Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 41 – Upheaval! The Magistrate's Decision!

Ghost 41

With only 19 days left, Akari is hard at work trying to find a way to save Takeru. She takes a break and heads upstairs where Takeru is looking up at the sky.

He asks what she thinks will happen to him. He feels like he’s losing his humanity with all his strange powers. But he’s also happy that he can use these powers to fight and protect everyone.

Akari heads back the lab and grows even more frustrated. She calls for Grampa Sennin who pops in with Yurusen. Akari is not happy.

At breakfast, Takeru asks where Makoto-niichan is. He’s out fighting his doppelganger again, of course. Kanon tells them about what she saw before.

Ghost 41

Yurusen flies upstairs to tell them about Akari chasing Gramps around the lab. Makoto arrives just in time as everyone heads downstairs. Akari just wants some answers from Grampa Sennin so she can help Takeru. Makoto leaves and Alain follows him out.

Sennin says this is all Takeru’s destiny. That causes Beethoven to fly out of Takeru’s cloak to posses Akari. He thinks Takeru should be more upset and try to change his destiny. He then proceeds to chase everyone around the lab, allowing Sennin to poof away.

Later, Akari thinks she’s got everything figured out. She’s found that the capsules prolong the lifespan of the person inside.

Over in the G World, Edith is worried about Adel ruining his plans so he decides to take action.

Ghost 41

Outside the temple, Makoto tells Alain that saving Takeru should be their priority now. He decides to call Edith to see if he knows anything. Edith says Takeru is the key to everything. He adds that stopping Adel will help achieve his goals while also saving Takeru.

Makoto and Alain decide to go to the G World. Edith hopes they can destroy the Ganmaizer together.

Makoto and Alain henshin and try to hop in through a gate, but it just spits them out. Alain remembers he hasn’t been able to contact his sister.

Ghost 41

Adel has Aria in a brand new room as the Ganmaizer report on Alain’s disturbance. Aria tries to get her brother to wise up, but he insists on following through with his utopia. He tells her to watch.

Four tentacle things pop out of Adel, but Edith asks him to stop. He warns Adel that the Ganmaizer are evolving dangerously into sentient beings who could rebel against him. But Adel is sure as the chosen one, he can handle it.

Adel asks Edith about the perfect world that he is seeking. Edith is surprised, but Adel quickly takes action and sends him flying into the wall. Adel proceeds to try and poke at the Great Eye, but Edith goes Ultima.

Edith opens a Gate and pulls Adel to Earth. Takeru gets a feeling.

Edith says Adonis regretted creating their world. Adel says Daddy was imperfect and forces Edith to dehenshin just as the guys arrive.

Ghost 41

Takeru thinks it’s Grampa Sennin, but Makoto and Alain tell him it’s just Edith. They henshin and save Edith from Adel’s final strike. He disappears and the guys take Edith home. Igor is pleased with what he’s seeing and blabbers on about the Demia Project.

Back in the lab, the info dump begins with Alain introducing Edith to everyone.

Ghost 41

Akari perks up when she learns he is a scientist. Makoto wants to know if Aria-sama is alright.

Akari asks what the Great Eye is. Edith says it’s existed since their world was created and hell if he knows what the frak it is either. BFF Adonis was chosen and connected to the Source of Power. Then a great plague-like illness took the lives of Adonis’ wife, eldest son Argos and a bunch of other unimportant people.

Because of that tragedy, Adonis wanted to create a world where that would never happen again. A world where no one will die, Takeru posits.

That’s when Edith developed a system that would use the power of the Great Eye to detach one’s soul and insert it into an Eyecon, allowing to preserve the bodies in capsules. That’s exactly what Akari randomly figured out on her own.

Ghost 41

Adel heads back to the Great Eye room. He’s frustrated with all the incompetent, imperfect fools around him. He finally gets his chance to connect with the Great Eye, but it rejects him. The Ganmaizer says he is missing the key, Takeru.

Ghost 41

Anyway, Edith continues his story and says he knew the pod people would die anyway, but had no way to stop it. That’s because of the Ganmaizer he created to prevent people from connecting with the Great Eye, willy-nilly. Now they’ve become the enemy. And to keep their world from dying out, Adel and Igor planned to invade the human world. Edith just stood by, again, and held out hope that he could recreate the world using the Great Eye.

But when Adonis hesitated, Adel took action. And now Edith has no other way to stop him.

Akari talks to her fellow scientist. Science exists to make people happy, she says. So what is Edith doing it for?

Ghost 41

Adel arrives on Earth, ready to fight Takeru. Makoto is so upset about Aria being in danger that he henshins and charges toward GanmAdel.

Takeru and Alain henshin and take on the two Ganmaizer. Makoto confronts Adel saying that he believed in Adel when he was training under him as a soldier. Adel was an awesome commander, so what happened?

Adel appreciates the compliments, but he wants a piece of Takeru. He summons fakeMakoto to keep realMakoto busy for like 2 seconds.

Adel fights Takeru and wants to know what makes him so awesome.

Ghost 41

But suddenly, Makoto gets another purple surge through his body forcing him to dehenshin. The others run over to him. Meanwhile, Alain obviously can’t take on TWO Ganmaizer. They send him flying towards the others.

Adel sees this an opportunity to kill them all first. Takeru jumps in front of Adel’s attack.

Ghost 41

Argos wants all 100 Eyecons. Grampa Sennin wonders if Takeru can stop him.

Episode Thoughts

So Argos is alive while Takeru’s already become Ghost? What?

Well, whatever. Anyway, for an info dump of an episode, I still don’t really know what’s going on. So the Ganma are some race of people who like floating eyes and slabs of wall. Okay.

Plus, Edith’s explanation completely contradicts itself and any kind of logical timeline.

There’s only a couple of episodes left and I’m starting to lose it more and more with each episode. Having just recently watched Drive vs Ghost (which is a whole other review later on), the goodwill I have for Ghost is slowly starting to chip away.

The brand new conference room or Makoto just picking up the phone to call Edith. I don’t even know.

The damn DeepConnect Demia Project/Igor stuff has to be the most useless subplot of the season. I don’t even care if it will play some huge part in the finale. It’s so meaningless as it has “developed,” that if it is integral to the endgame, then it will just drag down what little good things this season has done.

I was fine until a few weeks ago and still held out hope that the story would kick in by now. But Ghost is going down a Drive-type, ball-dropped trajectory that is certainly disappointing.

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  1. Oooookay, so that’s the Ganma’s, uhhh, backstory. Interesting, but sadly, it has come to a point that I don’t care about it anymore. Really, this should have been the core of the story and not some random mystery solving/pschotheraphy hijinks.

    And speaking of random, is it just me or are these “hero possession” bits starting to become more random and pointless? I mean, come on, Beethoven doesn’t even fit Akari’s narrative themes (it would have made more sense if it was Edison or Newton) and they just made her spout lines that don’t even connect to the overall narrative. It’s just there for them to insert unnecessary historical trivia.

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