Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (9) 29 – “Besties 4eva”


The guys are having lots of fun with Erin, Shelby’s best friend from grade school. They won the talent show together singing a dinosaur song. Shelby tells Chase that she wrote the song even though Erin took all the credit for it, just like she does with everything. But they’re still best friends.

They all head out. She takes credit for buying ice cream even though Chase did. But their treat is interrupted when a Spikeball appears and terrorizes people in the park. The Rangers split up to throw Erin off and allow them to morph.

The Spikeball just stole a bag of groceries for Heckyl and becomes especially upset when they ruin his cinnamon sticks.

Erin watches as the Rangers take care of the Spikeball. The Rangers leave, but Erin walks over to pick up the Spikeball’s staff. Just then, a news reporter arrives and assumes she is a Ranger. She happily goes along with it and admits to being the Pink Ranger.


Back at the café, the Rangers see some customers watching the news report online. Shelby can’t believe Erin has done it again.

Erin arrives at the café and everyone wants her autograph. Shelby takes her into the kitchen and tries to reason with her. Erin is not hearing any of it. She’s even given the reporters Shelby’s phone number to call for press inquiries.

Over on the ship, Heckyl is not happy with Half-bake’s treats since there’s no cinnamon on ‘em. They must get more cinnamon immediately. But Half-bake wants a shot at destroying the Rangers. Heckyl and Wrench just laugh at him.

Half-bake decides to escape and electrocutes Wrench so he can leave.

Half-bake heads to the park and scares everyone off. He offers cookies to Mr. Cop to help him find the Rangers.

Over in the command cave, Kendall is working on turning the Victory Charger into the Dino X Charger. But the alarm sounds. Shelby, Riley and Ivan head out to the park.

Luckily, Pink Ranger Erin is in the park and the citizens alert her to the monster. They want to follow, but she tells them to stay put, much to their disappointment.

Half-bake is still looking for the Rangers himself, but Wrench arrives to get him back for the zapping.

The Rangers arrive. Tyler follows Half-bake while the others try to handle Wrench. But Wrench’s short circuiting is too much for them to handle by themselves. Tyler heads back just as Wrench summons some Vivix and leaves.


The Rangers go back to the command cave. Erin comes out from behind the tree just in time for the reporters to arrive. Half-bake believes she’s the Pink Ranger and has a plan.


While the others watch the live breaking news, Keeper chats with Shelby. She says Erin is being irritating, but she doesn’t want to lose their lifelong friendship. Keeper says she should let Erin know her feelings. It’s best for friends to talk it out.

While still live on the air, Half-bake captures Erin. They track her using Shelby’s phone which Erin forcibly borrowed. And the Dino X Charger is ready too, so they take it with them.

Half-bake is ready to turn Erin into a pink empanada. She tries to explain that she’s not a Ranger, but Half-bake is sure the others have tracked their location. And once they arrive, he’ll take their Energems.

Half-bake senses they’re near, so he goes to meet them. Tyler goes Super Charge and the Rangers fight off Half-bake’s dough and hedgehog bombs.

The Rangers use Victory Maximum Dino X Charger Final Strike to finish off Half-bake.


Shelby releases Erin from the empanada. Erin apologizes for taking credi. They take her out to safety.

Heckyl decides to give Half-bake one last chance so he embiggens him.

Shelby goes Super Drive and the Rangers hop into Ptera Charge Megazord Para Formation. They deliver a blitz and Half-bake is done.

The Rangers watch the breaking news coverage of Erin admitting she lied. They acknowledge that it takes lots of courage to apologize.

Erin arrives and asks to talk to Shelby. She wants to apologize for everything she’s done to her. She knows Shelby is too nice to say anything to her, but she realizes her mistakes. Shelby says it’s alright.

Erin, however, says everyone should know it was Shelby who wrote the dinosaur song. They perform it together and everyone joins in.


Episode Thoughts

So this was an okay episode. Maybe not the most exciting to come back from a long hiatus with. But it was alright.

It was a clever story and concept for an episode. I do think they should’ve established Shelby and Erin being BFFs a little more. From the start of the episode, Erin did her best Ryan Locthe with all her made-up stories. So the fact that Shelby still wants to be friends with her might suggest they really are close. But how and why? We have no idea because Erin came and went.

Oh well.

It was a pretty basic episode. Standard filler.

How different was Dino Charge from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger?
Corresponding episode(s): ?

Unfortunately, I’m not really sure since I still haven’t restarted Kyoryuger yet. Oops.

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