Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (15) 35 – "Imitation never beats the real thing."

Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (15) 35 – Wings of Danger


Zenowing explains that it was he who built the zords and he must retrieve the Silver Energem immediately. But he doesn’t want any of the Rangers’ help as they’ll only get in the way.

Keeper tells the Rangers to be patient with Zenowing since he’s been infected with cooties all these years and has to learn the value of teamwork in this episode.

Doomwing asks Lord Arcanon for the Silver Energem, as he knows of a way to reunite with Zenowing and morph.

The Rangers are out at their training camp when they hear Zenowing training on his own nearby. They walk over and see Zenowing is pretty awesome.


But Zenowing does not appreciate being creeped on or to entertain with his amazing skills. He trains and fights so he can defeat Arcanon. Riley asks if he can learn Zenowing’s awesome sword move, but Zenowing says that would be impossible. Especially when Lord Arcanon is pure evil who committed genocide on Sentai 6 just to get the Dark Energem.

Zenowing decides it’s story time and recounts how he was able to bond with the Silver Energem, but was still captured by Lord Arcanon who used the Dark Energem to create Doomwing.

Zenowing senses his other half and zooms over to meet Doomwing who is flanked by Lord Arcanon and Fury.


Riley leads the others in a morph to backup Zenowing, but he doesn’t want their help. Doomwing is able to deliver a huge blast towards the Rangers. But just as Doomwing is about to slash Zenowing in half, Riley blocks it and gets slashed at instead.

Keeper poofs in and whisks everyone back to the command cave.

Riley is unconscious. Zenowing says it’s Riley’s fault for thinking he could take on Doomwing. The others take offense to that. Before they can say anything more, Kendall tells them to go outside for air.


Keeper talks to his friend who admits that he doesn’t know what this feeling is since he’s the one that does all the saving, though no one has come to save him before. Keeper says Zenowing is feeling gratitude and being corrupted by Doomwing has made him forget that feeling.

As Wrench resurrects more old monsters, Heckyl asks Poisandra to help him escape in exchange for a secret.

Zenowing apologizes to Riley and heals him with his magic powers.

“You’ll share my skill when you fight and I’ll share your heart to know what’s right.”


Zenowing heads out and finds Doomwing. They battle, but Lord Arcanon, Singe and Fury arrive.

Riley wakes up and tells Kendall to notify the others. He hurries to the forest and stops them from recombining the –wings using Zenowing’s prism slash. The Dark Energem goes flying.

Lord Arcanon poofs away when the other Rangers arrive. Singe finds the Dark Energem.

Tyler fights Doomwing and is overpowered even in T-Rex SuperCharge mode. Tyler decides to go Ankylo Pachy. More old monsters are resurrected.

Zenowing again fights Doomwing. This time, Zenowing is able to retrieve the Silver Energem. That allows him to morph into the Silver Ranger.


Zenowing and the Rangers easily take care of everyone.

Back on Sledge’s ship, Poisandra hands Heckyl a bomb that breaks him free from his cell. He then sneaks into the bridge where he sees Singe handing the Dark Energem to Lord Arcanon.


Suddenly, Heckyl remembers everything. Sentai 6 was his planet and he had been trying to keep the Dark Energem from Lord Arcanon, only to have it be used on him to create Snide.

Heckyl confronts Lord Arcanon and vows to get revenge for committing genocide on his people. Arcanon just laughs in his face.

Back to the Rangers training.


Episode Thoughts

Well then!

So, I’ve been really underwhelmed lately with Dino Charge. And I wish they had a better story of American Torin. But WOWOW. I definitely liked that twist with Heckyl. That last scene of him remembering everything was very unexpected and I enjoyed it very much. It was the best part of this episode, no doubt. I really didn’t care about that final final scene with the Rangers because of it lol

Overall, a solid episode with a great ending.

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