Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 24 – Appearance! The Mysterious Warrior!

Ghost 24

A monster in a play tent starts sucking people into little needle pods.

Speaking of pods, Takeru tells Onari and Akari about the capsule people he saw in the G World. Makoto’s real body must be in one of those capsules too.

Indeed, Adel smiles as he looks over Makoto’s capsule. Little bro Alain, meanwhile, ponders the meaning of life as he remembers what Makoto did for him.

Takeru says he’s planning on going back to the G World to save Makoto-niichan. Cubi gets excited at the chance to paint again, but Akari shuts him down and scolds Takeru.

Ghost 24

Having overheard their entire conversation, Kanon suggests they ask Alain-sama for help. Takeru doesn’t trust him, especially now that he is mortal. Kanon insists that Alain-sama and Oniichan are friends and she is sure he will help.

Kanon runs out just as Narita and Shibuya arrive with news of some paranormal activity at the theme park. Reports say some kind of nezumi kaijin/rat monster was seen attacking people.

Ghost 24

Suddenly, the Goemon Eyecon inserts himself into Onari, intrigued by hearing about Nezumi Kozo.

Ghost 24

Goemon thinks Nezumi Kozo is challenging him. They all head out to the theme park.

Goemon tells Takeru about how he and Nezumi Kozo stole from the rich and gave to the poor. They competed against each other, but they did work together once. They set aside their petty differences for the task at hand.

Takeru thinks about Alain, but Akari points out the people running in horror nearby.

Ghost 24

They run over and Goemonari spots the rat monster in the play tent. But the monster is actually Porcupineroid who is out to recruit new members of Shocker.

Having already encountered Shocker, Takeru vows to stop him. But Goemonari steps up, upset that this rascal is sullying the name of Nezumi Kozo. He leaves Onari’s body and allows Takeru to use his power.

Takeru henshins straight to Goemon and Porcupineroid attacks. Takeru remembers Javert disintegrated his weapons last episode. But Yurusen says it’s alright, Takeru should just summon them anyway.

Sunglasseslasher pops out of his driver and Takeru is able to knock Porcupineroid around.

Porcupineroid acknowledges Takeru’s awesomeness and offers him to join Shocker. Of course not. Takeru chases Porcupineroid around the park.

Ghost 24

Meanwhile, Alain is still at Makoto’s favorite waterside spot when a trio of Ganma appear, looking for him. Alain realizes the only way to resolve this is to speak with Adel directly. But this mortal thing is a little bit of a hindrance. This feeling he has, a fear of dying, does not compute.

Kanon finds her Alain-sama.

Ghost 24

Back in the G World, Adel summons Edith to ask about what the Prayer Room is all about. Edith says it is the source of power used to maintain this world and only the Emperor is allowed in. However, he’s heard that the Emperor’s prayers have not been answered for some time. Perhaps, Adel should ask his father for the details.

“Father is dead,” Adel reminds Edith. Edith apologizes.

Aria wants to know what all this is about, but Adel says he’ll tell her later.

Ghost 24

Aria realizes father is not dead, after all.

Ghost 24

Adel heads down to the bowels of the castle where his father is praying while being held prisoner in a force field-powered square. Adel asks how he can use the Prayer Room’s power. Adonis asks what Adel would do with that power and he replies that he would make his ideals come to fruition.

Ghost 24

Back at the theme park, Takeru, Onari and Akari go on the merry-go-round. Onari is very excited that Goemon was inside of him after all their talks together. But Goemon inserts himself into Onari again and says he never did understand what the hell Onari was talking about.

Takeru has a question for Goemon; didn’t Goemon and Nezumi Kozo live in different times? Goemon admits that he just made that up to get Takeru to wake up.

Suddenly, people are again screaming their heads off. They hurry over, but Porcupineroid isn’t under his play tent. He’s actually tricked them and is about to attack them from behind, but suddenly a mysterious man jumps in with a flying kick.

