Recap: The Amazing Race Asia 5, Episode 7 – "All I can hear is the sound of certain death.

Recap: The Amazing Race Asia 5, Episode 7 – "All I can hear is the sound of certain death.

Teams leave the Philippines and fly to their next destination, Singapore.

Once there, teams must make their way to Resorts World Sentosa and search for their clue outside the aquarium.

Chloe & Yvonne and hometown boys JK & Mike arrive first and open the clue revealing the Road Block: Who’s ready for an underwater stroll?


For this Road Block, one team member will dive into the Open Ocean Habitat and choose a card from a treasure chest showing the name of an exotic ocean creature. They must then show their partner on the other side of the glass who must search for the correct photo of the creature. When correctly matched, they will receive the next clue. Teams will only have three chances per dive.

Yvonne, Louisa, Maggie, Mike and Eric do the Road Block. Yvonne and Louisa are first to dive into the water, but Chloe & Yvonne are first to get the correct match. Treasuri & Louisa are incorrect for all three attempts, so Louisa must go to the back of the line.

Maggie & Parul and JK & Mike have no problem making their matches. Treasuri & Louisa are able to pass on their 2nd dive, leaving Eric & Rona in last.

After the Road Block, teams must make their way via Grab car to the Gardens by the Bay Skyline Promenade and use binoculars to look for their next clue. Teams don’t know their clue is a small flag hanging outside the OUE Bayfront building.

Chloe & Yvonne use the two binoculars, but strike a deal with JK & Mike so they can use one of them. If either finds the clue, they will share the info with each other. They see the small flag hanging from the building and hurry off just as Maggie & Parul arrive.

Treasuri & Louisa arrive and Maggie lets them use the other binocular. Eric & Rona pop up and Eric uses his own small monocular to search while waiting.

Treasuri & Louisa and Maggie & Parul separately find the OUE flag and they run off. Eric & Rona think they see a flag atop the Standard Charter building, so they also hurry back to their Grab car.

JK & Mike and Chloe & Yvonne stick together at OUE Bayfront and find the next clue pointing them to Singapore Turf Club. Maggie & Parul and Louisa & Treasuri are close behind.

But Eric & Rona are lost. The flag and clue are not where they thought it was. They become very frustrated, Eric especially.


Meanwhile, JK & Mike arrive first at Singapore Turf Club and find the Detour: Skate Rat or Drone Hat.
In Skate Rat, one team member will ride a Fiik electric skateboard while balancing two trays of cans. The other team member controls the speed of the skateboard while their partner tries to maneuver around six cones without dropping a can or stepping off.
In Drone Hat, one team member must navigate a drone and land it on a helipad helmet which their partner will be wearing on their head.

JK & Mike choose the drone with JK controlling the drone and Mike wearing the helipad. Chloe & Yvonne choose the skateboard with Chloe controlling the speed and Yvonne on the skateboard.


JK & Mike easily finish the Detour and open the clue directing them to find the moving Pit Stop, a boat in Marina Bay. Teams must find the boat when it docks at any of the three jetties: Esplanade Jetty, Merlion Park Jetty or the Marina Bayfront South Jetty.

It’s a homecoming win for JK & Mike as they proudly carry the Singapore flag to the boat which is docked at Esplanade Jetty. Allan officially checks them in as Team #1.


Maggie & Parul arrive at the Detour and choose the drone. Chloe and Yvonne switch parts in the skateboarding and that does the trick. They hurry to Esplanade Jetty, but there is nothing there. They ask their Grab driver to take them to Merlion Park, but the boat has just departed. They decide to run back to Esplanade Jetty where they are able to board and check in as Team #2.

Louisa & Treasuri choose the drone as Maggie & Parul struggle. They decide to switch to the skateboard. But Maggie celebrates a little too early and causes Parul to fall on her butt.

Louisa & Treasuri successfully land the drone and leave for the Pit Stop. They are able to catch the boat at

Across town, Eric is about ready to give up. Rona takes the lead, stays hopeful and they are finally able to find the clue at the OUE building.

Maggie & Parul finish the Detour long before Eric & Rona arrive. They also choose the drone.

Louisa & Treasuri arrive on the Mat at Esplanade Jetty as Team #3. Maggie & Parul follow the boat from Esplanade Jetty to Merlion Park and finally to Marina Bayfront South to check in as Team #4.


That means Eric & Rona are last, but not eliminated!
This is a Non-Elimination Leg and they will face a Speed Bump on the next Leg.

Episode Thoughts

It was definitely a very Singapore Leg, but it still felt exciting and fresh.

The Road Block was a nice take on the usual “aquarium dive” task. It definitely played out like a TARPHDME Double Road Block. Hehe. But it was a straightforward, though tricky task.

The binoculars/look for the flag is another typical TAR task. But it was just challenging enough to be the Leg’s extra task. Eric & Rona definitely showed that this episode.

The Detour was alright. Both sides of the Detour took place in a garage. I had expected something else since they made a point to go to the Singapore Turf Club. I think they could’ve done something there as well and not just stay in the garage. But both tasks were simple.

The Pit Stop was the best part of the episode. It would’ve been even more amazing had there been a few more teams scrambling to catch the boat at different jetties. It’s a nice, fun, clever task that could be devastating on a regular Leg if teams just miss the boat, but perfectly suited for a Non-Elimination like this one as well. It was definitely much better than the TAR28 boat Pit Stop. It also reminded me of the roaming Route Marker in TAR Canada 4, but they had the benefit of using social media to track it.

It was very refreshing not to have a Marina Bay Sands task. I guess since Active TV is not producing this season, that sponsorship opportunity/friendship is no longer there. lol

Overall, this was another good, exciting episode with solid Leg design and solid tasks.

My Subjective Team Rankings

It was a good win for JK & Mike, especially being home in Singapore. They mentioned how their early Legs were rough. But they started to have more fun on the Race and enjoy themselves. That allowed them to loosen up and really do much better on the Race. They are slowly, but surely solidifying their spot in the finals.

Louisa & Treasuri had another tricky Leg for them, but they’re still in. I am very intrigued by them apparently getting cutthroat next week. We’ve seen some glimpses of that earlier this Race. But it will be fun to see them uber-competitive.

Maggie & Parul continue to Race well while also being a fun team. It was a rough Leg for Eric & Rona though. Kinda suprised by Eric’s defeatist attitude. He seemed very frustrated. But it was great that Rona was able to step up and lead their team to finish the Leg.

Another quiet Leg from Chloe & Yvonne. I think the editors are holding out on us. We see some quips from them here and there, but they’ve been mostly invisible, even as they finish near the top.

Episode Quotes

Mike: “I do like my face though, so try not to cut it.”

Mike: “All I can hear is the sound of certain death as propellers approach me.”

Parul: “I’ve never chased a man down in my life.”

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