Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 21 – Prison Break

Zyuohger 21

A sharply dressed Misao returns Yamato’s clothes he borrowed and has presents for everyone in an effort to get over his fears of the Zyumans and become friends with them. They still think he’s pretty awkward, but Tusk is happy he’s here… so he can interrogate him about what Ginis did to him and the Cubes.

Misao apologizes for not knowing anything about that. Feeling useless and unworthy of friends, he curls up into a ball.

Zyuohger 21

But Ginis approves Azarudo sending down Prisonable to get the Blood Game back up and running and the Zyuman4 get stiff. They all head out with Leo carrying Misao on his back. Prisonable is attaching a ball and chain to people in the city and pulling them into the ground.

The Zyuohgers morph and try fighting Prisonable. Leo drops Misao to the ground, but he’s still sad. That leaves him open for Prisonable to trap. Tusk tries to save him, but they both end up getting sucked into the ground. Sela tries to follow by jumping in, but she finds that they must have been transported through a portal.

Zyuohger 21

Tusk and Misao are in a cave with the other prisoners. Tusk cannot unchain himself, but Misao now blames himself for getting them in this situation. Tusk decides to figure out a plan on his own.

Ginis sees Misao has been captured so he orders Azarudo to finish his useless butt off for good as he has no interest in TheWorld any longer.

Walking through the caves, Tusk can smell the sea and possibly an opening. But Moebas arrive. Tusk morphs and fights them off.

The others are trying to look for them and Amu may have a lead when she remembers tasting something salty and sea-like when she bit at Prisonable’s leg earlier.

Tusk reaches the opening to the sea, but Prisonable stops him and closes the opening with rocks.

Zyuohger 21

The prisoners cry in fear with the loud rumbling. Misao hears and decides he has to do something. He heads through the caves and finds Tusk, bloodied and bruised.

Misao again apologizes, this time for letting Tusk go off alone. Tusk scolds him and says to get over his depressing attitude. But Tusk immediately says sorry for being too harsh. He admits that he too has always been this way, always much more harsh than the situation warranted. Tusk remembers getting upset with Leo and Amu back in ZyuLand and being too harsh. It was Sela who suggested maybe he tone it down a little.

Misao gets another visit from his Zyuman consciences who get him to realize that maybe two awkward guys can connect and be friends.

Zyuohger 21

Moebas appear and Misao tells Tusk he’ll take care of this. Misao morphs and fights the Moebas just as the others morph to take on Prisonable and more Moebas.

The Moebas force Misao to demorph, but that doesn’t stop him from fighting. He says it’s his turn to save Tusk.

That feeling seems to have awaken a Cube stuck to the top of the cave. It’s Cube Komori!

Cube Komori helps Misao and cuts the chains off their feet.

Tusk thanks Misao for saving him, but Misao says it was Cube Komori, not him. Before Misao can pity himself again, Tusk says that’s not true. It’s because of Misao’s sincere feelings that Cube Komori appeared.

Misao and Tusk bust through the cave opening and get the prisoners to safety before reuniting with the others.

Zyuohger 21

Misao and Tusk morph and the six Zyuohgers do their first roll call together.

Zyuohger 21

Misao takes the lead and unleashes on Prisonable. The others join in, surprised by Misao’s new enthusiasm. Misao asks Tusk to help deliver the finisher and together they send Prisonable flying.

Naria puts a Continue into Prisonable and the Zyuohgers hop into ZyuohKing, ZyuohWild and Tousai Zyuoh.

Prisonable is able to trap them with his Bars Shield, but Misao summons Cube Komori to help them out.

Zyuohger 21

Cube Kirin, Cube Mogura and Cube Kuma join in the fun along with Cube Komori to finish off Prisonable for good.

Misao is happy that Tusk is now his friend and Cube Komori is proof of that. The others are surprised that Tusk befriended him, but Tusk denies it. He then starts to blame Leo for this mess, but Misao stops him and instead asks him to go fishing.

Zyuohger 21

Episode Thoughts

These pre-emptions the last month have been awkward, especially as we’re trying to meet Misao and get to know him. But at least the show is back with no foreseeable breaks anytime soon.

And this was a nice, though problematic episode to come back to. Misao has been a very likeable character, at least to me, despite the show seemingly trying to make him out to be some weirdo. Even the Zyuohgers seem like they’re just about ready to ignore his existence, they’re so annoyed.

That’s very odd considering the backstory we know and have been told of him. He doesn’t come across as pitiful (like the others make him out to be), but more on growing up as a shy, introverted loner. (His Zyuman conscience being a sign of some mental health issue is a whole other discussion. lol)

But what’s clear is he hasn’t had many friends growing up, thus his insecurities. That would be a great story to explore, especially for a 6th ranger. Not that he’s a broody loner by choice, but that he’s just someone who hasn’t been able to make many friends. For a show about teamwork and such, they’re certainly not doing the best job of welcoming the new member.

That’s even more strange considering how Yamato has been extremely friendly to everyone he’s met so far this season.

This episode focusing on Tusk having a similar insecurity and maybe having him and Misao bond has a good premise. But it was like the show was trying to derail any of that good story for whatever strange purpose they have. That’s not to mention Ginis driving home the point that TheWorld/Misao is a complete failure and absolutely useless.

Um… okay.

Anyway, I hope that all changes moving forward because there’s a lot of great character potential here with Misao and the effect on the others.

Elsewhere, I like Cube Komori’s introduction. And it’s always fun to see the Zyuman4’s different super senses in action.

But again, while it was an overall nice episode, I hope they refocus Misao’s part in the overall story and not make him out to be some strange, useless, pitiful outcast. (WTF?!)

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