, blaming them for all their current hardships since they did not bow down to Jark Matter. The parents don’t seem to think dreams are all that important. But Lucky thinks otherwise.

“Living without dreams is no different from being dead!”

Kyuranger 4

Lucky and the others push their way through the parents and morph. They take on the Indavers. Yumepakkun sees Raptor and remembers she had a huge dream. Lucky steps in to protect her, but Spada scolds him to again putting Raptor in danger.

But Lucky says he knows Raptor’s dream will come true. They are comrades and what Spada is saying right now is no different from Yumepakkun who literally takes people’s dreams away.

Spada realizes his mistake. He turns to Raptor and asks what she really wants. Raptor confidently says she would like to fight alongside them. That’s when a Kyutama appears right in front of her.

Kyuranger 4

Lucky hands Raptor a Seiza Blaster and she morphs into WashiPink. After the Kyurangers do a roll call, they fight together to take on the Indavers.

Kyuranger 4

Naga and Balance inform the Kyurangers that their KyuBuckles are connected to Orion so they can give them Kyutamas anytime they want.

Raptor has a Kouenkyu Kyutama and uses it to blow Yumepakkun’s stomach open to release all the children’s dreams. The Kyurangers then deliver an All-Star Crash, but Yumepakkun pushes two Tsuyoindavers in front of him to absorb the attack.

Yumepakkun morphs his Moraimarz into a robo and the Kyurangers hop into their Voyagers. With Raptor for the first time, they form KyuRen-Oh. After Raptor and Spada wear Yumepakkun down, the Kyurangers deliver a Super Galaxy Final Attack to destroy Yumepakkun and the Moraimarz for good.

Kyuranger 4

Commander Ronpou salutes Raptor as the newest Kyuranger. Naga contends that Commander Ronpou knew that she would become WashiPink all along. He says of course not.

To celebrate, Spada has baked a cake for Raptor.

Raptor writes in her journal again. While she acknowledges her dream will have its hardships, she’s sure she can accomplish it with her friends.

Turns out her uncle is Orion itself.

Meanwhile, Eridron and Stinger report to Don Armage about the Kyurangers being on Earth. Don Armage orders them to kill the Kyurangers before they find out the secret of Earth.

Kyuranger 4

Episode Thoughts

A nice, straightforward introduction to Raptor becoming WashiPink. I think maybe though we haven’t seen enough of the dynamics between the Kyurangers on the Orion, especially maybe Raptor’s with Spada and Hame, to know what their sincere intentions were in not wanting Raptor to fight with them. Sure, we can assume it’s just because they truly care about her. But you never know.

I did enjoy Lucky’s energy going into building up Raptor’s confidence. Maybe the best use of his personality so far.

It was very interesting to see what a Jark Matter-controlled Earth looked like. It was definitely looking like Helheim overgrowth. And that was my immediate thought long before I saw Yuki Kobota suddenly pop up in the preview at the end lol

But I see you Toei! Pretty sneaky (though hopefully creative) way in getting the Kyurangers on Earth now instead of traveling to different, fantastical CGI planets every week. Hehe. But I hope this doesn’t mean they’re on Earth ALL season long.

A couple of new toy introductions as well in the KyuBuckle and Kyulette. The toy line this season must be huge. Lol

Anyway, this was a very enjoyable episode with some interesting mystery there at the end. Also, I hope Commander Ronpou has some kind of secret as well. As long as it’s not that he works for Jark Matter. That would be predictable.

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