Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 6 – A Wild Present!

Zyuohger 6

The Zyuohgers head to Larry’s home, but find it is completely empty.

Next day, the Zyuohgers are surprised when they find Gaburio is eating buildings in the city since they had completely forgotten about him. Even worse, it turns out Azarudo can come back to life as many times as he wants.

Zyuohger 6

Since he’s found his missing player, Azarudo heads back up to the ship.

The Zyuohgers henshin and try fighting Gaburio, but just runs off and continues eating through the city. Suddenly, Sela hears a crying child. They look around and end up finding Larry who has saved a little girl.

But the Zyuohgers are shocked to find Larry’s hair has turned grey. Larry realizes he’s revealed himself to the girl, but the girl smiles and thanks Gorilla-san for saving her.

Zyuohger 6

The Zyuohgers take Larry back to the tree house. He explains that he needs to dye his hair again, but Tusk knows that’s not the case. Zyuman power is their life force. Since Larry gave some to Yamato, he now has less and his lifespan has shortened.

Yamato puts the King’s Mark in Larry’s hands and asks it to return the power, but nothing happens. Larry softly laughs, looks like it can’t be returned.

Zyuohger 6

Yamato heads out by himself. He feels a little guilty about taking some of Larry’s power, enabling to become ZyuohGorilla. That gets him thinking. Maybe the birdman also gave some of his power to him, which is why he can transform into ZyuohEagle.

Zyuohger 6

But that would also mean he shortened birdman’s life too.

Back at the tree house, the others tell Larry about Yamato’s story. But they’re still not sure about who this birdman could be or what his intentions were in taking the King’s Mark.

Next day, Gaburio is back in town. The Zyuman4 head out, but decide against calling Yamato.

Zyuohger 6

While they battle the Moebas, Larry finds Yamato. Yamato apologizes for Larry’s sacrifice. But Larry says it was Yamato who gave him a power first. After being traumatized by humans, it was Yamato who helped Larry have faith in humans again.

Larry has found the power to live life to the fullest once again, so he wanted to repay Yamato with a present of his own.

Yamato hurries over to help his friends after Gaburio eats their weapons and forces them to dehenshin.

Zyuohger 6

Yamato tells them that he was given this Zyuman power so he will use it to protect the world.

The five of them henshin, Yamato straight to ZyuohGorilla, and take on Gaburio.

They try a new attack and with a big gorilla punch, they take care of Gaburio’s first life. Ginis sends Naria down with a Continue and Gaburio embiggens.

Zyuohger 6

Yamato moves to call Cube Eagle, but instead is introduced to a new friend: Cube Gorilla!

Zyuohger 6

Yamato hops into Cube Gorilla. And with Tusk and Amu, they form ZyuohWild. Using the Wild Cannon and a Wild Rocket Knuckle, they finish off Gaburio for good.

Zyuohger 6

The Zyuohgers see Larry off as he decides to travel and continue learning about humans. He promises to also look for the King’s Mark while doing so.

Yamato thanks Larry and hopes he will take care.

Zyuohger 6

Episode Thoughts

Another solid episode. The biggest parts of this episode were learning a little more about Zyuman power and adding another piece to Yamato’s backstory.

Seeing Yamato alone and feeling conflicted about receiving this power was very interesting. It would be great for them to expand on that a little more, especially if there’s more to Yamato and maybe his own origins. We still haven’t heard anything about his parents and why he’s living with Uncle Mario.

Larry was great and it will be nice to see him pop up again in the future.

Gaburio’s design was fun. Kudos to the suit actor too because that looked very heavy or at least awkward to walk around in, let alone do stunts.

I think this episode had Amu being maybe the ditziest any female Ranger has been in years. They make her act too “cute” all the time, it’s a little awkward and very forced. She hasn’t acted that way in every episode, but this one was the worst. I hope they tone her down a little.

Otherwise, everything is fine so far. Enjoyable and fun.

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