Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge Halloween Special – "I got more kicks than a kangaroo court!"

Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Halloween Special – Trick or Trial


Poisandra temporarily releases Scumlaw to bring the Rangers to Halloween Intergalactic Court.


Kendall and Ivan are skipping to the park to meet up with the others for Trick or Treating before the big party. But Scumlaw has already transported them to the courtroom.


A panel of three pumpkin judges announce the Rangers are being charged with murdering countless monsters. For each murder they are convicted of, they earn a strike. And ten strikes means the death penalty. A random witch is the bailiff or something.

Scumlaw appears and the first witnesses, the murdered victims, also arrive to give their testimony.


At the command cave, Keeper tells Kendall and Ivan that the court is very powerful and Scumlaw has a winning record. But Kendall remembers him bragging about owning the jury. She has an idea how they can get to the court.

As the Rangers score another three strikes, Kendall and Ivan start their plan. They do some acting as the two mummy guards arrive to take them in. Only the guards gets yanked aside.

The Rangers get 10 strikes. And Kendall and Ivan are brought in just in time for the execution. But Kendall tells the mummy guards to unmask the jury. Turns out the six-member jury is made up of four Vivix, Poisandra and Curio.

The pumpkin judges are livid that such foolishness has made a mockery of the court.

It also turns out Prince Philip and Papa Navarro took the place of the mummy guards.


The pumpkin judges rule the Rangers not guilty of all charges and Scumlaw will instead be executed.

Tyler tells the judges that they can take care of the execution. They all head back to Earth and all nine Rangers morph.


The zords take care of the Vivizord while the Rangers stay down below to take care of Scumlaw.

Poisandra and Curio are happy to be safely back on the ship and away from the pumpkin judges. But they get spooked by the Jack-o-lanterns the Vivix are carving. Fury carves one himself.

The Rangers go to the Halloween party.


Episode Thoughts

So this could either be perfect timing to air this episode today or the worst timing. lol

Perfect timing because people will be paying more attention to the Power Rangers movie teaser release instead of this recap episode or worst timing because this is definitely not the episode to favorably compare the series as a viable, mainstream hand-in-hand property compared to the grimdarkangst movie. lol

But it’s okay. I’ve definitely been kind of cool to Dino Charge since the return from hiatus. The episodes just haven’t clicked for me like they have before. And this clip show definitely showed some of the more fun and better episodes of the past. Many of them from last year.

So I was definitely pleasantly surprised that I quite enjoyed this episode. It was much more fun and amusing than most of the recent regular, normal episodes, to be honest.

It was an amusing plot and it worked for the most part. I mean, pumpkin judges and murder trials and bought juries and the death penalty? Crazy! lol

Last year’s Halloween episode was pretty solid as well. Both Dino Charge Halloween specials have definitely been better than Samurai or Megaforce‘s eps.

Though I do prefer Kendall’s hot Cupid costume from last year over her pirate one this year. 😉 But did I spot Riley as a detective? A kendama detective, perhaps?! 😉

Anyway, I enjoyed this Halloween treat. And about the Power Rangers movie, I’m seriously still “Meh” over it.

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