Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (10) 30 – “You son of a seabiscuit!”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (10) 30 – Gone Fishin


Riley’s brother Matt has invited him, Shelby, Koda and Chase out for some fishing and chill. Tyler and Ivan have to stay behind at the command cave where Philip and Mr. Navarro come back with no news on the Silver Energem being on Earth.

The alarm sounds when something is falling onto Amber Beach. They head out to the landing sight and coincidentally, it’s a message from the Silver Ranger. He says he’s been too far from his Titano Zord and before he can give its location, Singe shoots at the message pod.


The Rangers morph and send Singe, Fury, Wrench and Spikeballs away. They take the message pod back to the command cave.

Back at the lake, Matt is annoyed at Riley making everything all about serious competition. Matt decides to go out onto the lake himself while Shelby and Chase eat worms.


Up on the ship, Singe has found the location of the Titano Zord, much to the chagrin of Fury. Snide tells them to take Hookbeard to destroy it. Turns out, the zord is located in the very lake the Rangers are at.

Seeing Matt on the water, Hookbeard zaps the boat and throws Matt overboard so they can proceed with their plans.

Riley is worried his brother isn’t back yet. Chase calls them over to the lake when he finds the burnt boat and Matt’s burned hat.


Matt wakes up in some strange place. His phone still works so he is able to call Riley to tell him about probably being hit by lightning. The Rangers see Hookbeard sending electric charges into the lake, so they put two and two together.

Matt sees something on the wall and sends the pic to Riley. He’s in the Titano Zord!

Shelby calls the command cave and they hurry over with Kendall making a Titano Charger to help.

“Time for a royal headbutt!”

Matt’s phone dies and the Rangers jump into action. They morph and fight off Poisandra, Wrench and a pair of Spikeballs. Tyler takes on Hookbeard, but he gets tossed across the lake for Fury to finish off. But Keeper arrives to save Tyler. Fury leaves.


Keeper does some magic to disable Hookbeard’s rod and proceeds to remove the water from the lake to reveal the zord. Keeper wakes the Titano Zord.

The Rangers go Super and fight Hookbeard while the Titano Zord starts getting up from bed. They send a Victory Maximum to finish Hookbeard’s first life.

Hookbeard is embiggened and is accompanied by two Spikeballs.

Kendall arrives and says the Titano Zord needs all their Dino Chargers to activate. Tyler tells Riley to demorph so he can be ready to accept his brother when he’s released.


The others toss their Chargers up and Matt gets spit out. Riley happily reunites with his brother and they get out of the way.

The Rangers hop into the Titano Zord which uses some strange new moves before converting into the Titano Charge Megazord.

With a Final Colossal Crush, the Rangers kill Hookbeard.


Heckyl is confronting Singe about how he knew of the location of the zord. Singe refuses to divulge his sources, but that only confirms Heckyl’s suspicions. He zaps Singe who refers to his “boss’ before leaving.

Fury walks in and Heckyl gives a shoot to kill order the next time Singe pops up.

Singe hops into his spaceship and leaves Earth.


Meanwhile, Keeper returns the water to the lake and says they have one final mission left now that the Silver Energem is safe: defeating Heckyl. To do that, they need to find his base. (Wherever could it be?!)

Mr. Navarro says he’ll take care of finding the base.

Riley and Matt are walking along the path. They share a nice brotherly moment.

Koda eats worms.


Episode Thoughts

Okay, this was a very strange episode. It wasn’t bad, necessarily, but it was pretty all over the place.

First, my (only?) favorite part has to be that scene between Heckyl and Singe. That was the only legit exciting moment of the episode and really, of the last few episodes going back to before the hiatus. Maybe it’s because I have no idea how the last third of Kyoryuger plays out, so I would have no idea what kinds of things may appear in this last 10 episodes of Dino Charge.

So I have no clue who Singe’s boss could be. And that’s actually exciting for me.

Otherwise, everything else in this episode was very odd. It felt like a mishmash, slapped together bunch of random things. It was like this was the 2nd part of a 2-parter, the first part of which we never saw. It doesn’t help that Philip and Daddy Navarro pop up at the most random times. Searching for the Silver Energem almost feels like a throwaway plot since it’s felt like so long ago that Daddy left his son, again.

The way this episode played out and the inexplicable coincidences/deus ex machina fell really flat and very forced.

Even some of the comedy bits felt off.

There was also some weird stuff going on with the dubbing in this episode. Lots of different voices being used throughout, it really added to that “off” feeling.

And we get back to the Rangers being absolutely oblivious to Sledge’s ship being completely intact behind that mountain. Like I said before, they never checked to see if the ship was actually destroyed or Sledge was actually dead. Not even when Fury, Wrench, Poisandra and Curio turned up perfectly alive. Like really, they didn’t think to ever check the crash site not once? And now they mention how they want to find Heckyl’s base? No one suggests maybe the crash site? Come on now.

Anyway, this was a very rushed, random episode that I can’t really get a good handle on. Very strange.

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  1. Really? I think this was the best episode of Dino Super Charge so far. It’s always great to see ALL of the Rangers in action. There was some great original footage. And everyone got his moment, good guys, bad guys, heck, even Keeper and Matt.

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