Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 29 – Second Coming! Test of the Escape King!

Ghost 28

Takeru interrupts Makoto-niichan who had been happily relating his successes to Papa Tenkuuji. Takeru wants to know what Alain is feeling now.

Alain visits Grandma Fumi who apologizes for dozing off a little. She asks him what’s wrong and says his heart has just lost its way. But it’s alright because that’s just a part of youth. A part of being human. She relates how she too was full or uncertainty when she was younger. That’s why she can appreciate what her heart tells her now. And what her heart wants to do is for her to be here and make takoyaki for him.

Ghost 28

Over in the Prayer Room, Edith tells Adel how the perfect world had fallen apart over the years. And now it’s time for Adel to state what his perfect world will be.

Igor takes a pair of glasses and infuses it with an Eyecon which brings to life an older man. Turns out this man is a computer programmer, but also the dead father of Shirai Yuki.

Ghost 28

Yuki visits the temple to ask for their help. After explaining that she saw her dead father walk into Deep Connect, Houdini decides to pop himself into her and possess her.

Kanon is very excited.

Houdini tells them that ghosts do not exist. (Despite Takeru being a ghost and Houdini himself being one too.)

Ghost 28

Grandma Fumi gives Alain some fresh clothes for a fresh start. Makoto and Kanon are very excited for him. But he isn’t too sure about the new outfit after he puts it on. Grandma Fumi suggests he talk to his girlfriend and her brother if his heart is still lost.

Makoto laughs and says Alain is still getting to know his heart. So them two can have a heart to heart after his heart has made a decision.

In the meantime, they have a case.

Ghost 28

Takeru, Akari, Onari and Yuki are outside Deep Connect where there is much more security patrolling the building than before. Onari, however, has an idea. He storms into the building dressed as a punk rocker to distract everyone while the others sneak in. Igor sees them and is ready to get Akari back for the slap.

Yuki sees her father, but he enters a locked room. Takeru tries to ghost his way in, but gets knocked back by the force field. Basic Ganma appear and Takeru henshins.

Makoto and Alain arrive at Deep Connect just in time as Basic Ganma and Insect Ganma are about to attack Akari and Yuki.

Ghost 28

Alain calls Akari a “reckless woman” again, but she reminds him that she does have a name. Alain is enlightened, but it’s time for him and Makoto to henshin.

After they take care of the Basic Ganma, they escape out of the building. But Yuki insists on going back in to find her father.

Houdini pops out to mock their efforts. Pursuing ghosts will only lead to more pain. But Takeru says they must try to allow Yuki to find peace.

Houdini recalls his own story of wanting to speak to his dead mother. His futile efforts led him to despair. Takeru says not even trying might led to even more despair. Houdini understands and dares Takeru to show him what he can do.

Ghost 28

Grandma Fumi is looking very sad and/or weak holding a box of takoyaki at the park. Alain arrives, dressed back in his royal outfit, much to Grandma Fumi’s disappointment.

Alain says sorry and takes a seat next to her. He wonders if his heart died. But Grandma Fumi tells him not to think so hard about it. When you’re young, things don’t always go the way your heart wants. She remembers how she wanted to become an artist. And how giving that up hurt so much it felt like her heart died. But she is happy now that she can bring smiles to people’s faces by making them takoyaki.

A heart doesn’t die, Grandma Fumi says.

Ghost 28

She suddenly feels the urge to paint the many beautiful treasures around her. Like the blue sky Alain loves so much.

Grandma Fumi lays her head on Alain’s shoulder and says there is no need to rush. Someday, he will be able to hear his heart and follow it.

Grandma Fumi closes her eyes. Alain thinks she’s fallen asleep.

Kanon arrives and puts a sweater over her before telling Alain-sama to go help big brother.

The others have returned to Deep Connect where Igor and his Ganma army are waiting for them. Takeru and Makoto-niichan henshin while Igor henshins to Axe.

Ghost 28

Alain watches as Takeru reaffirms his feelings to Houdini about their mission. Houdini says he doesn’t necessarily agree, but he’ll let him use his power.

