Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 36 – Furious! Idol's Declaration!

Ghost 36

Takeru, Makoto-niichan and Alain face off against another Ganmaizer who has arrived on Earth to analyze and eliminate. The Ganmaizer sees “target 1 and 2,” Takeru and Makoto have high combat potential. But Alain is offended when The Ganmaizer doesn’t perceive him a threat.

Alain tries to use his Sanzou Eyecon, but it doesn’t work. That allows the Ganmaizer to force him to dehenshin. Takeru and Makoto whisk Alain away from danger.

The Ganmaizer returns to the Prayer Room to report to Adel. Adel tells his spandex twin to stand down and continue observing for now until they can perfect their plan.

Ghost 36

Back in town, the idol girl group Harp+y4 are performing to an enthusiastic crowd. Akari is there with Bills who explains that everyone is wearing the Demia bracelets so they can share in the collective joy of this concert. Akari is excited by this very-sciencey invention.

Bills says they will be adding a new member to the group through auditions and asks Akari if she’s interested. Of course not, she says. Igor secretly watches and scoffs at the idea of idolAkari.

The band heads off stage, so happy after completing their best performance evah. Their leader, Honami, cautions her group mates that they must continue to work harder to reach their dream. They nod and Honami starts to walk away. But she suddenly hears them ridiculing her. She turns and the three just smile at her.

As Honami walks through the dark halls, she suddenly hears Igor’s voice saying the plan is going smoothly. Honami thinks she’s gone crazy.

Igor notices she’s acting strange so he asks Airplane Ganma Perfect to keep an eye on her.

Ghost 36 Ghost 36

Next day at the takoyaki cart, Kanon is now working for Harumi who gives her a box of balls for Alain and the others at the table.

Alain is sulking, upset that it was his fault they let the Ganmaizer go. Takeru says it isn’t, but Alain insists and remembers exactly why.

Alain clutches the Sanzou Eyecon and thinks in his head about what he can do to protect this world. Honami is at the next table and tells him to shut up, frustrated at hearing other people’s problems while dealing with her own.

Ghost 36

Kanon recognizes her and she gets up to leave. But Takeru goes after her. He touches and sees the memories of Honami’s catty bandmates. He asks if she can tell them her life story.

They head back to the temple. Onari believes she is telepathic and when she tells them about hearing another man’s voice, Onari and Akari immediately think of KMS Igor.

Ghost 36

Alain feels just as helpless as Honami, so Sanzou decides to insert himself into her and speak with them. Sanzou says Alain has lost his conviction and is lost. Takeru tries to say Alain just needs time to recover from his stumble. Sanzou decides to test that and poofs Alain away to some secret place of trail and tribulation. If Alain is who they say he is, he will make it back on his own. If not, then oh well.

Sanzou is impressed in Takeru’s faith and tells him to save Honami as well. He leaves Koyomi’s person and hops into Takeru’s cloak. They leave.

Akari and Onari decide to infiltrate Deep Connect.

Ghost 36

In the trial world, Alain gets attacked by strange bird people who slap his ass and keep him from eating takoyaki even when he is hungry.

Ghost 36

Koyominami tells Takeru about how her and her friends dreamed to be huge stars one day that would perform at the Tokyo Dome. Takeru encourages her to talk to them.

Over at Deep Connect, Akari and Onari tell Bills that the Ganma might be manipulating his company again. So Akari will audition and get into the group so she can investigate. Bills reluctantly agrees.

Ghost 36

At the castle, Adel wonders about the Ganmaizer’s invincibility. But for now, he has a smiling Makoto clone in a tank top.

Ghost 36

Kanon leaves the takoyaki cart for the day, but she is surprised to see her Oniichan dressed in Alain’s clothes.

Ghost 36

Speaking of dressed up. Akari is dressed as a 90s idol while Onari is her 80s-looking manager as they get ready for the audition with the help of a Kamen Rider movie toy.

Takeru accompanies Honami to her group’s practice room. They say they were worried about her, but Honami hears their inner thoughts again ridiculing her and wondering if she’s hooking up with Takeru.

Honami can’t take it and runs out. She again hears Igor who orders Airplane Ganma to kill her. She pushes Takeru aside and continues to run off.

Ghost 36

While Makoto, Shibuya and Narita enjoy their tea, Kanon comes in saying strange things about seeing her Oniichan cosplaying in the park. Shibuya thinks it might be Makoto’s doppelganger. And if they ever meet, Makoto will die.

Makoto heads to the park to check things out and he arrives just in time as Airplane Ganma attacks Takeru and Honami. Makoto and Takeru first henshin to their basic forms before going Nobunaga and Boost, respectively, to split up the fight.

Makoto goes King Tut to finish off the basic Ganma while Takeru goes Ryouma and then Mugen to finish off the Airplane Ganma.

Makoto sees his doppelganger and chases after him. Honami lets out her frustrations to Takeru.

Ghost 36

Alain is ready to give up because he’s so hungry.

And at the Deep Connect auditions, Akari is absolutely horrible. But that’s typical of Asian idols today, so with Bills’ endorsement, she gets the nod.

Ghost 36

Episode Thoughts

This early-teens episode airing as #36 though.

omg Deep Connect and Mr. Bills are back. And they feel as pointless as ever. We don’t know what the hell they and Igor are doing, but I don’t even really care. Aria’s model walking has been more interesting and less annoying to watch. Plus they really haven’t given as much foundation to the Akari-Igor rivalry to make it feel as important as they think it is.

I also cannot believe how oblivious Akari and Onari are to Bills and the whole thing. They aren’t otherwise, but with Deep Connect, which they’ve regularly name dropped and apparently investigated countless times, they are very gullible. Tying Akari and Onari to this, what I think is the weakest plot of the season, honestly, is very upsetting.

With the case of the week, all I saw was a resurrected Koyomi. Maybe it’s just Makoto Okunaka’s acting, but I was totally expecting Haruto to pop in and start grabbing people’s hands to put on his crotch.

Alain’s journey of self-empowerment is not at all interesting since they already this story a few weeks ago after his adoptive grandmother’s death. And they played it off this episode as all slapstick, so how are we supposed to take the story? Seriously or just a fun sidetrip? Because it’s really neither.

Who even knows with the Makoto clone. If it were a Kanon clone, however, Oniichan would go completely creeper status which might actually be interesting compared to what they’re doing with the siblings now.

So overall, I actually did not like this episode at all. Felt very out of place with sketchy performances that came together to make a poor episode.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 36 – Furious! Idol's Declaration!

  1. Wait, Im confused. How the hell did Igor survive Infinite Soul form’s attacks last time when it supposedly can take down the godlike Ganmaisers easily?

    Actually, that’s not the only thing that confuses me with this episode. Everything in it does. And the way they haphazardly cut to and from the three disconnected plot threads just made it worse.

    1. Nobody dies on this season. Unless you’re a flying wall that turns into a spandex-wearing man or a daddy or you were left on a park bench by people who saw that you were obviously very sick. =/

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