Ghost 24

It’s Kazakiri Yamato! He was just in the area, but this is perfect timing since he can repay Takeru for his help from half an hour ago.

Takeru introduces Yamato to Akari and Goemonari. Yurusen pops in to mention Yamato’s big robot.

But Porcupineroid is ready to fight and he has some Shocker Combatmen with him this time.

Ghost 24

Takeru goes Grateful and Yamato henshins as well. After Yamato does his roll call, Takeru and Porcupineroid decide to do one too.

Ghost 24

Yamato and Takeru have fun comparing their swords before they fight off the Shocker.

Ghost 24

Across town, Alain-sama is enjoying his fave takoyaki while Kanon wraps up his hand. He know she has something to say. Kanon comes right out and asks him to save her Oniichan. Alain says he can’t promise anything, especially with his mortal body getting in the way.

That’s why, Kanon adds, he should go with Takeru. She expresses her worry for Alain’s life and asks if he’d rather die than work with Takeru-kun.

Seiryuto and Machine Gun Ganma appear, under Igor’s orders, to take care of Alain. Alain henshins and fights them.

Ghost 24

Back with the new friends, Porcupineroid is also impressed with Yamato and extends the Shocker offer to him too. But Yamato would never join and he instead unleashes the beast which allows him and Takeru to finish Porcupineroid for good.

Takeru thanks Yamato and they say goodbye to each other.

Ghost 24

With Alain in big trouble, Kanon runs to Takeru to ask for help. Takeru finally decides to go help. Explaining to Goemon, Takeru says he was able to fight with ZyuohEagle-san even though they just met. So maybe he can work with Alain if they have the same goal.

*insert Kamen Rider Ichigou promo*

Ghost 24

Alain is resigned to the fact that he will finally die, for good this time. But Takeru arrives just in time to save him.

Goemon tells Takeru to summon him and Robin Hood. They pop out of his driver and the three of them together are able to fight off the Ganma.

Ghost 24

Takeru goes up to Alain and they both say they want to talk.

Episode Thoughts

Okay, so just like Zyuohger, I’ll judge the episode first as a crossover and then as a regular Ghost episode.

As a crossover, it appears Yamato was more consequential to Ghost than Takeru was to Zyuohger. Here, Takeru apparently decides to give working with Alain a shot because he worked with Yamato whom he just met, but was really nice. Takeru just literally popped into Zyuohger with Yurusen for a random fight.

So in that sense, with the foundation that Takeru and Yamato already know each other, I’d say this was a better “crossover” than Zyuohger‘s episode was.

This episode also had at least a few story tidbits whereas Zyuohger‘s half of the crossover felt like a filler/character-focus episode more.

But comparing this to the first two Spring Break crossovers, I think I might prefer the one-hour standalone specials instead. Yamato’s guest role was okay here, but still completely random. At least the first two felt more like “events” instead of merely movie promo forced into regular episodes. ToQger-Gaim made the most story sense in terms of the ToQgers’ continued travels and passing through Zawame. And NinninDrive did the “crossover” aspect better by spreading out the characters of both shows more freely over the hour.

Making the crossover “event” as separate, in-continuity episodes could work with more thought and creativity. But mostly, this year, the movie promo weekend felt more contrived than usual.

Now as a regular Ghost episode, we did get some story movement at least. We see Adonis is perfectly alive and relatively well. And we got to see some hint of nuance in both Aria and Edith’s characters and their unspoken feelings.

Over on Earth, Alain got to enjoy more of his favorite food and more opportunity for Kanon to call out for her “Alain-sama.” But in terms of Takeru and Alain finally deciding to speak to each other, I think for them, the events of this episode could easily be ignored and it’d still have the same effect, storywise. Kanon merely convincing her two guy friends to be friends with each other.

Overall though, it was still a fun episode for what it was. Takayuki Yanagi put his over-the-top style to fun use playing Goemonari. But hopefully the story continues to pick up with the next episode.

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