Takeru goes Grateful.

Akari and Yuki start to go look for Yuki’s father, but Igor steps in front of them. Akari slaps Igor a second time. He wants to get back at her, but Alain stops him. He henshins and allows Akari and Yuki to go ahead.

Alain dedicates this fight to Fumi-baa and says that he will stay true to his feelings and overcome any worries he may have.

But Alain runs out of juice. Insect Ganma attacks him and Makoto goes Deep to help him out.

Meanwhile, Akari and Yuki find Yuki’s father. But again, Yuki’s father enters the locked room without acknowledging her.

Takeru delivers a finisher, but only gets one of the Ganma captains leaving Igor to easily escape.

Ghost 28

Takeru wants a celebratory fist punch from Makoto-niichan. But when he gets it, he has a vision of Makoto asking Edith not to mess with Takeru anymore.

Ghost 28

Takeru doesn’t let Makoto know what he saw.

Alain tries to think of a way to thank Grandma Fumi. Remembering how she wants to paint, she buys some art supplies for her.

Ghost 28

Grandma Fumi is laying uncomfortably on the park bench with Kanon’s coat. As Alain happily runs to her with the supplies, the box of takoyaki falls out of her hands.

Ghost 28

Episode Thoughts

Oh no you don’t show. You’re not going to kill off Grandma Fumi like that. No no no no. What was that? What are they aiming to do here. Nope.

Even worse, if she really did die, Kanon just left her cold body on the damn park bench! Nope nope no.

That little tease in the post-show bumper though about Fumi-baa seems to indicate she isn’t really dead. So she could still be a Ganma or the Queen or Alain’s mom or a ghost all this time or she really was just sleepy or maybe she’s the key to Deep Connect or she’s Alain and Kanon’s daughter from the future or she’s Cubi’s human form. Who knows. All I know is she better not just up and die like that. They let Cubi run away with his new life partner so Grandma Fumi gets the heoric/sad/ally death? No no no.

Anyway, I felt more anxious watching this episode than any of the Adventures in Ganmaland episodes. Mostly because of what was going on between Alain and Grandma Fumi. But also because the case of the week seemed very engaging.

And the case of the week seemed very engaging because the actress who played Yuki reminded me so much of Go-Busters Yoko. And sure enough the actress really was Arisa Komiya! She was absolutely awesome this episode, especially playing up the Houdini scenes very well. I definitely miss Go-Busters.

I’m happy this is a two-parter and she’s back in the next episode. But I’m also happy to see another Go-Busters alum in a different role on a current toku show. (Ryoma Baba guest starred on Ninninger.)

So for those two reasons alone, I quite enjoyed this episode more than the recent ones.

Elsewhere, Igor wasn’t as much of a goof this episode as he inexplicably was the last one. But Akari did get in another slap which was fine. I’m still very surprised this Deep Connect stuff turned out to be a major plot point on the show. lol

Anyway, this was an enjoyable episode, but maybe not for reasons that I would’ve hoped for in terms of the rest of the story. We’ll see where this episode takes us in 30.

3 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 29 – Second Coming! Test of the Escape King!

  1. After “meeting” Arisa Komiya in Go-Busters, it’s definitely great to see her again. I like how she does that transition between normal Yuki and Houdini-possessed Yuki. Though, Yuki’s storyline feels like it should have happened earlier.

    And this is really still one of my nagging issues with the series. There just isn’t that sense of excalation. The Ganma were more dangerous to the larger population in the first episodes, but now they barely affect anyone besides Takeru and his creww, which should be the other way around. And the Ganmaizers were teased to be an altogether bigger threat, but honestly, they barely are.

    Still, being Alain is suffering. He arguably has the best storyline among the three Riders.. Takeru’s is stalled at the moment, and Makoto honestly doesn’t have a clear storyline of his own. It is during this moment that I kinda wish that Alain is the main protagonist of the series.

    1. I agree Alain has the best storyline. Maybe it would’ve been better if Takeru were somehow involved in Alain’s story and development. But really Grandma Fumi has had more impact on Alain than Takeru has. lol

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