Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 13 – "Don't pull it out!"

Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 13 – The Summit of Witnesses

Zyuohger 13

Leo is oogling the cute girls in town when he’s supposed to be helping Yamato with the grocery shopping. His aggressive style is not very effective however.

They head home where a young woman, Yuri, is waiting. She is responding to the flyer asking for info on the BirdMan.

But Leo and Yuri’s eyes seemed to be locked on each other. Birds chirping. Butterflies in their stomachs. Leo’s fallen for her. But Yamato wants to get right to it.

Zyuohger 13

Meanwhile, Azarudo’s player Noborizon is drilling on Mount Onoiwa.

Yuri explains that she’s part of a mountain climbing club and saw a strange man on the mountain one day. They all head to the mountain to investigate. Leo decides to carry Yuri against her will up the mountain. Yamato tries to run after them.

Sela and Tusk sigh and roll their eyes at this typical Leo behavior, knowing it definitely does not work on the ladies. Amu adds that it especially won’t work on Yuri since she’s actually into Yamato.

Yuri asks Leo to put her down because they’ve become too separated from Yamato and the others. She asks Leo how he’s related to Yamato-san and he says he owes Yamato his life and how Yamato’s taking care of them until they can return home.

Yuri falls even more for Yamato. Leo tries screaming at her to change her mind, but instead triggers a trap which pulls both of them up the tree. Yamato arrives just in time to save them.

Leo is annoyed with Yamato “showing off” to Yuri, but they are suddenly bombarded with various obstacles in the forest.

Zyuohger 13

Meanwhile, Tusk steps into a trap and Sela and Amu join him. That’s when Azarudo arrives to explain that these are deterrents to allow Noborizon to suck all the energy from the land and kill everything.

The three of them morph. But Tusk again steps in the same trap. Sela tries to help, but they instead get caught in a net. Amu has to fight off the Moebas by herself.

She calls Yamato to tell them what’s going on. Yamato tells Yuri to quickly get off the mountain, but she is too afraid since she is not familiar with this area.

Leo feels guilty. He decides to go help the others and leaves Yuri to her Yamato-san. He runs through Azarudo’s deterrents, no problem and reaches Norobizon. Leo morphs, but Noborizon just knocks him away.

Yamato finds Leo and says he’s brought Yuri to the base of the mountain. Leo gets on his knees and begs Yamato to stop the DeathGalien. For Yuri. And this mountain. He feels useless.

Yamato says Leo is not useless. The reason he was able to come here was because Leo set off all the traps already. He says it doesn’t have to be one or the other, they can both protect this mountain together.

While Leo distracts Noborizon, Yamato goes gorilla to pull out the sucking device.

Zyuohger 13

The Zyuohgers reunite for a roll call before finishing off Noborizon.

Naria plops down with a Continue and the Zyuohgers hop into Wild ZyuohKing.

Yamato decides to pull the huge axe rock from the mountain to use against Noborizon. Suddenly, the axe transforms! It’s actually Cube Kuma!

Zyuohger 13

With a little help from Cube Kuma, the Zyuohgers deliver a Zyuoh Impact to take care of Noborizon for good.

Yuri shows everyone where she saw BirdMan. It was right where Cube Kuma was sleeping. Yamato thanks Yuri who thanks Yamato.

Zyuohger 13

Amu listens as Leo whispers to Yamato that he’ll step aside for their happiness. Amu bluntly asks Yuri if she likes Yamato. But Yuri says she grins when she sees Yamato because he resembles her parakeet.

Yuri shows them her handsome parakeet.

Zyuohger 13

Episode Thoughts

Another fun little filler episode. Leo being a creep was meh, but I think the episode was great solely for the fact that it was a set-up for that final scene. I thought that was hilarious. Parakeet? So random, yet funny. I don’t even know.

It was also fun seeing Amu use her cat-like reflexes to avoid the mud. But I think it’s been awkward seeing Tusk alternate from being the quiet thinker and the butt of sight gags.

I assume we’re back to the character episodes before we return to the big story episodes for a while.

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