Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 14 – The Lying Thief is Foolish

Zyuohger 14

Two of Jagged’s followers are applying to be the new team leader. The first one to head down to the playing field is Dorobouzu.

Meanwhile, Amu is at the cake shop. She and another guy point at a pretty cake at the same time. But the guy lets Amu buy it since she was here first.

Amu watches as the guy leaves the store and apologizes to a woman in a wheelchair for missing out. Amu decides to let them have the cake.

Zyuohger 14

She walks with them. The girl is Marin and the guy is Fuwa. They are siblings. Marin invites Amu to enjoy the cake with them at the hospital Fuwa is confined in nearby. But Amu’s tail stiffens and she has to run.

Dorobouzu is at a bank and scaring everyone to enable him to suck up all the money and blow it right back out. The Zyuohgers arrive to usher the people to safety before they morph.

They are able to beat Dorobouzu up and think he’s weak. But he pulls out a sack with a fake boy in it to distract them and give him time to escape.

Dorobouzu brings the money he got back to Genis and unconfidently explains his plan to drive Earth into bankruptcy. Naria gives Dorobouzu some advice and tells him to use his super stealth power to hide himself and steal something Genis will actually enjoy.

Dorobouzu heads back to Earth and makes himself invisible when he sees Yamato, Leo and Amu. Leo and Amu’s tails go limp, so Amu excuses herself.

Zyuohger 14

Amu hurries over towards the hospital and sees Fuwa on his bike. Amu is happy Marin enjoyed the cake and will get well soon. But Fuwa says Marin actually has a life-threatening disease that can only be treated by having surgery abroad. And that costs millions of yen.

Fuwa has been working as a security guard day and night, but it’s been slow going. He asks Amu if she could visit Marin tomorrow as he has to work all day at the new precious jewel exhibit.

Having listened to the conversation, Dorobouzu has a plan. He sees a vision of Jagged in the sky who likes it.

Zyuohger 14

Later that night, Amu tells everyone back at the treehouse about Fuwa and Marin’s situation.

Meanwhile, Fuwa arrives home only to be stopped by Dorobouzu who offers him a suitcase of 5 million yen as long as he does everything he says.

Zyuohger 14

Fuwa remembers seeing his sister in the hospital earlier. She wakes up and tells him that she dreamed he cried at her wedding. Fuwa says he would never do such a silly thing. Marin says it doesn’t matter since she won’t be able to get married anyway.

Fuwa seems very desperate to save his sister.

Next day, Amu visits Marin with some nice treats. Marin excitedly tells Amu that she is finally getting the surgery since her brother got a really good job. She knows how hard her brother works for her every day. “He is a really good brother. I am so happy.”

Marin sees Amu’s tail suddenly get hard. Amu apologizes and runs off.

Yamato, Leo, Tusk and Sela arrive at the jewel exhibit. A security guard points them to where the monster is before running back inside. Amu arrives and realizes this is where Fuwa is working today.

The five Zyuohgers enter a storage closet. The security guard locks them in. It’s Fuwa!

Fuwa blows some horn that binds the Zyuohgers. He apologizes and we flash back to Dorobouzu explaining who Amu is to him.

Zyuohger 14

Amu can’t believe Fuwa would be able to do such a thing. She implores him to rethink his decision and tells him how happy his sister was that she was getting the surgery thanks to her amazing, good brother. Fuwa starts feeling guilty for what he’s done and releases the Zyuohgers.

The others run out. Amu thanks Fuwa, takes his hand and says they will deal with the rest.

Zyuohger 14

Dorobouzu is about to take the jewel, but the Zyuohgers arrive. Amu is pissed by what Dorobouzu’s done to the kind siblings. But she gets even more enraged when Dorobouzu admits he was never going to give Fuwa the money anyway.

Zyuohger 14

Amu leads the team in a morph and they chase Dorobouzu outside. He goes invisible, but Sela and Tusk use their supersenses to find where he is so they can shoot.

Amu leads the team in a Zyuoh Slash to finish Dorobouzu’s first life.

The suitcase full of money lands in front of Fuwa.

Naria heads down with a Continue and the Zyuohgers hop into Wild ZyuohKing. They deliver a Zyuoh Impact to finish off Dorobouzu for good.

Amu meets with Fuwa who says he will be bringing the money to the police and that he will work hard to get Marin well. Amu says she’ll be rooting for him.

“Fuwa-san! Don’t give up!”

Zyuohger 14

Episode Thoughts

Wow! I thought this was one of the best episodes so far. It had a good mix of comedy and legit drama.

Dorobouzu was mostly slapstick, but not over the top. His childish behavior was balanced with the serious story. Though that vision of Jagged in the sky was kinda scary. lol Dorobouzu might have some mental problems or Jagged is actually not dead? Strange. lol

And it was definitely a serious story. A girl is dying and needs a life-saving operation abroad. Her brother is desperate for money to get her that surgery she needs. He accepts Dorobouzu’s offer. It’s a typical set up, but it played out very well. Especially with the shocker at the end where we don’t get a nice, clean little conclusion to the story. We don’t know if she’ll ever get the surgery. It was almost a downer of an ending, but I think that’s what made this episode so good. It was different and fresh.

But the best outcome of the story was that we got to see Amu be serious and strong and not just cute and aloof. It was a great character episode for her and I hope we see more of this Amu in the future. She doesn’t have to stop being the cutesy one of the group, but it would be nice to see a balanced approach.

Overall, a great episode and one of the strongest of the season so far. Even if it was just a “filler.”

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