Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 33 – Nekodamashi no Ongaeshi

Zyuohger 33

The two cats are on their way home from grocery shopping when they stumble upon and are intrigued by two naked guys with their hands all over each other.

Actually, the two guys are sumo wrestlers and are trying to practice the cat’s trick move. Leo and Amu get a quick history lesson on sumo wrestling before the tails alert them to Azarudo’s new player, Sumotron. (What a coincidence!)

Sumotron goes around the city putting mawashi on people before engaging them in a match. With each win, Sumotron moves up the ranks and gains new power.

Zyuohger 33

Misao, his crush Yamato and non-friends Sela and Tusk arrive and they morph. Sumotron puts them in mawashi and into a sumo ring. Tusk smells the sweatiness of the used mawashi and tries to shoot at Sumotron. But Sumotron says they must fight bare-handed.

Sela and Tusk take the challenge, but Sumotron knocks both of them out of the ring, winning the “match.” Sela and Tusk demorph and they suddenly lose control of their bodies.

Zyuohger 33

Yamato looks over to Micchan, but he’s already curled up in a ball. Misao relates how he was embarrassed during a local sumo tournament when his mawashi was ripped off by his cheating opponent.

Sumotron tosses Yamato and Misao out of the ring and moves up the ranks again. He leaves for now.

Leo and Amu bring them all back to the treehouse. Uncle Mario is a bear today and gives them some advice on sumo wrestling.

Zyuohger 33

Leo and Amu head to the sumo gym and ask the two guys from earlier to train them. They hand Leo and Amu some mawashi, but Amu obviously is not going to go topless.

That leaves Leo the only one to undergo training.

Now ready, Leo and Amu go face Sumotron. Only Leo morphs and Sumotron transports them to a special sumo ring. Leo is able to throw Sumotron out of the ring.

Azarudo arrives and challenges Sumotron since he was pretty pathetic just now. But it’s all part of the plan. Azarudo purposefully loses to Sumotron just so Sumotron can move up the ranks.

Amu decides to fight Sumotron so she morphs and also gets a mawashi. She steps into the ring and does her best to try and fight him or knock him over. When none of that works, she decides to flirt with Sumotron and feel him up. That distracts him and allows Amu to send Sumotron flying.

Amu wins and everyone is released from mawashi control. The others arrive and all morph.

After deafeating Sumotron’s first life, the Zyuohger shop into Wild Tousai King and Dodekai Oh. They easily finish off Sumatron for good.

They head back to the training grounds to play around. Leo and Amu thank the two sumo wrestlers and invites them to their next tournament.

Episode Thoughts

Okay, so I’ve calmed a little bit after last week’s absolutely horrible episode. This week’s episode though doesn’t necessarily ease my concerns about the direction of the season.

This was definitely a filler, through and through. And there were maybe one or two amusing parts. (I can’t actually name them right now as I write this, but I’m sure I chuckled a few times.)

I guess it was supposed to be some cute cat combi episode, but it wasn’t that fun.

Overall, it was just an awkward episode that served as an excuse to have mostly naked guys and a joke about Amu possibly wearing only a mawashi.

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