Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 26 – I Want to Protect This Precious Day

Zyuohger 26

The six friends are enjoying some cold treats. Micchan is crying tears of joy because he never thought he’d ever be sharing treats with friends.

Just then, a guy walks by and recognizes Yamato. This is Daichi, Yamato’s old college friend.

Over on the coast, Bangurei is memory scanning people for some leads in his search. Naria wonders what Bangurei is really up to and mentions how Cubaru’s been acting around him. Ginis doesn’t care as long as Bangurei spices up his game.

Zyuohger 26

Yamato brings Daichi back to the treehouse and the others introduce themselves. Micchan is a little sad realizing that Yamato had an old friend. Anyway, the others ask Daichi for some stories about Yamato.

Daichi has only nice things to say about Yamato being helpful, studious, friendly and an all-around awesome, nice amazing guy. Totally #boyfriendmaterial.

Yamato and Daichi remember how they would cry at watching live births. Sela comments that they seem really close.

Anyway, Daichi says he’s been trying to contact Yamato to invite him to his wedding. Yamato is incredibly excited.

Yamato walks Daichi out. They talk about how friendships and connections can be made with anyone and anywhere. You just never know. It’s an amazing thing. That’s why I want to protect them, Yamato says, thinking about his own recent experiences.

Zyuohger 26

It’s Wedding Day and Yamato checks his dapper self out in the mirror. But everyone else is also looking quite dapper and pretty as well, much to Yamato’s surprise.

They head to the church. Yamato goes in first to ask and thankfully, Daichi says it’ll be fine for them to watch the wedding from the church balcony.

They all excitedly want to make sure this is a very happy day for Daichi and his bride-to-be.

Zyuohger 26

But Bangurei has other plans. As the wedding begins, the Zyuman4’s tails go, unbeknownst to Yamato who is sitting with the invited guests. They decide not to let him know so he can stay and cheer Daichi on.

Yamato glances up and sees the five of them hurry out.

The Zyuohgers find Bangurei. “I see you guys were also invited?” he asks. Bangurei wants to offer his good wishes to the couple… by killing them. Bangurei says he will try to break Yamato buy cutting his connections in real life instead of just his memories.

Zyuohger 26

The Zyuohgers will not stand for any of this. They morph and try to give Bangurei all they’ve got. Yamato increasingly starts to worry about the others when they don’t come back.

The Zyuman4 unleash their beasts, but Bangurei absolutely wrecks them, forcing them to demorph.

Yamato can’t take it anymore. He gets up and leaves. Daichi sees him.

Yamato is outside the church and uses his eagle eyes to find his friends struggling against Bangurei. He hurries to them.

Zyuohger 26

They tell him about Bangurei’s plan to ruin Daichi’s wedding. Yamato tells Bangurei to face him and not target other people. He morphs to Gorilla. Bangurei swats Yamato away and kicks the others in the face before resurrecting Yabiker to keep them busy while he leaves.

Bangurei heads to the church as the wedding has wrapped up. Daichi and his wife are outside. Daichi wonders where Yamato could be, but Bangurei appears.

Yamato takes care of Yabiker and the others tell him to hurry back to the church. Yamato downmorphs to Eagle and flies back to stop Bangurei just before he cuts the newlyweds in half.

Yamato says he will not allow Bangurei to destroy newly born connections. That gets Daichi thinking about what Yamato said earlier about connections.

Yamato takes Bangurei into the air and out by the windmills. They battle. But when Yamato is getting the upper hand, Bangurei scans his memory and resurrects an embiggned Halbergoi.

The others arrive just in time and they hurry into Wild Tousai King.

After more fully-occupied buildings in the city get blown up, the Zyuohgers send a Zyuoh Direct Straight at Halbergoi to finish him off.

Zyuohger 26

They head back to the church as the newlyweds exit the church for the guests to throw flower petals at them. Daichi thanks Yamato for protecting their connection, implying that he knows his secret. Everyone laughs awkwardly.

Meanwhile, Birdman finds a brand new Cube in the forest. But finding Birdman… is Larry. And he is definitely familiar with Birdman, that is, Bado. “Larry-san, long time no see.”

Zyuohger 26

Episode Thoughts

I definitely enjoyed this episode. Lots of things to like.

First off, I relate to Micchan. I think they’re missing out on a great story here.
We’ve had plenty of “loner” 6th Rangers before. Guys who choose to be distant from the group. But Micchan is the opposite. He’s a “loner” who wants to be part of the group. While we don’t exactly know why he’s been alone (I hope we learn more about his past), his personality has been mostly used for comic relief which is pretty strange and lazy. They could go much deeper with Micchan. And also continue to touch on the effects of the Zyumans in his head as well.

With Daichi, he totally has a crush on Yamato. Right? Just like Micchan does. The main plot of this episode was very Korean drama-like. Or maybe it was a K-pop music video. lol That’s really how they were playing it up at the treehouse.
Yamato’s excitement at Daichi saying he was getting married quashed that feeling. But when Daichi was thinking about Yamato during the ceremony, things got suspicious again. lol Yamato is definitely very charming.

It was cute seeing everyone dressed up. The Zyuman4 and Micchan inviting themselves was funny, but it was also good that they realized they were wrong.

The initial fight between Bangurei and the Zyuohgers was awesome. Especially with the cuts back to the wedding and Yamato worrying about them. Yamato’s fight with Bangurei later was also very well done.

Speaking of Bangurei, did he kill all those people he memory scanned?! Crazy! Also with the recent announcement of upcoming special guests, I think I can assume who Bangurei is looking for on Earth.

There were also lots of fun quirks throughout the episode. Like Sela punching Leo for calling her a girl and Leo eating flowers.

And finally that final scene with Larry and Bado was a great tease for getting back to the season arc.

Overall, this was a great episode.

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