Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 25 – Unhappy Camera

Zyuohger 25

The Zyuman4 notice Yamato seems a little down thinking about what happened with his mother dying all over again. Leo decides to try and cheer him up, but Micchan comes storming into the treehouse.

Micchan wants to give Yamato his most prized possession, the fishing pole he caught his first fish with. Yamato says he couldn’t possibly take such a precious item. Leo inserts himself and says Yamato wants nothing to do with his dirty rod.

Yamato doesn’t exactly deny that which saddens Misao who excuses himself and leaves.

The others yank Leo aside and try to explain Misao was just trying to cheer Yamato up. Yamato realizes everyone is worrying about him so he tells them he’s fine.

Up on the Sagitariark, Ginis compliments Bangurei and hopes he continues to amuse him in the Blood Game. But Bangurei is not interested and instead has something else he wants to do more of.

Bangurei makes Cubaru’s blood boil.

As Bangurei leaves, Ginis says it’s fine. They can just watch him play on his own and play their own game on top. Cubaru volunteers to play this round then.

Zyuohger 25

Misao is walking downtown when he sees Happy Cameras being handed out for free, touting that it can make anyone smile. His headZyumans debate whether the camera looks suspicious, but they ultimately advise that it’ll be fine if it can make Yamato happy. Plus it’s free.

Micchan is able to grab the last camera. But turns out this is all the work of Cubaru’s player.

Zyuohger 25

At the treehouse, the Zyuman4 think about how to get Misao back. But a very happy Misao comes in and shows Yamato the camera. Sela, Amu and Tusk think the camera is a great idea.

Zyuohger 25

First up, Misao takes Sela and Amu’s picture.

Zyuohger 25

Then Tusk.

Zyuohger 25

And finally Yamato.

Zyuohger 25

Leo reluctantly gets up for his turn, but Misao sets the camera down. Leo says Misao is leaving him out on purpose, but Misao says that’s not the case. He turns to the others… who have disappeared.

Before they can look for them, Leo’s tail goes stiff so they head out. Misao takes the Polaroids with him.

Downtown, Cubaru’s player Jashinger is taking photos of people and trapping them in Polaroids. Bangurei pops in, but Cubaru also arrives, intent on taking care of him.

Leo and Misao arrive and see Jashinger’s photo attack. Misao realizes that’s what happened to the others and he takes their photos out to see them trying to get out.

Zyuohger 25

Leo turns to Misao who has now gone off to the side to sulk. Leo morphs and tries to take on Jashinger, but instead has to try and avoid the camera.

Leo tries to get Misao up, but that causes the Polaroids to go flying. Jashinger picks them up and leaves.

Zyuohger 25

Cubaru and Bangurei have taken their battle to the sea cliffs. Bangurei knows Cubaru is worried about what he saw in his head. Possibly the memory of “that person” destroying his home planet. Cubaru is more sure than ever that Bangurei must disappear.

Misao is upset that he’s again messed things up. He says he’ll go look for Jashinger, but Leo reminds him that he can’t detect them so that’s pointless.

“I don’t get you!” Leo says. Misao replies that he’s got things on his mind too, but Leo says that it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t say anything. “I really hate guys like you.”

“So you hate me? I guess you would…”
Leo yells at him that he’s annoying and to just spit it out. So Misao does.

Zyuohger 25 Zyuohger 25

Misao makes a fist and tells Leo that he also hates this part of him.

“You can say want you want all the time. But I’m not you, so I can’t! Aren’t you being too pushy by expecting me to act that way?! You’re too aggressive! I also hate guys like you!”

Embarrassed by his outburst, Misao apologizes. But Leo laughs and says Misao really can do it. Now they team up with their mutual hatred of each other. Misao thinks he’s weird.

Anyway, Leo senses Jashinger nearby. Misao has an idea.

Misao and Leo walk confidently toward Jashinger and jump out of camera view behind two cutouts. Misao knew that Jashinger can only trap someone who is in full view of the camera. Now behind the cutouts, they are able to avoid it. They morph and fight Jashinger.

Misao and Leo destroy Jashinger’s camera, releasing everyone, including their friends.

Zyuohger 25

Micchan apologizes, but Yamato says it’s alright and appreciates everyone thinking about him. Yamato again apologizes for worrying everyone. Amu and Sela say Misao and Leo make great partners.

Zyuohger 25

But Misao and Leo say they hate each other. The others have no idea what they’re talking about. But they morph and all work together to finish off Jashinger.

Cubaru returns to the Sagitariark and requests a Continue from Naria. Jashinger embiggens and the Zyuohgers hop into Tousai Zyuoh and Wild Zyuoh King. Leo and Misao continue arguing, but they say that as a good thing, even when in the middle of a fight. They work together to tie Jashinger up and combine into Wild Tousai King to take care of Jashinger for good.

Zyuohger 25

Later, Misao teaches Leo how to fish. They seem to be having fun. The others say Leo had the right idea all along.

Zyuohger 25

Leo suddenly changes his mood and says fishing sucks. Misao tries to explain the positives of fishing, but Leo wants none of it. They fight in the water. Yamato takes a pic of them.

Episode Thoughts

A pretty good episode. I get its premise, I just wish it was executed a little better. (Sentiment for the season, perhaps?)

I liked Misao being able to speak his mind finally instead of just merely sulking. I challenge Leo being some clever person who fully intended to bring Misao out of his shell though. Him being a hothead and oblivious to other people’s feelings is how he’s been all season. And that makes much more sense here.

Of course, I actually like Micchan and haven’t seen him as annoying as others have. But again, they’re really missing a great opportunity to flesh out his character and go deep in a way that they’ve managed to do by developing and carefully peeling away the layers of Yamato’s character and past. Touching on him being an introvert while also expanding on the effects of having three Zyuman souls, basically, inside of him. That’s some great story opportunity there.

Cubaru’s secret seems very interesting as well. Maybe Ginis played the Blood Game on Cubaru’s planet and killed everyone? That would add to Ginis’ cold-blooded characterization.

So, some great things, some meh things. But overall a good, solid episode.

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