Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Space (Episode) 2 – Let's Go! Phantom Thief BN Team!

Kyuranger 2

Balance is annoyed that these new Kyurangers have a higher bounty on their heads than he and Naga do. Meanwhile, Raptor gives Lucky and Garu a quick lesson the Jark Matter hierarchy. Everyone introduces themselves to each other again and where each of them is from.

Lucky is eager to find the next Kyuranger. He tosses an arrow at Raptor’s holograms and it points them to Planet Jigama.

Kyuranger 2

Lucky hops into his Voyager and lands on Jigama where he immediately watches Naga and Balance trying to avoid the local cops. Lucky thinks they are Kyurangers, but Balance says they are not. They just steal from Jark Matter.

Balance invites Lucky to be their comrade. Lucky accepts, but Naga does not know what a comrade actually is. Balance explains that Naga is from the Ophiuchus System where its species gave up emotion to avoid conflict. Anyway, their goal now is to steal another jewel from Jark Matter.

Kyuranger 2

They head outside just as Spada, Hammy, Champ and Garu are looking for Lucky. Lucky introduces everyone and Balance says Lucky is his and Naga’s comrade now. Garu says he trusts Lucky so much that he brought some spare blasters.

While Balance is off looking for a way into the Jark Matter ship, Naga asks Lucky what a comrade is. Lucky says it would be someone like how Balance is to Naga. Naga takes that to mean someone who makes decisions for him. But Lucky says no. Naga must make his own decisions and a comrade is someone who supports him doing so.

Kyuranger 2

Lucky asks what Naga wants to do and Naga says he would like to gain emotions. Lucky excitedly offers to be his comrade in that goal. Balance finds a way in to the governor’s ship. Lucky decides to press a shiny button and it releases a whole army of Indavers. Lucky morphs.

Kyuranger 2

Meanwhile outside, the other Kyurangers morph to fight off Indavers before being confronted by Eridron. They seem very unprepared against Eridron and they decide to retreat in their Voyagers.

Back inside, Lucky takes care of all the Indavers. But the governor of Jigama, Gamettsui, appears and orders the capture of Lucky so he can get the reward. Balance zaps Lucky unconscious. Naga is surprised. Balance says he planned to betray Lucky all along.

Balance turns to Gamettsui and asks to see the jewel in exchange for helping out. Naga goes to Lucky and decides to betray Balance, thinking about Lucky’s words to him earlier to make his own choices.

“Lucky is my comrade!”

Gamettsui orders Naga to be taken away along with Lucky. Balance is shocked to see Naga be angry.

Kyuranger 2

Gamettsui has Lucky and Naga tied up and hanging over a boiling acid pit. Lucky stays positive and says Balance will show up. But Naga says he will not.

Balance manages to grab the jewel and sees Lucky and Naga about to die. He thinks about how Naga has wanted emotions all this time. He flashes back to Naga saying his treasure will be the ability to have emotions like crying and being mad. That’s why he trusted Balance will help him with that.

It dawns on Lucky that maybe Balance won’t be saving them. Gamettsui starts the countdown, but the lever doesn’t work. That’s because Balance short-circuits the machine. He leaps for Lucky and Naga and brings them safely to the floor.

Kyuranger 2

Naga uses his powers to control the Indavers. Balance tells Lucky that Naga has the power to control others for a short period of time.

Naga wants to know why Balance came back for them. Balance says he thinks they’ll have a better chance with Lucky in obtaining the greatest treasure… Naga’s feelings.

Naga uses his newly-found anger to direct it toward Jark Matter.

Just then, two Kyutamas emerge from the jewel Balance stole.

Kyuranger 2

Lucky, Naga and Balance morph and they take on the Indavers. They get the hang of their brand new weapons and deliver an All-Star Crash to take care of Gamettsui. Lucky calls the others and suggests they destroy the capital spaceship as well.

They form KyuRen Oh, but the spaceship suddenly revs up and launches as Gamettsui embiggens himself.

Naga and Balance hop into their Voyagers and showily fight Gamettsui. Gamettsui fires at KyuRen Oh. Naga and Balance remove Hammy and Spada from the formation so they can dock.

They finish Gamettsui off as well as the spaceship with a Super Galaxy Trick Break.

Kyuranger 2

The Kyurangers welcome Naga and Balance on the Orion as they plan to look for the next Kyutama-possessing people.

Kyuranger 2

Episode Thoughts

I thought this was a good episode. It was definitely a little more calm than the premiere and I guess that helped make the episode easier to get into.

Part of that was me going into the episode fully expecting a barrage of “Lucky!” every 5 seconds. But strangely enough, Lucky’s luckys didn’t really bother me as much this week. It’s still annoying, but maybe it’s knowing what to expect that eases the effect of all the luck. Also, seeing Lucky go from being very positive and optimistic to “Oh sh-t, we’re gonna die aren’t we? #NoLucky” while they were hanging over the boiling acid vat was great. It showed that he is possible of other emotions. And that’s important to point out if he’s supposed to be Naga’s emotion comrade. lol

Naga made a great first impression. Mainly because he has the potential to be a fresh take on the serious, stoic member of the team. He actually has a reason to be emotionless, but we hope to see him become more expressive through the course of the season. That should be a fun journey to watch as his various, forced emotions were hilarious already in this episode.

His dynamic with Balance will also be interesting to see develop further. And I do hope we get the same amount of character development for the non-human-looking team members as the human-looking ones.

A little bit more world (galaxy?) building which is always good. I definitely liked that short scene on the ground in Jigama. Hope to see more different planets in a more extended way in the future. I just remembered how we never went back to Zyuland in Zyuohger and that’s a shame.

Anyway, I think I enjoyed this episode much more than the premiere.

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