Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (8) 28 – "Back off you colorful creeps!"

Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (8) 28 – Riches and Rags


Fury introduces Spell Digger to Heckyl who has coins that will make the Rangers greedy.

Meanwhile, Ivan accepts a package for the museum thinking it is his new practice dummy. But actually, it’s an expensive and valuable antique on loan to the museum. And he finds this out a little too late as this old royal suit has already met his sword.


Heckyl is in downtown Amber Beach giving away the free gold greed coins. A man decides to pay with the coins at the cafe. Tyler and Chase touch them, get greedy and hurry out to where the man says he got ’em.

Kendall gives Mr. Smith, the owner of the antique, the bad news. Ivan doesn’t really help get on Mr. Smith’s good side as he demands $2 million to pay for the now-destroyed piece. Ivan tells Kendall to just give the man the money. But Kendall clues Ivan to the fact that the museum doesn’t have millions of dollars just lying around.

Mr. Smith says they better give him his money or he’ll take this museum and sell it.

Shelby comes to tell them about Tyler and Chase disappearing. Kendall asks Ivan to go find them while she tries to find a way to fix this mess.


Tyler and Chase find Heckyl and overhear him with Spell Digger who will lead them to his vaaaast treasure! into a trap.

Ivan finds them, but Fury stops him from following. Ivan morphs and they battle. Rexy flies over to Tyler and Chase to get them off their treasure hunt and over to help Ivan.

Tyler goes Super and drives Fury away.


Tyler and Chase resume their gold collecting, but Ivan does not want to use monster money to pay off his debts. So Ivan goes to the Bank of Amber Beach and asks for a bar of gold.

The teller has no idea what this weirdo is talking about.

Ivan says he left a gold bar at the bank many years ago and wants to claim it. The teller asks for his account number or ID. Instead, Ivan pulls out his sword and the teller pushes the emergency button.

Ivan hurries away.

Back at the command cave, Kendall, Koda, Riley and Shelby are doing inventory on pieces they can sell. Tyler and Chase arrive and the others are shocked by their stash of coins. Kendall thinks there’s definitely something fishy about these coins.


Outside, Ivan faces Mr. Smith and offers his unending servitude and protection. But Mr. Smith says Miss Sandra is more than enough protection.

Kendall finds exactly what’s up with the coins. Ivan arrives in the command cave and they tell him about the fossils for sale. Ivan says they can’t sell the heart and soul of the museum. But it doesn’t matter, Kendall says, it still wouldn’t be enough anyway. The museum is lost.

Ivan finally realizes he’s messed up. But Koda suggests they go get more gold coins. Sounds like a plan. Tyler and Chase lead them to the vast treasure, but they stumble upon two paths. Tyler and Chase run off one way and the others split up.


Shelby and Riley run into Spell Digger and they morph. Shelby calls the others and the Rangers come back together to take him on.

Tyler goes Super TriAnkylo Formation and destroys Spell Digger’s chest pendant which breaks the spell. The Rangers think they can safely use the gold now, but it all disappears.

Spell Digger embiggens and the Rangers go Plesio Charge Megazord to finish him off for good.

Up on the ship, Fury overhears Singe talking to a “Sir” on his tablet.

Back at the museum, Mr. Smith comes to collect. Ivan begs one last time for some consideration, but Mr. Smith wants his money.


Suddenly, Prince Philip appears. He says the police notified him of a crazed sword-wielding terrorist a guy making a ruckus at the bank yesterday. Philip checked on Ivan’s gold bar in the Bank of Zandar and it’s been collecting interest for 800 years. And conveniently, it is now worth just over $2 million. Prince Philip gives Ivan the check which he hands to Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith takes the check, but asks why Ivan doesn’t just take it and sell the museum so he can be rich. Ivan doesn’t want to deprive the community of such an institution. Mr. Smith is touched by Ivan’s sincerity and decides to give him the check back. Ivan puts it in Mr. Smith’s pocket. Mr. Smith puts it in Ivan’s pants. Back and forth until Mr. Smith tells Miss Sandra to take care of it with her cat karate.


Episode Thoughts

Okay. So I definitely wasn’t expecting some big (or even little) cliffhanger for a so-promoted “midseason finale.” This is Nickelodeon, after all. But I guess Singe’s mysterious phone call can count as a minor cliffhanger and really the only story development this episode.

