Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 37 – Mastered! Each of their Paths!

Ghost 37

Makoto follows his royally dressed doppelganger into a parking garage. They henshin to Deep and regular, respectively and battle.

Both Alain and Koyomi Honami are still in despair, so Sanzou pops into Honami to tell Takeru that he has failed to save them, as expected. He tells Takeru that conviction and resolve are hard to find once lost, but Takeru refuses to believe that.

Ghost 37

Akari and Onari arrive home to tell them about the audition results. Everyone is excited and happy for the new Harp+y4 member, but this just annoys Honami even more. She says being an idol isn’t for fun, it’s serious stuffs!

Honami runs out and tells Takeru to buzz off, but he tries to tell her that Akari is serious about becoming an idol star.

The Makotos continue to fight until Makoto-niichan’s attack seems to have sent the royalMakoto running. Actually, the royalMakoto just appears behind Makoto-niichan right after he starts feeling a pain in his chest.

Ghost 37

They both henshin again and fight until they force each other to dehenshin. royalMakoto says Makoto-niichan might not be the real one.

Makoto-niichan declares “I AM FUKAMI MAKOTO!!!!!!!”

He then collapses.

Over at the castle, Adel runs into one of his spandex twins in Aria’s favorite corridor. The Ganmeizer says Adel is feeling anxious, thus he may obtain a new power… the Source of power. Adel has no idea what the hell he’s talking about.

Ghost 37

Over in Sanzou’s fantasy trial world, Alain is amazed by the bird people as they hop around in cool ways. He begs them to teach him and they agree.

Ghost 37

Meanwhile, Akari sucks at dancing. Takeru shows Honami and she is touched by Akari’s determination to help her and her friends so she decides to help Akari with her hops as well.

Takeru hurries over to the dance studio and convinces them to follow him to the temple by mentioning their Tokyo Dome dream.

Ghost 37

While Alain gets better and better with his jumps and airkicks and flying, Akari finally gets the steps and gets Honami to smile.

The friends see Honami enjoying herself and remember their childhood dream as friends, but they leave without saying a word.

Ghost 37

Kanon runs into the garage to find her unconscious brother on the ground.

Ghost 37

Back in the Prayer Room, Adel asks the Ganmeizer for clarification. The Ganmeizer says they are merely the protectors of the Source of Power who prevent greedy hopefuls from reaching it. For Adel to obtain the Source, he must combine with the Ganmeizer.

At Harp+y4’s live performance, Akari fills in for Honami who refuses to go on stage. The four ladies have a great performance, including Akari. But Akari suddenly sprains her ankle.

Ghost 37

The show must go on and Akari encourages Honami to return to the stage. The other ladies ask Honami to join them again. Onari gets the audience to chant “HONAMI!” and Honami finally agrees to step back on stage.

Across dimensions, Alain happily celebrates the completion of his acrobatics training with a takoyaki. That sends him back to Earth only to be greeted by a random Javert wanting to wrastle.

They both henshin and battle.

Ghost 37

At not-Tokyo Dome, while watching the happy performance of the reunited friends, Sanzou grabs Takeru into the Eyecon.

Takeru says there is more than one path forward. Humans can stumble, but will always have a chance to find a new path forward towards infinite potential. Especially with friends!

Sanzou spits Takeru back out and he sees Akari was just pretending to sprain her ankle. This annoys Igor so much that he exposes himself. Akari walks over to slap him for a 3rd time.

Ghost 37

Takeru suddenly gets a hard tail feeling that Ganmeizer arrival is imminent, so he steps outside to meet it.

Ghost 37

While Takeru henshins to easily take care of the Ganmeizer, Alain reunites with Sanzou. This time, the bird people (actualy Sanzou’s desciples) help Alain out and they perform their new tricks to force Javert to dehenshin.

Javert can’t believe Alain worked with other people, but Alain says Javert’s whole existence has been a lie and that friends are actually awesome.

Ghost 37

Javert wants friends too.

Ghost 37

Back at the temple, Takeru, Akari and Onari continue to be oblivious to Mr. Bills while wondering what the hell is going on with Makoto-niichan.

With another Ganmeizer smashed, Adel finds his own resolve and decides to become one with them to obtain the Source.

Ghost 37

Episode Thoughts

So this was definitely not as bad as last week’s episode. But it still felt very out of place this late in the series. This episode was basically about having friends and not going at things recklessly alone. That’s Episode 20, at most. Come on now.

Koyomi’s story was very bland. But other than helping to prop up the “friends” theme of the arc, it apparently helps fill out the darned Deep Connect plot as well. (UGH!)

Look at this:
Ghost 37

Alain’s “training” was hilarious because it really was just him leaping over a big rock with bird people. He sucked last week and now he’s an amazing fighter because he has friends. Uh, okay.

Javert popping up was very random at first, but made sense after the fight was over with regards to the friendship stuff. But who even remembers Javert and Alain having beef, to be honest. I think I’m most excited to see how Javert and Onari become BFFs.

The most interesting part of the episode (relatively speaking) is Adel and the Ganmeizer making deals to mash together their bodies. But even then, we still don’t know what the hell they’re all about. And we seriously need an Aria sighting. She’s been missing for a few episodes. And I think one reason all the G-World stuff is so hollow is that the scenes there have mainly been Adel talking to a mirror.

Anyway, it was a better and more enjoyable (?) episode than last week. But show better step it up!

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