Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 12 – The Short-Nosed Elephant

Zyuohger 12

While the others are passing out flyers, this time for EagleMan, Tusk is on his way to the library to find books on the human world. He instead stumbles on a used book store with a grumpy owner who chases away all his potential customers.

When Tusk tries to break up a fight between the owner and a customer, the owner breaks his arm. So Tusk ends up having to work for the owner until his arm is healed.

Meanwhile, the others encounter Cubaru’s player Hattena and try fighting him off. Only, his body quickly seems to heal after their shots. Hattena manages to hop away.

Zyuohger 12

Back home, Tusk tells them about what happened. He starts to read the creased picture book, The Short-Nosed Elephant, the owner gave him.

The owner tells Tusk that he went to great lengths to collect all these books and he’s not going to sell them to people who won’t truly appreciate them.

Tusk gets an idea after remembering his father reading him books when he was little. He heads to the park and gathers all the children to start reading The Short-Nosed Elephant to them. Yamato and the others watch from behind a tree as does the owner.

Zyuohger 12

But the kids slowly ditch Tusk and return to playing. He continues reading while Amu gets an idea. She and the others dress up as characters from the book: an eagle, a lion, a tiger and a shark.

Zyuohger 12

They help Tusk act out the story. Amu motions to Tusk to go Zyuman much to the kids’ delight. And owner’s shock.

Tusk tells the kids to check out the many other books available at the shop. Just as the owner comes to scold Tusk, Hattena appears.

Yamato, Sela, Leo and Amu morph while Tusk gets everyone else to safety. Hattena’s body again quickly heals from all their attacks, much to the Zyuohgers’ confusion.

Hattena decides to reveal himself. It turns out his true form is just the hat. Hattena pops off of the body and zaps the Zyuohgers before sucking up their words. That means the Zyuohgers cannot talk, read or write.

This was Hattena’s true plan to eliminate this planet’s culture. He repeats the attack across the city, taking all the words from people and signs and even books.

Genis is pleased by the Cubaru’s plan.

Owner is distraught by the now-wordless book. But Tusk vows not to let wonderful things like books get taken like this. He runs back to help the others who have been forced to demorph.

Zyuohger 12

And since their cubes no longer have numbers, they can’t morph back.

Zyuohger 12

Tusk still can, however. The others try to explain Hattena’s true form with a little game of charades. Tusk has no idea what they’re doing, but owner manages to help him out. And it turns out owner’s arm wasn’t broken after all.

Tusk unleashes his beast and stomps Hattena into the ground, returning words to everyone and everything.

Naria heads down with a Continue and the Zyuohgers hop into ZyuohWild and ZyuohKing. Hattena tries to take over ZyuohKing, but the others get him off.

They combine into Wild ZyuohKing and finish off Hattena for good with a Dynamic Strike.

Tusk and owner are even now. Owner says he will allow Tusk to buy his books. A group of kids run in, excited for a story.

Zyuohger 12

Episode Thoughts

This was a nice little filler episode. There was a little bit of character stuff for Tusk, but nothing major. Unless the short-nosed thing really was his life story.

If anything, this was just a cute little episode. Not bad, but not amazing. Just a bunch of cute little moments.

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