Again though, while I thought the episode as a whole was funny and enjoyable, I guess, there were still a few things that bothered me.

This was definitely an Ivan-focus and character episode. But I thought Ivan was kinda awkward here. I don’t know if I really liked them portraying him as some kind of dim bulb. He’s not dumb, he’s just stuck in the middle ages and wouldn’t know how to use a cell phone or use his finger on a tablet.

But they made him out to be some kind of dense, bumbling idiot. I don’t remember them portraying him as such before. Other than the episode where he almost got poor Amber Beach citizens killed, he’s been portrayed as simply a fine, upstanding and noble knight.

But he’s been at the museum all this time already and he didn’t understand what he did by slicing up some expensive artifact? I don’t know if it was the acting or the writing, but that whole first part was very awkward. Like he didn’t comprehend his huge screw up. Very strange.

But at least there were plenty of fun moments. Heckyl and Spell Digger’s little “vast treasure” convo leading to an also fun Tyler and Chase and their treasure hunt.

Though again, it seems like Sledge/Heckyl’s M.O. is mind control. lol How many times have the Rangers been mind controlled this season. Haha.

How different was Dino Charge from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger?
Corresponding episode(s): Brave 30 – Hand It Over! The Guardians’ Fragment

Souji was the focus of this episode. Completely different plots since it had some rich brat wanting to marry Amy. (Typical Sentai.) But then sort of implied Souji was protective of Amy because he too likes her? I have no idea.

And the episode was also about finding the stones which I kinda get now after being lost watching Brave 32 last week.

They did bring over the random Dogold-Ucchii fight. Though in Kyoryuger, it took up 1/3 of the episode.

Luckyuro running around was fun and I wish we got more of Curio in Dino Charge. I haven’t finished Kyoryuger, but from watching the KyoryugerToQger vs. movie and seeing stuff elsewhere, Canderilla and Luckyuro become friends with the Kyoryugers or something. I guess that’s not going to happen on Dino Charge since they’re barely around anymore.

Overall, a kinda meh episode of Kyoryuger. But also a pretty meh episode of Dino Charge. I think last week’s Koda’s episode was a little better and more fun even with all the problems. But this episode, though amusing, was more flat.

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2 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (8) 28 – "Back off you colorful creeps!"

  1. I can’t decide whether I liked this episode better than the last one, but one thing’s for sure: while they were fun and enjoyable, they also seemed like filler.

    I thought the spell over Tyler and Chase was a little inconsistent. First they’re focused on the gold, then they’re focused on the mission. Then it just goes back and forth. I would’ve preferred them to be just consumed by greed and, heck, maybe even fight over the gold first in civilian form, then Ranger form. I think that would’ve been neat.

    Maybe it’s because I don’t think much of fish-out-of-water stories, but I thought the antics from Ivan, while somewhat expected, for me, was uncomfortable to watch. I mean, Koda’s behavior earlier this season wasn’t as uncomfortable as that. And he’s a caveman, way older than Ivan and coming from a not-so-civilized society! I get that Ivan is also in the wrong time period, but if a CAVEMAN has more common sense than an honorable knight such as Ivan, he’s doing something wrong. Here’s to hoping Ivan adjusts quickly.

    I KNEW IT! I knew that Rexy does indeed shrink down and merges with Tyler to form the Dino SuperDrive mode. I called it!

    The ending was also strange. You go through all that trouble to pay off a debt and Mr. Smith just says “Fughettabouit!”? Then what was the point of the plot? For Ivan to learn to not be so arrogant and dismissive? He’s a knight! He should already not be like that! Though Miss Sandra chasing him around at the end was amusing.

    I also liked that they brought back that pendant from Spellbinder. I was wondering when they were going to bring that back after hinting at having a use for it. Kudos to Chip Lynn for not forgetting about it.

    Now for the dreaded hiatus. See you when it’s done and Dino Charge premieres again.

    1. I definitely agree with all your points. Tyler and Chase were definitely inconsistent. And Ivan was just very awkward and strange this episode.
      Mr. Smith too also learning something about money would’ve been nice at the end, but I think they didn’t really build up well to that moment and ending.

      See you after the hiatus!

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