Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 35 – True Worth! The Power of Fun!

Ghost 35

Takeru uses his new Mugen power to get the Ganma to release Akari and Prof Yuichi who run to safety. Prof Yuichi’s leg is hurting so Akari chases after Prof Jirou. The Ganmeizer tries analyzing Takeru’s power by wrapping its watery self around him. Takeru uses a Joy Stream to get rid of the Ganma and Igor and send the Ganmeizer running.

Takeru takes Prof Yuichi back to reality where Alain is able to repay Onari for his face earlier.

Ghost 35

Anyway, Igor pops up saying it is not possible to defeat him in the Dreamworld, unlike Akari and Prof Jirou whom he decides to take with him as he leaves.

Over at the castle, the Ganmeizer reports its findings to Adel saying that Mugen Takeru is a big threat that needs to be eliminated. But he requests Adel give the order to do so.

Back at the temple, Takeru assures Prof Yuichi that they will save his brother. Yurusen poofs in to remind Takeru about the countdown and that he should be focusing on retrieving Grimm.

Ghost 35

Takeru insists on helping Prof Yuichi first.

Prof Yuichi tells Takeru and Onari about his brother. He says Prof Jirou is always quick to give up though he is more creative which is something Yuichi lacks. Prof Jirou would accomplish a lot if he focused on science.

Meanwhile in the Dreamworld, Prof Jirou tells Akari that science stopped being fun for him. Especially when he doesn’t feel as gifted as his brother.

Prof Yuichi says science shouldn’t be pursued just for amusement. Takeru thinks about how Akari has a lot of fun with science. He then has a memory flash of the brothers.

Makoto and Alain come to tell them Igor has contacted them with Akari and Prof Jirou’s location. An obvious trap, but Takeru says they must go.

Ghost 35

They head to the building. Makoto and Alain will watch the bodies while Takeru, Onari and Prof Yuichi will go to the Dreamworld.

Igor henshins and uses Grimm before following them in. He waves a wand and changes the Dreamworld to insert them all into a land of Grimm! fairy tales.

Ghost 35

Takeru is now dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.

Ghost 35

Onari is Rapunzel and Prof Yuichi is Cinderella. They are chased by costumed Ganma to the Hansel & Gretel witch house.

Meanwhile, all the Ganmeizer hop into the eye even though Adel has not given them the order to eliminate. He is upset.

Ghost 35

While Makoto and Alain henshin to fight off newly-arrived Ganma, Takeru-tachi find Akari, now Snow White and Prof Jirou as the Frog Prince.

Akari asks if the prof brothers remember teaching a little girl how fun science was when they first opened the children’s science museum. That little girl was her! And because of them, she wanted to study at the university where they taught.

Takeru sees this memory and glows seeing all their fun smiles. He decides to show them this memory and they are all transported to it.

Takeru says it’s a wonderful thing to share joy to other people. But Igor interrupts the memory and brings them back to the Dreamworld.

Ghost 35

Takeru henshins to Mugen and just knocks Igor aside. The Grimm Eyecon leaves his person and that allows Takeru to send Igor back to reality.

Takeru picks the Grimm Eyecon up and they suck him in. They remember how much fun telling stories were. And fun connects people infinitely. The Grimm brothers combine into one. And the prof brothers reunite.

Perfect timing too.

Ghost 35

Takeru is able to hear Makoto and Alain trying to fight off the Ganmeizers who have just arrived on Earth. They all hurry back and Takeru arrives just in time to save Makoto and Alain from certain death.

Ghost 35

Takeru henshins to Mugen and has his way with the Ganmeizer who just can’t touch him with any of their attacks. Takeru is able to destroy one Ganmeizer tablet while the others are driven back to the Prayer Room.

Adel is pissed.

At the university, the temple gang and the prof bros hold a fun science day for the local kids.

Takeru remembers similar fun times from when he and the others were kids and enjoying some food with dad. The memory makes him glow again. Akari sees and wonders if Takeru is a Rider of light who fights with the power of emotions.

Ghost 35

Takeru hopes one day he can eat together with his friends again.

Ghost 35

Episode Thoughts

Another passable, at times very enjoyable episode.

Like I mentioned last week, I feel like there’s a great story about life and death and Carpe Diem somewhere in Ghost. This episode touched on that at the end with Takeru remember about the good ol’ times eating with his friends. Though we haven’t really established all the things Takeru can’t do as a ghost, I get the point being made there. So it’s just all about having a great foundation and needing to build on it more.

And speaking of dead people. I see you Koyomi! lol Toei’s been having fun bringing back actors (of main roles too!) from previous Sentai and Rider shows lately in completely new, unrelated characters. So Makoto Okunaka guesting should be fun.

Ghost has indeed been fun most of the time. But I definitely am still craving for some great, deep story as well. Maybe these two episodes were their way of saying “Don’t be so serious about science the show’s plot, just enjoy and have fun!” Okay, fine. lol

One thought on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 35 – True Worth! The Power of Fun!

  1. I like the filter they used for the Dreamland scenes. It added to the “dreamy” feel without being too over the top. Also, last episode has a hilarious implication with the three riders first entering the Dreamland. Makoto is a freaking siscon, wqahahahaha!

    Still, I will have to agree with your overall assessment of the show thus far. Ghost has some great and interesting themes. But sadly, it just can’t seem to put them together into a cohesive whole. They just keep jumping from one theme to another without really creating a good flow.

    Also, there is a bigger threat, but they have yet to make that threat actually, well, threatening. The Ganma “invasion” has yet to actually affect anyone outside of Takeru’s group and the victim of the wee. And we are now at episode 35.

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