The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition 10 – Leg 7 – Brazil

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Leg 10.07 – “I’m too fat to fly!”


The sun has just risen and the remaining seven teams begin the 7th Leg of the Race all before 8:30am.

The first clue of the Leg tells teams to taxi on over to Pedra Bonita where they will immediately find a Double Road Block: Go High or Go Low.


Contrary to the teams’ expectations about this Double Road Block, BOTH team members will handglide down to the beach! There, each team member must solve one-half of a puzzle.


The team member who decided to Go High will complete the top half of the puzzle and the team member who decided to Go Low will complete the bottom half of the puzzle. The completed puzzle reveals their next destination: Iguazu Falls!


But first, teams must hop onto a 24-hour long bus ride to the city of Foz do Iguacu.


Their next clue awaits in the vicinity of the bus station.


That clue directs teams to Itaipu Dam.


They will need to ride on quickly departing buses to the Itaipi Dam Spillway where the cluebox will be located.


Teams will now choose a Kia-sponsored Renault Nissan electric vehicle and drive it around a marked course around the Dam complex until they find a flagged section of the dam turbines.


Here, teams must change all the lights for a specific turbine which is part of the nightly Itaipu light show.


After their work is approved, teams must check-in at the Rewind board!


After the Rewind, teams must make their way to Iguazu Falls…


…where they will find a Duel Duel! For this Duel Duel, each team will ride a jetski into the water to collect as many flags as they can in 30 seconds. Each flag has a point value. The team with the most points in each face-off will win the Duel Duel and the next clue. The loser will face-off against the next team. The last team must do 10 laps around a section of the river to receive the next clue.


After the Duel Duel, teams will choose a speedboat and search the area around Iguazu Falls for their next clue.


And shockingly, that clue tells teams to KEEP RACING! This is a SuperLeg and teams must now take a bus to Asuncion, Paraguay!

“Director’s” Commentary

This is purely a travel porn Leg, as you can see. The only competition portion will likely be the Duel Duel which should be quick, but fun and exciting. Especially since no one will know this is a SuperLeg.

And for a refresher, a SuperLeg = Double Length Leg = One Full Leg =/= Zero-Hour Pit Stop =/= Non-Elimination Leg. =)

First, the Pedra Bonita task is typical TAR. It’s even recycled TAR, really. But the Double Road Block and forcing everyone to do it should bring about some fun drama. We must of course cast teams with a fear of heights. And arriving at Pedra Bonita, teams see it’s a handgliding place. So it will be a fun surprise when they realize that BOTH will have to do, instead of only the team member who chooses to “Go High.” The puzzle below just helps to add some element of challenge to the handgliding.

The bus to Foz do Iguacu, done in TAR2, is pretty much justification for either a Non-Elimination Leg or a SuperLeg. I mean, it’s a day-long bus ride. It would be like TAR28’s worst Leg ever taking a train to France and eliminating someone if it weren’t.

I guess there are plenty of other things to do in the area. But based on my quick Google scouting report, Itaipu Dam will have to be the next task location. And it should be a great, stunning location with some nice HD drones flying around yeah?

Any task at Itaipu Dam will be some industrial-type thing. But a quick, simple task was this light bulb changing. Maybe not exciting, but the Rewind being in full view should change that.

Speaking of HD drones, they will out in full force swarming around Iguazu Falls during the Duel Duel and final task for this half of the Leg. (Are drones allowed in this area? lol)

And one last thing. Since this is a SuperLeg and there is NO Pit Stop or Mat whatsoever, there is NO prize.


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