Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (18) 38 – "Get off this planet… soon!"

Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (18) 38 – The Rangers Rock


Sledge and Co. return to the ship and he wonders why in the world they didn’t repair it while he was gone. He explains that he barely survived the crash, but has been away planting Greenzilla’s green eggs in Hawaii, China and Japan as part of a new plan he’s come up with.


Poisandra is upset that he left her in the midst of wedding prep. But Snide refocuses everyone on the plan at hand. Papa Navarro sees all this happening.


At the command cave, Zenowing offers to teach an excited Shelby how to create a Dino Zord. When Papa Navarro arrives, the Rangers gather to hear about the location of Sledge’s ship. Shelby suggests they sneak into the ship to ambush them and the others agree. But Sledge gets word of the plan and sends Bedussa out to stop them.

The Rangers encounter Badussa and an army of Vivix.


Badussa uses an amulet to turn all of them except Papa Navarro, Philip and Shelby into stone. The three are about to get stoned as well, but Heckyl suddenly appears and fires at Badussa wanting him to pay for his crimes of genocide.


Badussa leaves as does Heckyl.

The unstoned Rangers head back to the command cave and try to figure out how to destroy Bedussa’s amulet. Shelby suggests using the zords, but they can’t use the stoned Rangers’ zords and the ones the three of them own have no cockpits. Keeper says they must create a new zord and Shelby is the one to do it with her extensive dinosaur knowledge. She is afraid of failing, but the others encourage her to try even if she makes mistakes. That’s what life is all about.

As Sledge makes Wrench use the Dark Energem to power the ship, Shelby uses bones of the Spinosaurus to create the zord.


Shelby follows Zenowing’s directions and asks Keeper to infuse the egg with a warrior’s spirit. The egg rolls out of the command cave and they follow it as Shelby can’t believe she’s created a zord and Dino Charger.

They end up at Heckyl’s campsite. He tells them about the split and explains that he wants revenge on people who inflict genocide on galaxies.
Heckyl wanted to restore Sentai 6.

Bedussa appears and Shelby kicks the amulet away. Shelby, Papa Navarro and Philip morph, but Keeper tells Shelby to focus on destroying the amulet. Heckyl offers to help and they destroy the amulet together making the others unstoned.

Shelby thanks Heckyl, but he has some advice for her: “Get off this planet… soon.”


Bedussa embiggens himself. Keeper senses something and sure enough, the Spinozord bursts out of the ground. Shelby, Papa Navarro, Philip and Keeper form the Spino Charge Megazord Ankylo Pachy Formation and hop in. They take on Bedussa and merely force him back to normal size.

The Rangers reunite and all morph. Bedussa now has an army of Vivix and Spikeballs to help as an all-out battle begins. They turn their attention to Bedussa and they deliver a Victory Maximum to finish him off.

Sledge’s ship is airborne and they leave Earth.


Poisandra wants to honeymoon in Hawaii, China and New York. But Sledge says they won’t even exist after his plan.

Sledge prepares to enact his plan for Earth’s destruction.

Zenowing compliments Shelby, but she says she will only study them instead of building them.

Back at the command cave, Zenowing compliments Shelby, but she says she will stick to just studying dinosaurs instead of building them. Shelby warns the others that Sledge must still be planning something even if they’ve left the planet. Shelby tells them about Heckyl’s warning and Ivan says maybe they should take that warning seriously.

To be continued.

Episode Thoughts

Okay. That was a good episode, but a little disappointing at the same time. I feel like this episode should have happened a few weeks ago. They’re finally getting back to the story, but there’s only two episodes left after this one. So I think they’re kind of starting this final climax a little late. There isn’t really much tension or excitement building towards the finale. And certainly not enough to warrant a “To Be Continued.”

Especially since Sledge only popped up last episode, I feel like you could cut out a lot of the episodes from this year and it’d be a tighter, more quickly moving story. This second half of Dino Charge has been mostly filler, which is very disappointing and I think contributes to that almost fatigue in these final episodes.

Like this episode specifically. It was good with some exciting fight sequences. But stoning the Rangers? That’s a plot for the late 20s of a 40-episode Power Rangers season and not at Episode 38. We should be getting to real cliffhangers by now.

And Papa Navarro only NOW finds the ship? You know I’ve nitpicked on this all year, but it’s true. All Kendall needed to do was track the ship’s last location before it crashed. Heck, they were in the air at the time. Then we wouldn’t have needed to go through all the filler episodes.

So this episode was good and disappointing at the same time. But hopefully the last two episodes deliver.

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0 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (18) 38 – "Get off this planet… soon!"

  1. When I thought “Wings of Danger” was the best episode, this episode is now my number one. There’s was a lot of action, a lot of original footage, and finally the 10 Rangers fighting togheter. It was an amazing prologue for the grand finale.

  2. I think they just now explained the reason why they didn’t look for or find Sledge’s ship: Wrench says they use all the ship’s power to keep the ship cloaked. Then again, if that’s the case, then how are they able to fire Magna-Beam all the time? I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s a blip in the power to use it, then back to keeping the ship cloaked. Does this satisfy your craving for answers about this whole thing? Maybe?

    Wasn’t too big of a fan of Sledge’s fun behavior throughout this episode. Yes, it was present in Dino Charge, but it seemed restrained compared to this. Go back to the evil side of him that we love!

    I really hope this season ends on a strong note to make up for the (and I hate to say this) mediocrity of a good chunk of SuperCharge. Dino Charge, for the most part, was great. SuperCharge, sadly, has failed to live up to expectations. I just hope we can at least get a good ending.

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