Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 45 – Horrible! Disappearing World!

Ghost 45

Adel brags about becoming TheWorld itself. Takeru, Makoto and Alain futilely try to stop him from accessing other people’s bodies. But more and more people start humming the tune enabling their bodies to be one with Adel’s. Igor is excited about getting into Adel’s worldly body as well.

Ghost 45

Takeru thinks Adel is horrible. But Adel wants Takeru inside of him as well. Takeru manages to break the glowing tentacles and charges towards Adel. Suddenly, their bodies become one for a moment. Takeru sees Adel calling Aria his mother and Adel sees Takeru’s happy moments with Makoto-niichan, Kanon and his daddy.

The memory flash freaks them out and Adel returns to the G World (which he has not engulfed yet).

The others catch Takeru as he collapses from coming into contact with Adel’s body and soul. The two random kids are creeping from afar.

Ghost 45

They bring Takeru back to the temple. While he sleeps, breaking news reports that everyone must use the Demia devices from DeepConnect to counter the strange electromagnetic space waves that have possessed people. They’re all horrified that the world is in danger, but don’t realize it’s basically all their fault for trusting Bills-san.

Grampa Sennin says they’re basically screwed. Alain decides he has to kill his brother, but Takeru says there’s another way. He tells them about becoming one with Adel and suggests he do it again so they can feel and understand each other.

Ghost 45

Adel storms into his round room, disgusted by the idea of connecting with others. He tells the Ganmaizer and cloneMakoto to destroy Takeru. Aria annoys her brother with the facts.

Ghost 45

Makoto decides to use his Deep Specter Eyecon to find a way to connect with the Ganmaizer and control them remotely. Akari says she failed in trying to open a Gate and now thinks she’s a failure. Grampa Sennin encourages her and she perks up.

Everyone nods and smiles.

Akari and Takeru remember they can use the monolith to go into the G World. Grampa Sennin warns them about the danger, but they will do it anyway. What have they got to lose?

In the meantime, Onari, Narita, Shibuya and Alain decide to go capture Bills and force him to confess his sins. Kanon vows to do what she can too.

Ghost 45

Takeru decides to try and connect with Adel’s nationwide network, but the signal is too weak. Grampa Sennin happily watches as Takeru gets an idea. He excuses himself and thanks them for their existence.

Takeru sits in front of the monolith and gets to work.

Makoto is in the forest, but he only connects with the tablets for a split second before being forced to dehenshin. That’s when cloneMakoto appears armed with a new Deep Specter Eyecon given to him by the Ganmaizer. The two Makotos go Deep and give each other a Deep Omega Driver. cloneMakoto disappears.

Takeru also disappears and is finally through to Adel’s network.

Ghost 45

Adel does not appreciate Takeru’s intrusion and orders two Ganmaizer to stop him. Takeru henshins and fights them off after they’ve gotten what they want. Suddenly, Takeru thinks people are in his head and he ends up waking back in the lab.

Over at DeepConnect, Alain henshins to take on some basic Ganma before he, Onari, Narita and Shibuya continue on to find Bills. Alain forces an Eyecon out of Bills and destroys it, releasing good ol’ Bills from Ganma control. Igor doesn’t care, but his face suddenly starts morphing into Adel’s.

Adel is very upset Takeru tried to enter him. Jairo is in the capsule room, shocked to see their peeps disappearing. Adel says it’s not a problem. Jairo follows Adel to the round room, concerned about the fate of the world. Adel shuts him up and he too starts morphing into Adel.

Ghost 45

Aria asks what the f- Adel’s been doing in his spare time. He cannot live alone and it is not possible to sever connections between people. “I am different,” Adel says.

“No you are not! Because you too were born from a mother!”

Ghost 45

We flash back and learn Aria looks just like her mother.

Ghost 45

Mommy Adonis tells Aria and Adel not to fall off the side of the building. Adel was very happy back then.

Aria reminds him that they will always be family.

In the park, Takeru thinks about moms. He never knew his because she died after he was born. He tells Akari about hearing her voice.

Aria tells Adel that Mommy and Daddy Adonis and Alain all loved Adel. Adel says he doesn’t need love. But Aria knows that is bullsh-t. Adel loved Daddy Adonis more than anyone. He looked up to him so. But when Mommy Adonis died, Daddy became so focused on creating a death-free world that he had forsaken his own children.

Ghost 45

Aria says it wasn’t Daddy who changed, it was Adel. Adel’s desire for Daddy’s love turned into hate. And that’s why he killed him. And it’s now the same for Alain. Adel makes his sister shut her mouth by zapping her with purple energy. He leaves.

Ghost 45

Aria collapses to the floor in tears.

Downtown, Akari says Takeru will likely meet his mother soon since he heard her voice. Takeru counters that by saying he’ll actually revive and live with all of their friends.

They pinky swear that he won’t die for reals.

Ghost 45

Just then, three Ganmaizer appear. Akari leaves and Takeru henshins to Mugen.

The Ganmaizer trap Takeru in some pyramid of energy.

Ghost 45

Across town, Kanon is excited to bring home some takoyaki power for everyone, especially for Alain-sama. She stops to tie her shoes. CreepercloneMakoto appears and approaches her from behind, wanting to strangle her to death. But something suddenly stops him and he has to disappear.

Kanon is oblivious to the world.

Anyway, the real Makoto and Alain arrive to join Takeru to take care of the three Ganmaizer. Igor watches and decides to capture Takeru and use him to create Demia 2.0. But Adel says that is not necessary since Igor will become him anyway.

Ghost 45

Akari comes out of hiding, but Takeru suddenly disappears. Akari, Makoto and Alain look around for Takeru who has only become invisible. Takeru tries yelling at them, but they can’t see or hear him.

Ghost 45

The two creepy kids are lurking about.

Ghost 45

Meanwhile, Grampa Sennin is back in the G World. And there’s some mini-monolith deep underground.

Episode Thoughts

Well that was exciting, wasn’t it? Huge bombshells. Big action. I mean, Kanon buying takoyaki and tying her shoe was the best of the mini-cliffhangers at the end. So shocking.

But seriously. This was a very lackluster and hollow episode for being number 45. I mean, we got nothing in terms of character nor did we get any plot movement either. Unless you count that strange moment when it appeared Aria was Adel’s mother.

There weren’t even any fun moments to enjoy other than the few seconds of Adel’s actor Akihiro Mayama playing goofy Igor at the end.

Again, there’s definitely a good story somewhere in Adel wanting to become TheWorld, but it wasn’t developed well enough to have any sort of foundation. Plus, you’d think a 50 episode series would give plenty of time for an ensemble cast to all get some focus. I can’t believe Drive actually did better with at least giving each of the supporting characters their own episodes and giving them each a legit role in the bigger picture. Not like here on Ghost where the rest of the gang is running around trying to capture some old guy or buying food.

Anyway, my expectations for the finale continue to lower with each episode. But I guess it’s where we are now.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 45 – Horrible! Disappearing World!

  1. There were many symbolism here, like that of Adel assuming a “God”-like pose in a church. Which would have worked if, you know, the show actually backed those up. >.<

    1. This would be an epic finale if they didn’t only introduce the plot 3 episodes ago. =( A season of Bills and DeepConnect absolutely does not count. lol It seems like they just inserted DeepConnect into each episode from the beginning of the Cubi story as like a placeholder until they could come up with something to use it for.

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