Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 35 – The Zyuohgers' Final Day

Zyuohger 35

The Zyuohgers head back home. Uncle Mario wakes up from a 24-hour sleep and they keep Yamato’s impending demise from him.

Yamato is chained up. Bangurei calls the Zyuohgers and demands they bring Cube Whale-chan to Mutsume Valley in exchange for their friend.

The Zyuohgers decide to just leave Cube Whale at home while they go save Yamato. But Cube Whale has a different idea as it escapes its leash and flies away.

Bangurei explains to Yamato that as soon as his friends arrive, they’ll get shot to death in front of his eyes. That hopefully drives Yamato to despair and in need of Kamen Rider Wizard.

Zyuohger 35

The Zyuohgers manage to catch Cube Whale while it stops in the middle of the park. Misao says he understands Cube Whale who wants to save the first friend he made in this era. He suggests they all work together, including Cube Whale.

Zyuohger 35

Yamato is gagged and still chained up as the others arrive. Bangurei orders them to drop their Cubes. Amu steps forward with Cube Whale. Bangurei takes it and slaps Amu down the hill.

Before Bangurei can chop Cube Whale up, he orders Cubaru to shoot down the Zyuohgers. Yamato watches as his friends get blown to bits. He screams in agony as Bangurei taunts him for killing his friends.

Zyuohger 35

But it turns out the Zyuohgers had help from Cube Mogura who drilled them to safety underground from the explosion. Cube Whale embiggens itself and chargers toward Cubaru’s ship. Cubaru decides to eject.

The Zyuohgers explain how, for once, they aren’t as dumb as they look.

Zyuohger 35

Yamato hugs his friends before they morph.

They easily take care of Moebas and the fake Gorilla before turning their attention to Bangurei. They are able to send him flying. Cubaru meets Bangurei who asks for help. But Cubaru chops off Bangurei’s hand and leaves.

Cubaru gives Bangurei a Continue as a parting gift.

The Zyuohgers and Bangurei resume their battle. They deliver a Zyuoh Final which for some reason travels to the sun and then into a random ocean before throwing Bangurei into a fiery explosion.

Bangurei is unharmed and he decides to eat the Continue.

The Zyuohgers are ready to hop into their Cubes, but suddenly a huge square pops up in the sky. They get the picture.

The Zyuohgers summon all their Cubes to form Wild Tousai Dodeka King.

Zyuohger 35

With a Dynamite Stream, the Zyuohgers finally take care of Bangurei for good.

Walking home, Yamato thanks everyone for being alive and apologizes for almost getting them killed.

Misao jumps Yamato’s bones in excitement.

Episode Thoughts

Well, that was a very unceremonious end for Bangurei. They basically wasted the entire middle section of the season on Bangurei who had lots of potential, but ended up being a MOTW that overstayed his welcome. It’s too bad, but the very least that can come out of Bangurei’s arc is the revelation about Cubaru and his home planet’s genocide at the hands of Ginis.

With the Zyuohgers, again, I did not feel much emotion from what should’ve been a very emotional episode. Of course Yamato wasn’t going to die. Neither were the other Zyuohgers. Yamato’s screams came a little close (Masaki Nakao is pretty great overall), but the whole situation was very hollow with really no depth to the emotions.

But even when you know none of the heroes will get blown to bits, there’s still a sense of danger and fear. Not so this episode (or last). Maybe it’s because of my being upset at the nonsense a few weeks ago. But still, I felt nothing here. That’s very disappointing.

The idea of the episode, other than to introduce the latest toy configuration, was to reinforce the Zyuohgers’ teamwork. Not only did it feel hollow considering how they treat each other, them going to save Yamato had nothing to do with the #StrongerTogether [/Hillary] aspect of the story.

Misao’s little speech about wanting to protect the bonds and connections they’ve made (i.e., Cube Whale and Yamato) was the most effective argument. But of course, they’ll just think he’s a wacko.

Overall, an episode that should’ve had a much bigger impact than it did.

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