Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 7 – A Go-Go-Go-Ghost Appears

Zyuohger 7

Cubaru tells Naria he’s discovered Azarudo has been cheating so he’s made a tool that will ensure they’re on equal footing.

At the treehouse, Tusk is upset because Amu has skipped out on her chores for today and asked him to do them instead. One of those chores is taking out the trash. Sela hears the garbage truck approaching so Tusk speeds through the house collecting the trash.

After Tusk just catches the truck, Amu arrives home with some pastries which is why she went out. Before Tusk can scold her, she says she knows her responsibility, but Tusk does a much better job than she ever could so it’s in everyone’s best interest.

The others agree Tusk is pretty awesome with chores.

Zyuohger 7

Since that’s settled, Amu decides to go out and shop some more. It’s not settled for Tusk though and he goes after her to tell her off.

While at the dress shop, Amu’s tail stiffens up and she slinks out. Tusk has found her, but the scolding can wait. They hurry over to find the Deathgalien.

Back at the threehouse, Amu and Leo’s tails also go up and they with Yamato head out, leaving Uncle Mario with the rest of the chores.

Zyuohger 7

Tusk and Amu find Cubaru who introduces himself as the strategic team leader in the Blood Games. Tusk and Amu henshin.

The others, meanwhile, head to the cliffs by the sea. Shiomaneking jumps out of the water. He’s very interested in the animal spirits he senses, as he needs raw material to make modified humans.

“What are you talking about, Deathgalien?!” Yamato says. But Shiomaneking says he’s a member of Shocker!

Zyuohger 7

Yamato, Sela and Leo go to henshin, but someone asks them to leave this guy to him.

Zyuohger 7

It’s Takeru!

Takeru henshins and goes Newton and Edison before going Musashi. The three Zyuohgers are amazed by his colorful forms.

They decide to jump in and they henshin.

Zyuohger 7

Takeru is equally amazed by their animal forms.

Zyuohger 7

Across town, Cubaru shoots his new tool at Amu and attacks, forcing her to dehenshin. Two Moebas grab hold of her and Cubaru uses his needle-like tool to suck her up. Cubaru then injects Amu’s cells into a Moeba, allowing Cubaru to control her.

Cubaru orders Amu to attack Tusk. He tries to get her to snap out of it, but it doesn’t work.

Amu forces Tusk to dehenshin. She slices his arm and holds on to him to give Cubaru a chance to poke him too. But Tusk manages to get away.

Cubaru warns Tusk that he has 10 minutes to get the other Zyuohgers to come or else Amu dies.

Zyuohger 7

Back on the cliffs, Yamato goes Gorilla and Takeru goes Grateful. The two team-up to deliver a Grateful Omega Drive and Gorilla punch to take care of Shiomaneking.

But Ginis has enjoyed the whole show, so he sends Naria down with a Continue. Shiomaneking embiggens and Yamato, Sela and Leo hop into ZyuohWild. Takeru and Yurusen excitedly watch as the Zyuohgers finish off Shiomaneking for good.

Zyuohger 7

Takeru thanks the Zyuohgers and he and Yurusen say goodbye before they just disappear into thin air.

Sela calls Tusk to ask where he and Amu are. He should ask them the same thing and proceeds to tell them what happened to Amu.

Tusk decides not to wait for the others and faces Cubaru by himself. Cubaru laughs that Tusk only has two options: Kill his friend or be killed by his friend.

Zyuohger 7

Tusk believes there’s another way. He henshins and again tries to talk to Amu and get her to snap out of her Cubaru-induced stupor. Amu relentlessly shoots at him and Tusk just takes it all.

Tusk grabs Amu’s shoulders, but Amu aims her blaster right at his chest and shoots him. This forces Tusk to dehenshin. Amu points her blaster at his chest one more time for the finishing shot.

Zyuohger 7

“Answer me, Amu! I… I need to tell you… You…”

Amu pauses, but just as the others arrives, A SHOT!

Tusk falls back. Yamato, Leo and Sela run over to him as Amu returns up to Cubaru.

Zyuohger 7

But Amu suddenly shoots at Cubaru, causing him to toss the needle into the air. Tusk pops up, grabs it and quickly sucks Amu out of the Moeba body. He releases the cells out and Amu is back to normal.

Turns out, Tusk’s words really did get through to Amu. So she thought of a way to give him a signal and it was the finger to the lip.

Zyuohger 7

That gave Tusk the go-ahead to play dead so Cubuaru would lower his guard allowing Amu to take the shot. Cubaru just laughs at them and takes another shot, but Yamato blocks it.

Cuburu takes his leave.

Tusk collapses and they take him home.

That evening, Amu is actually doing chores! Tusk wakes up and is surprised to see her cleaning the bathtub.

Amu asks Tusk what it was he wanted to tell her. He says it should be obvious, but Amu really doesn’t know.

Zyuohger 7

The others are intrigued as well. Tusk tells Amu…

Zyuohger 7

what he wanted to say is…

Zyuohger 7

He’s wanted to scold her about the way she’s been acting, especially with how she’s been messy around the house.

Episode Thoughts

So! This episode can be seen in two ways; as the now-annual Spring Break crossover or just as a regular Zyuohger episode.

First as the crossover. I’m writing this before seeing the Ghost episode for this week. But I’m going to assume it plays out in a similar way. Unlike the hour-long, standalone specials of ToQger-Gaim and Ninninger-Drive, Zyuohger and Ghost‘s episodes are separate and in-continuity with their respective series. They’re counted as regular episodes this year.

And that definitely makes sense since the Ghost presence in this episode was limited to basically a Takeru cameo. It was a similar type of appearance as the next season teams/hero in the annual Sentai and Kamen Rider team-ups. Pop in and pop out.

So in that sense, I don’t really know if this was a great crossover. Takeru and Yurusen in awe of the mecha was amusing. But final judgment definitely after seeing the Ghost episode. Completely different from the last two years’ crossovers.

I will say, we didn’t get the opportunity to continue the gag from the last two years of a Kamen Rider character being shocked by the mecha and/or not seeing it. Onari and Akari would’ve been perfect for that possible scene. Not to mention Alain seeing the Zyuohgers would’ve been hilarious. Possibly.

Now as a regular Zyuohger episode, I thought it was pretty good. The Tusk-Amu story was nice. And it definitely fuels the inter-animal love connection talk for this season. lol

This must be a thing for Zyuohger, tease the couplings but that’s as far as they’ll go. Though the shipping angle was much more pronounced here than it was in that uneven Leo-Sela episode. Plus, you can clearly see Yamato ships Tusk and Amu:
Zyuohger 7

It was good seeing Cubaru’s chance to head down to Earth and face the Zyuohgers. Though Cubaru petting Amu was very unsettling. lol

Overall, a solid Zyuohger episode. But lacking much as a crossover.

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  1. Nope, no Tusk/Amu and no Leo/Sera!! Sorry I liked this episode it’s just I like Leo/Amu and Yamato/Sera, it was funny seeing that they played it out that Tusk had feelings for Amu but he didn’t.

      1. Sorry for taking too long to reply but in episode 22 Leo became jealous when Amu said that Misao is cool

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