Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 22 – Awakening? Is it Wrong?

Zyuohger 22

Misao is out for a run when he sees a bike has tipped over. He decides to stand it up, but he gets a strange sensation through his body. He continues his run, but the bike suddenly explodes.

Leo, Sela and Amu are nearby and hurry over. They ask Misao what happened and he says it is his fault the bike blew up. Everything he touches explodes. He thinks it must be punishment and that means he can’t be their friend.

He curls up into his depression ball again. The three’s tails get hard so they run off to find Illusion of Team Cubaru skipping along and tapping things with his stick.

Zyuohger 22

Leo, Sela and Amu morph and fight off Moebas, allowing Illusion to fly away. Yamato and Tusk arrive and they fill them in on what happened. They head over to Misao.

Misao insists he caused the explosions when he felt a zap after touching the bike. Leo says they should just ignore him, but Yamato and Tusk think they should check it out.

Zyuohger 22

Micchan thanks Yamato and Tusk for believing him. He takes their hands, but immediately realizes what he’s just done. He thinks they’re going to blow up now. And just then, there’s an explosion! But it’s off in the distance.

The Zyuohgers run over and find more random things blowing up downtown. It’s all the things Illusion tapped earlier.

Zyuohger 22

Illusion explains that he can turn anything into a bomb as his illusion. That’s what happened with the bike earlier. Misao understands and grows upset. But Illusion proceeds to turn more random things into bombs and sends them straight for the Zyuohgers as they morph.

Cubaru asks Ginis if he is enjoying the show. “Not bad,” he says boringly. Naria serves him a drink, but he doesn’t take it, much to her surprise.

Illusion tosses cups at the Zyuohgers. Misao gets another zap before the cups explode again.

Illusion explains that there’s a huge bomb he’s planted that will level the city in 30 minutes, so the Zyuohgers must find it before then.

Tusk can’t seem to smell any gunpowder anywhere. But Yamato realizes the zaps Micchan feels are because he can feel the bombs when he touches them. His rhino super sense of touch must be kicking in.

Leo apologizes for treating him like a weirdo and says Misao is the only one who can save the city.

Micchan is still unsure. Amu and Sela take his hands and compliment him. That makes Micchan very kilig and he gets another visit from the Zyumans in his head.

Zyuohger 22

Micchan perks up and is now very motivated. The others accompany him as he goes around the city touching and feeling things. But they find nothing.

Before Misao falls to despair once again, he touches a wall and gets the zap. The entire parking structure is the bomb! They must destroy it. Yamato suggests Wild Zyuoh King. But Illusion will not allow that.

The Zyuohgers morph and Illusion fights them off to buy some time for the bomb to explode. Amu again compliments Micchan and says he is so amazing and the only one who can finish the job. She gets Sela to agree.

That gives Micchan life and he gets fired up. He runs up to the roof of the neighboring building and uses his rod to fish the parking garage off its foundation. He sends it up into the sky just as it explodes.

The others join Micchan on the roof. Amu knew this would happen. She explains that just as Misao-kun easily becomes depressed, he can easily become happy as well. That explains the compliments.

Indeed, Misao is fired up and relentless in attacking Illusion, using Rhino and Crocodile as well. The others join him in finishing Illusion’s first life.

Naria comes down with a Continue. But Illusion not only embiggens, he also combines with some Triangulars.

Zyuohger 22

The Zyuohgers try to figure out a way to combat this. And after Micchan juggles all their Cubes, they realize they can combine them all!

Zyuohger 22

The Zyuohgers combine all Cubes into Wild Tousai King and easily take care of Illusion for good.

Zyuohger 22

They all head home where Uncle Mario has dinner all ready for them. But only enough for six since he didn’t know Misao would be joining them this evening.

That makes a happy Micchan all sad again.

Zyuohger 22

Episode Thoughts

This was a solid episode. I’m still not sure about what they’re doing with Misao. This episode again kind of made him out to be some kind of joke with a mental problem. That’s very strange and they better clean up his characterization because it could get really bad, real fast.

Misao can be a great character. And indeed, he’s still likeable to me despite the way they’re portraying him.

Anyway, I was very amused by Illusion’s design, especially this part with the folded legs:
Zyuohger 22
It was so random and hilarious.

I didn’t realize Misao would get super senses too. So the introduction of his super touch was done in a nice, creative way.

This episode also saw the intro of Wild Tousai King. And I think it could’ve been a little bigger than the Zyuohgers just playing blocks or Misao juggling.

Overall, an okay episode. But definitely showing signs of potential bumps moving forward if they don’t take care of the story.

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  1. I loved this episode it’s my favourite also when Amu said that Misao is cool Leo could be seen putting his hands on his chest like he’s jealous(just telling you again just in case you didn’t read it the first time.

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