Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 44 – Activate! The Terror of Demia!

Ghost 44

Takeru fills everyone in with what’s happened. Grampa Sennin explains that Adel and Igor are using the Demia Project to turn this world into the G World. Originally, they wanted to use human souls to power that transformation. That means all the Demia zombies will die.

Akari will not allow Igor and Co. to ruin her best friend Bills’ invention. Makoto randomly drops that the Ganmaizer have revived. Takeru has the same feels.

Anyway, Makoto, Shibuya and Narita will go warn Bills-san. Akari and a determined Sennin will search for the Demia server. Takeru wants to check on Hikari. Onarilain carries his regular body on his back.

Ghost 44

Aria watches Adel relish slabs of stone circling him.

Ghost 44

Takeru and Onarilain arrive at Hiroki’s home and his mom says he’s disappeared. She can still hear his voice though and they find him taking a scorching hot shower. But he’s transparent.

Ghost 44

Onarilain finds that his body has gone transparent too.

Mom puts her transparent son to bed, worried about his fate. Takeru touches her and he sees all the memories of her as a single mom.

The strange hummed song begins again and it shatters the glass windows. Suddenly, a glowing string emerges from Hiroki’s head and Takeru sees that his soul is leaving. Takeru hitches a ride on the soul train and ends up on a strange orange field with Hiroki.

Ghost 44

Takeru says they should go back to mommy, but Hiroki shakes his head no. “I am part of this world. The world itself is me.”

The creepy humming continues and Hiroki is suddenly encased in a translucent capsule made with six tablet walls. The glowing thread yanks the pod into the sky where a bunch of other pod people are floating.

All the pod people think they are on Zyuohger‘s Misao Mondo and say they are TheWorld. The capsules tip over and the hexagon bottoms attach together into a big Rover-like ball. The ball flies up to a huge a monolith Takeru did not notice was right behind him.

Beethoven pops in and says music sets people’s hearts free. Takeru asks for his power so he can play “Ode to Joy.” The song manages to reach Hiroki and everyone else, releasing them from the orb.

Takeru catches Hiroki who is now back to normal and they both wake up in Hiroki’s room like they were merely sleeping. The Demia contacts fall out of Hiroki’s eye sockets.

Hiroki and his mom share a nice reunion. Takeru thinks about his own mother and coincidentally, he hears a female voice call to him.

Ghost 44

Back at the lab, Kanon is massaging Sennin as Takeru reports to boss Akari. Onarilain, meanwhile, plays with his own face.

Akari says Takeru only saved the beta users and that there are 50 million commercial users already with contacts. The server is what they need to destroy.

They head to the Demia server location and run into Igor who reveals everything to Takeru, Akari and Onarilain. That includes how they were all gullible and dumb enough to think Bills had zero connection whatsoever to Igor or the Ganma.

Ghost 44

Speaking of, Makoto, Shibuya and Narita unsuccessfully try to get Bills to stop the Apple Demia launch. Makoto instead has to henshin to take care of some basic Ganma. Makoto tells Narita and Shibuya to try and stop Bills.

Akari falls to her knees after realizing how big of a dumbass she was. Takeru tells her to get over it.

To rub in the salt, Igor says Adel has already poked the Great Eye. And once Demia activates, Adel World will become perfect. Takeru says that won’t happen.

Ghost 44

But Onarilain says to leave this to him. He excitedly henshins to Nercrom and charges toward the Ganmaizer. Takeru henshins to Mugen to save Onari’s own dumbass.

Akari runs inside to find the server while Onarilain is forced to dehenshin. That releases Onari’s Eyecon which Igor destroys, sending him back to his real body. Takeru jumps in front of Onari to take the shot Igor sends to kill him. Alain, the real one, wakes up.

Aria unsuccessfully tries to get her brother wise up, but he instead twists her neck and she falls asleep on her mini-throne.

The real Alain henshins to help Takeru. That gives Onari an opening to join Akari inside.

