Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 36 – The Prince of Halloween

Zyuohger 36

No one on the Sagitariark is crying over Bangurei’s demise. Especially Cubaru who has apparently attached Bangurei’s mind reading hand to this body.

Downtown, Yamato and Micchan are explaining Halloween to the Zyuman4 when the tails get stiff. Team Azarudo’s Sambaba appears and orders the Moebas to attack the citizens.

Tusk jumps in to save a little girl who immediately falls in love with him. They morph.

Zyuohger 36

Sambaba dances, setting itself on fire to attack the Zyuohgers as a preview of what’s to come in this episode.

The little girl, Mami, scolds a little boy for leaving her during the attack and says he’s no prince, leaving him very sad. Next day, Mami excitedly catches Tusk on his way to buy Halloween candy and declares that he is her new prince.

Zyuohger 36

Mami latches on to him as he heads back to the treehouse. Everyone is shocked. Amu asks Tusk where’s the candy she asked him to buy, but he was a little preoccupied to go get some.

Mami sees Amu as her rival for Tusk’s heart. Uncle Mario arrives home and is surprised to learn Tusk and Amu are dating. Misao faints.

Back on the Sagitariark, Sambaba is being just as clingy as Mami as he wants to spend time with Azarudo instead of fighting the Zyuohgers.

Tusk makes pancakes for everyone to make up for no candies. Mami opens her mouth wide and wants Tusk to feed her and make Amu jealous. Yamato and Leo think this is very strange, but Sela understands that young girls are in love with the idea of being in love.

Zyuohger 36

Misao doesn’t want Tusk to leave him, but remembers he has Yamato and reminds him about them all getting Halloween costumes.

They all head out. Sela helps Mami find a princess costume. Amu jokes that Tusk should really date Mami. She tells Tusk not to underestimate even a little girl and to just come out and tell Mami that it’s very creepy and illegal for them to be in a romantic relationship.

Zyuohger 36

Yamato is a pumpkin, Sela is a witch, Leo is a sexy French maid, Tusk is a prince (duh), Amu’s in a tophat and tux looking like a man and Misao is a Joker-type ghost which everyone laughs at. (WTF?)

Princess Mami sees Tusk and Amu chatting, so she decides to grab her prince and run away with him. Instead, she grabs Amu and ends up giving her a piece of her mind.

Mami tells Amu to stay away from her man. Amu tries to reiterate that she and Tusk are not dating. But Mami points out how Amu acts like a spoiled princess with a prince. Mami wants to be a spoiled princess too.

Zyuohger 36

Sambaba suddenly appears and announces Azarudo’s Game of Love will begin. He dances to Kyoryuger‘s theme song and sets everyone on fire. The Zyuohgers morph and fight the Moebas.

Amu gives Mami a little bit of girl power advice before joining the others who have been forced to demorph.

They morph again when Amu arrives. Mami watches Amu being badass and a huge smile appears on her face.

The Zyuohgers fight off more Moebas before turning their attention to Sambaba. They take care of him with a Zyuoh Final before Naria comes down with a Continue. The Zyuohgers hop into Wild Tousai Dodeka King to finish off Sambaba for good.

Zyuohger 36

Mami comes running to… Amu and hugs her tight. Mami says she wants to be Amu’s princess. But Amu says she doesn’t swing that way.

Episode Thoughts

What better way to forget making jokes about being a pedo than to show how a little girl comes to terms with her sexuality.


So, they first make Tusk out to have some kind of foot/sock fetish. Someone who likes smelling underwear and stuff. Not they put him in a pedo situation. Uhh… okay.

Mami’s little coming out story is very progressive for Sentai and children’s programming in general, yeah?

But let’s not kid ourselves here. They played it off as some kind of weird laugh. At the same time, even with that little girl power pep talk from Amu, the episode still told women that they need a “prince” in their life who can always serve them.

I don’t blame Mami for two things. She pretty annoying, actually. But she was spot on about Amu being some kind of spoiled princess-type. And how can you blame Mami for crushing on Amu. She looked hot in her tux.

But I digress. Zyuohger still seems like a mess. (I did not mean for that to rhyme.)

At least they didn’t bully Misao this week. So… progress!

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