Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 34 – The Megabeast Hunter Strikes Back

Zyuohger 34

The Zyuohgers take care of three embiggened resurrected Deathgalien and they wonder how they could have appeared since they haven’t come in contact with Bangurei yet this episode.

Bangurei is disappointed that Cube Whale did not make an appearance, but it’s okay since he has something else up his sleeve. Up on the Sagitariark, Cubaru wonders where Azarudo could be. Ginis just laughs.

Zyuohger 34

As soon as the Zyuohgers head back to the treehouse, Cube Whale smashes into Yamato’s face. Leo grabs a hold of it and they all think Cube Whale is upset it wasn’t summoned during the mecha battle.

They all scold it and say it was for its own good since Bangurei is after it. They trap Cube Whale and Yamato ties it up to the tree trunk to keep it from going crazy.

Amu finds the time to insult Misao while they try to figure out a way to keep Cube Whale safe.

Meanwhile, Azarudo meets with Bangurei to finalize their plans. But Azarudo hopes Bangurei pays up with his part of the deal soon.

Zyuohger 34

Next morning, the Zyuohgers force Uncle Mario to make a Cube Whale replica so they can trick Bangurei. They head out to meet Bangurei when their tails get hard, each of them wearing the animal heads Uncle Mario has sported during the season.

Bangurei is intrigued by their forethought in wearing the animal heads to protect them from the memory scans. But Bangurei just laughs at their foolishness.

After fighting a little, the Zyuohgers start acting like Cube Whale just suddenly popped up next to them. Yamato grabs Cube Whale and they all run off. Bangurei spars with them some more as the Zyuohgers play some keep away.

Misao waits on the cliffs as part of the big plan. The others apparently forced him to stay there by saying he is the only one who could defeat Bangurei with one shot.

An obviously fake Yamato (without a head or Cube Whale in hand) comes running toward Misao and attacks him.

Zyuohger 34

The Zyuman4, meanwhile, run into a fake Misao and get deservedly wrecked. The real Yamato reaches the spot where Micchan was supposed to be waiting. Bangurei is right behind him with fake Zyuman4 arriving to fight Yamato.

Bangurei just laughs at how obvious their dumb plan was.

Misao is the first to realize this was all a setup by Bangurei, but it’s too late as all of the real Zyuohgers get beaten to a pulp. Yamato sees that Bangurei has actually been materializing Cubaru’s memories.

After a completely unnecessary roll call, Yamato has to face six Zyuohger clones. Yamato gets absolutely pummeled by the cloneZyuohGorilla and that allows Bangurei to deliver a finisher.

Zyuohger 34

Yamato demorphs and cloneZyuohGorilla takes him away. Bangurei sends a huge blast the others’ way as they arrive and they too are forced to demorph.

Bangurei demands Cube Whale in exchange for Yamato.

Episode Thoughts

I absolutely loved that scene of cloneMisao absolutely kicking the Zyuman4’s asses. That was beautiful, seriously.

That whole final sequence of the Zyuohgers getting their asses handed to them is basically karma for them all being huge assholes the last couple of weeks. Serves them right being more vexed by their teammate than by the enemy.

Usually I’d be all invested and rooting for the Zyuohgers, especially with Yamato unconscious and getting taken away. Episodes ago when the Birdman first popped up after Yamato got actually wrecked was an excellent scene. Very exciting and thrilling and emotional.

This episode, on the other hand, got me going “Meh” to the Zyuohgers getting tossed around.

It was pretty obvious early on that Bangurei figured out their plan. So there was no excitement or tension there.

What was awkward though was the Zyuohgers tying up Cube Whale like some kind of dog. Another strange bit of writing and characterization for both the Zyuohgers and Cube Whale.

And you can tell they didn’t have much to fill this episode with when they do TWO full roll calls and full mecha formation sequences.

Overall, what should’ve been an exciting episode was just blah and ineffective thanks to the nonsense they’ve thrown onto the TV the last month or so.

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