Bills does his best Steve Jobs/Tim Cook-impersonation while security guards loosely hold Narita and Shibuya back.

Akari and Onari head to the server room and Akari gets to work. She asks Onari why he inserted himself into Alain’s body. He says he just wanted to feel useful to Takeru. Akari says he’s useful. He believes her.

The Apple Demia zombies excitedly count down to the launch. But Akari seems to have stopped the server. She confidently brags to Igor that it’s done.

But Igor bursts her bubble and says she only disabled the beta server. The main server is somewhere else. And Demia is officially online.

The Apple Demia sheep, instead of enjoying their new gadget, get sucked out of their bodies by the gold thread. Bills gleefully watches people getting yanked to their certain deaths.

Igor disappears with the two Ganmaizer.

Takeru decides to follow the golden lines to see where they’re headed and he ends up in an old abandoned church, the server location!

Ghost 44

Everyone goes to meet Takeru at the church. He runs in and finds a big monolith on the alter where all the golden threads are feeding into. Ganmaizer appear and Takeru goes Mugen.

They take their fight out to the church… lobby?! Igor laughs at Takeru struggling. But Onari throws a slipper at him. Akari goes to slap him, but he grabs her hand before she can. Akari then uses her other, free hand to smack him.

Ghost 44

Akari and Onari chase after Igor as Makoto and Alain henshin to help Takeru.

They take the fight back inside the church and with infinite human potential, the three deliver some rider kicks to destroy the two Ganmaizer and the monolith. Igor laments his era ending before it started.

Ghost 44

Just then, Adel appears on the altar and attaches the golden threads to his person. Igor remarks that Adel has become the center of Demia.

Adel is excited to be TheWorld. Sennin and Yurusen are worried.

Suddenly, two random kids appears saying Takeru is the key to everything.

Ghost 44

Episode Thoughts

This was such an underwhelming episode. Like seriously. I’ll be a broken record and repeat that this Demia stuff has been a complete failure.

Even if Banno was haphazardly popped into Drive, it still brought about some nice emotions from Gou and this frustrated scream from Shinnosuke:

(Pretty much how I’m feeling about these last Ghost episodes.

But with this Demia Project and now suddenly being Adel’s endgame when he didn’t even know what the hell the slabs of concrete were a couple of episodes ago? No no no. Just horrible. I can’t even.

On one hand, it’s good that Akari failed to stop the Demia Project. But on the other, I wish she did so the show could move on to something else for the finale.

It was nice to see Akari upset for like 2 seconds after being slapped in the face with the truth that Bills is actually an asshole. But I wish they all got their butts handed to them for being such oblivious idiots to Bills and what was happening at that damn Deep Connect. Cubi even warned them. *sigh*

There’s a legit story in Onari feeling useless, but this certainly wasn’t an episode or even “arc’ that did it any justice. He possesses Alain just to feel useful? No.

The only truly enjoyable part was seeing Hayato Isomura play Onari exactly as Takayuki Yanagi has been playing Onari all season. That was definitely fun at least. But otherwise, an incredibly underwhelming episode.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 44 – Activate! The Terror of Demia!

  1. Okay, I kinda like the imagery they used for the whole Demia activation thing, with the cylinders containing the souls of the victims. But again, like I said, this feels like the premise for an entirely different show.

    And Igor has a line here somewhere about the Ganma originally collecting human souls for fuel yada yada, which is pretty much them saying “Our writers forgot what the f*ck our plot was supposed to be.” They never even made clear what this fuel subplot was supposed to be before switching it to Adel’s “I will become the world” schtick.

    And while I did enjoy Hayato Isomura’s take on Onari, Onari’s whole “I feel so useless” story feels like it should have been done some 10-15 episodes ago. And speaking of useless, Onari can always take a look at Poor Narita. At least, Shibuya had his own mini arc, no matter how pointless that one was.

    And yeah, the comedy here still sucks.

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